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Internets, I am 30 today.

So that's a thing that happened.
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For the record, I completed a first draft of this vid right around New Year's. It took me until this past week to actually tackle the second draft. It's still not quite what I wanted it to be -- meta commentary vids are not my strongest suit -- but I did my best.

Wildest Dreams
edited by kaydee falls
Music: "Wildest Dreams", by Taylor Swift
Summary: Someday when you leave me, I bet these memories follow you around. Literally, in some cases. (A multifandom Women In Refrigerators vid.)
Disclaimer: not mine, no profit, don't sue.
Warnings: All of the character deaths.
Notes: Created as part of the 1989 Vid Album. Thanks to [personal profile] such_heights for being very honest about why the first draft didn't work!

Primary fandoms: Arrow, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Donnie Darko, Heroes, Inception, Merlin, Supernatural, Star Trek: Deep Space 9, Torchwood, X-Men

With cameos from: Amazing Spider-Man, Angel, Casino Royale, The Dark Knight, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Indiana Jones, The Matrix, Star Trek (Reboot), Star Wars, Thor, Vampire Diaries, X-Files

Due to copyright restrictions, I can't upload this on YouTube or Vimeo. Streaming video available on Tumblr only.

On Tumblr!

Download! (.mov, 76 MB)

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Hello, internet. I seem to have forgotten how to fandom. Apparently I haven't posted in a month? I also haven't been...fandoming at all, lately. I try to check DW/LJ every other day, and tumblr once or twice a week, but I'm just not feeling it right now. Work is pretty good, but it's draining, and I'm obscenely busy with the Gay Geeks in my downtime, and the combination leaves very little energy left over for fandom. I miss it. Or I guess I miss wanting to participate in it. The MCU fandom's response to Age of Ultron really soured me, and since that was my primary fandom, I've kind of disconnected entirely. I've had writer's block for months and I can't even muster up any vidding mojo lately, so 2015 has been kind of a dead year for me fannishly. Oh, well, this too shall pass.

[livejournal.com profile] azewewish tagged me in a WIP meme, though, so here we go: Pull seven lines from the seventh page of your WIP, then you're supposed to tag seven other writers.

The only WIP I have that's longer than 7 pages is of course the shitty Steve/Bucky fic of perpetual unfinishedness, so here you go. I'm fudging a little, since halfway through page 7 is a scene break, so I'll do the 7 lines leading up to it:

Steve slumps down into the chair. The shield drops to the floor at his side with a faint clang. He props his head up in his hands and stares at the video feed of Bucky's room. After a few long minutes, he feels a hand on his shoulder.

"Have you called Sam?" Natasha asks him in a low tone. "You should call Sam."

He shakes his head slowly, not taking his eyes off Bucky. "I'm not gonna bother him at this hour."

"I'm calling Sam," she says firmly. "You are staying put until he gets here, and then he is going to explain to you in terms you can understand why it's a really terrible idea for you to go charging in on Barnes right now. In the meantime…" She pauses, then slides a pad of paper and a pen across the desk to him. "We have a guard stationed down on his level. If you'd like to write him a note, I can ask him to leave it somewhere Barnes will see it when he wakes up."

Steve stares at the pad in front of him. What could he possibly write? His mind feels as blank as the paper. "I just want him to know I'm here, if he -- just that I'm here. Could you just…" A thought occurs, and he reaches down to grip his shield. "Can you put this in the room with him?"

Bucky had saved the shield from the Potomac himself, unprompted. He'd carried it with him for a month before their paths crossed again, and he'd been holding it tightly when Steve found him mid-breakdown. The shield obviously meant something to him. It's a better message than any words Steve could possibly write down.

Natasha hesitates, then accepts the shield from him. He doesn't think she's ever actually held it before. "Okay," she says. "I can do that."

