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I'm currently scrambling to write a Secret Mutant pinch-hit before the deadline, so I'm gonna bump back a couple of days of the December Posting Meme until that's done. Fortunately, there are several empty days, so it should all even out. And it's not like the timing is the important thing on that.

On a similar note, if anyone would be willing to do a VERY rapid beta on a Charles/Erik fic tomorrow night, please let me know! This is assuming that I get it done with enough time to even send it to a beta, of course, but let's be super optimistic and assume I'll have a complete draft sometime tomorrow afternoon. On the plus side, the fic won't be terribly long (probably around 5000 words), and this is really just a SPAG-and-coherency check before the Saturday morning deadline. (Deadline is technically noon, but I have a production meeting that morning, so I'll need to post by like 9am.)

I feel so out of practice writing X-Men right now. Which is ridiculous, considering how many X-Men fics I've written, and also I only finished Queen's Gambit a couple of months ago. So it hasn't been THAT long. But my brain has been pretty exclusively in an MCU place lately, and switching gears is proving...difficult.

And I haven't even gotten started on Yuletide yet, but that's a panic for another day.


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