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So! [community profile] white_lotus Lunar New Year Exchange creators have been revealed. I made a vid. (Apparently the only vid in the exchange this year, which is weird -- I remember there being quite a few last year. Huh.)

Title: isobel
By: [personal profile] kaydeefalls
Recipient: [personal profile] terajk
Music: "Isobel", Björk
Rating: PG
Characters: Azula, Toph
Summary: to raise wonderful hell, like me, like me.
Notes: terajk requested "Azula and Toph together in any capacity." Hell yeah!

Download - Mediafire (.mov, 83 MB)
Streaming - isobel at [community profile] white_lotus

This wasn't the prompt I matched on for [personal profile] terajk, but after spending a fair amount of time and frustration bashing my head against a wall of fail while I tried to write a post-war Mai & Ty Lee & Gaang fic, I went back and looked at the other two prompts, and, well. I have a lot of trouble finding the characters' voices in fic, but it's very easy for me to connect with the show on a visual level, and there are just so many fascinating parallels to explore between Toph and Azula. I knew I wanted to use this song from the start, though I flicked through a couple of other Björk songs at first just to be sure; her voice and music is just so eerie and childlike and beautifully strange, which I think suits Azula in particular very well. I do think this vid wound up skewing a bit too far toward Azula over Toph, but still, it was fun to make. And now I do kinda want to read fic about the two of them interacting postwar.

In other news, one more week on this show, and then another break for about a month. And I'm slowly but surely chipping away at the next chapter of Queen's Gambit. (HI ARIADNE HI.) I can't believe I let myself go more than two months between updates, ugh, this is why I should never be allowed to post WIPs. BUT IT'S COMING I SWEAR. Even if I still kinda want to just skip this chapter and go straight to the job instead, argh.


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