Tagging anyone who has a WIP they'd like to share with the class.
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Have seen Age of Ultron twice. not particularly spoilery, but cutting anyway )

Next up: I'm trying to compile a list of LGBTQ characters in geeky genres for an upcoming trivia and I need your help! Because I don't know all of the fandoms, obvs. I'm looking for TEXTUALLY queer characters (as in, not just subtext/slash goggles) in any of the following genres: sci-fi, fantasy, horror, comics/graphic novels/manga, video games, anime/cartoons. I know sci-fi/fantasy pretty well, but very much need help in the comics/anime/gaming areas. And in particular I don't know of many trans* characters, so tell me what you've got!

Here's what I've got so far: )
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All I have been trying to do for freaking months is to see the musical "Hamilton" at the Public Theater. Tickets were extravagantly expensive (for my budget), so I'd originally assumed I'd just have to wistfully give it a pass. But then [livejournal.com profile] azewewish was going to be in town early in April and had specifically bought a ticket to Hamilton, so I said FUCK IT, I'm going too. This was back in February. I ponied up the cash and bought a ticket.

Three days later, I found out that a show I was working on was going to change its performance day and time...to the exact date and time for my Hamilton ticket. I thought, okay, no big deal, so I'll exchange it for a different show. They announced an extension for the run, so I called the box office to exchange the ticket. And it was already 100% sold out, no way no how no exchange or refund. I raged, I cried, and then I gave it up for lost and starting asking around to find a friend willing to buy it off me so that I could at least get part of the money back. I found one. Then, miraculously, a friend who'd managed to score one of the extension tickets told me she'd be willing to swap with me. Huzzah! It was a pain in the ass finding a time we were both available to physically swap tickets, but we did and she saw it and loved it. I have been ramping up my excitement about this show for MONTHS now. And today was the day. Super excited. Planning my whole day around it.

I just double-checked the ticket to see what time the evening show started. Guess what? It was a matinee. I missed it. This whole time, since I'd originally bought a Saturday evening ticket, I'd somehow thought that was the one I'd swapped for, too. I'd glanced at it when I got it, but misread the 1pm as 7pm because that was what I was expecting to see. And then I tucked it away someplace safe so that it would be ready and waiting for me, and I FUCKING MISSED IT.

I have no one to blame but myself. I am the biggest fucking idiot in the world. I've never done anything like this before in my life -- I'm the super anal person who triple-checks everything and is always on time. But I just...totally convinced myself that this ticket was for the evening, not afternoon. And...that's it. It's not even about the money. It's that I've been SO EXCITED, and I totally screwed myself over, and now I just feel like an asshole.

So, "Hamilton." I hear it's a good show. On the plus side, it is transferring to Broadway, so I can still see it, just...not now.


Mar. 23rd, 2015 07:47 pm
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I haven't been posting much lately because I'm too busy/tired to fandom these days. (Apart from reading epic-length fics on my phone in bed. I've been doing a LOT of that.) So! Meme!

You can find all of my fics at [archiveofourown.org profile] kaydeefalls

Comment with the title of one of my fics and a number (or more than one of either) and I'll witter egomanically about:

1) how I came up with the idea
2) something I deleted
3) my favorite bit
4) something I struggled to write
5) what the writing process was like
6) how I thought people would respond
7) how people actually responded
8) something I wish I’d done differently
9) something I think I did right
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I've mentioned here a few times that I'm part of this super fun group, Gay Geeks of NY. We do a bunch of geeky things, like movie outings and Pictionary and geek-themed parties, but primarily, we do GEEK TRIVIA ever month. And this month I'm hosting it with a friend of mine, which means HEY FANDOM REPRESENT.


WHAT: Geek Trivia! All geeky genres, all the time! Sci-fi, fantasy, comics, horror, anime, gaming...!
WHEN: this Sunday, March 8, from 5:30-8pm
WHERE: The LGBT Center, 208 W 13th St, NYC (Manhattan)

All are welcome! LGBTQ+ and allies, geeks of all varieties. Admission is $5. More info on the event can be found on Facebook. And again, I'm co-hosting and wrote half of the trivia, so you know it's gonna be awesome.

(We're also doing a sing-along performance of Rocky Horror in April, but I'll post about that later.)
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*drowns in Agent Carter feels*

I have nothing insightful to say, but I did want to add: really minor spoiler )

Look obviously important plotty and character-arc-y things happened in this episode and this series that fill me with great joy, actually the shipping potential is waaaay down low on my list of WHY I LOVE THIS SHOW, but the heart wants what the heart wants, so whatever.

And primarily the heart wants a season 2, goddamnit.

and one more spoiler )
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And Festivids are revealed! I only made the one. And man, it was brutal to make.

While my favorite film of 2014 was probably CA:TWS (um, if that wasn't obvious), I do think Snowpiercer may have been the best movie I saw last year. Even though it was incredibly difficult to watch.

I managed to edit down a 7-minute long song to under 5 mins for this vid. I'm pretty proud of that. It had to be this song -- something about the sheer relentlessness of it, the slow and inexorable build, the ticking underneath like a time bomb or a train rattling rhythmically over endless tracks...yeah. It's bleak as fuck. And look, ma, I made a Festivid without using Vienna Teng or Tom McRae! I think this is a first for me.

Goodnight, Travel Well
Fandom: Snowpiercer (2013)
Music: "Goodnight, Travel Well" by The Killers
Summary: "Every time you fall and every time you try, every foolish dream and every compromise." A Curtis vid.
Content notes: Graphic violence, character death
Disclaimer: not mine, no profit, don't sue.
Download: Mediafire (.mov, 101MB)

On YouTube | Tumblr

lyrics )

Cap themes!

Feb. 8th, 2015 04:03 pm
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Crowd sourcing time! My Gay Geeks group is holding a Captain America 75th birthday party to coincide with Avengers 2 opening. We're trying to come up with some kind of fun theme to go along with the party -- like a contest for best shield, etc. Anyone have good geeky ideas? Or ideas for themed drink specials? Since the MCU fandom is super creative, I figured someone would have better ideas than me. :)


Feb. 2nd, 2015 08:24 pm
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Festivids is live! Which is awesome, because vids! Lots of them! In rare fandoms! I got a super hilarious The Emperor's New Groove vid, Rama Llama Llama, which fills me with glee.

I particularly love Festivids and Yuletide because I generally forget what I've requested by the time they go live, so I am always, always surprised by the gifts I receive. :D

And as per, if you manage to correctly guess which vid is mine, I will totally make you a thing. I only made one vid this year, and for once in my goddamn life, the music is neither Vienna Teng nor Tom McRae. So. Good luck figuring me out. (My recipient hasn't commented yet, which makes me anxious, but they're probably just busy right now. Or something. Or they HATE IT. >_<)

In RL news, apparently the side effect of working a 9-5 job is that I'm just fucking tired all the time. It's not that work is exhausting -- I've had far worse -- but I'm just NOT a morning person, and I never will be. It doesn't matter how many hours of sleep I get; if I have to wake up before 10am, I will be sleepy and out of it all day, and last week I was pretty much crashing into bed by 8pm every evening. Not to go right to sleep, mind -- mostly just reading in bed for a couple of hours first -- but I'm too tired to be able to focus on anything else. And that's really stupid and also annoying, because there's absolutely no reason I can't get a few good hours of writing/vidding in after work except that I'm just SLEEPY ALL THE GODDAMN TIME.

Seriously, I'm getting about 8 hrs of sleep every night, which is totally normal and healthy for me. So why am I always tired? Grump grump grump.


Jan. 27th, 2015 03:38 pm
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It totally snowed in NYC! Just not, y'know, anywhere near as much as it was supposed to. But I've been working from home all day, so I'm good. Except that I've run out of work to do, sort of? I mean, the phone has been quiet, as have the various e-mail inboxes I monitor, and my boss is still stuck at the home office in North Carolina, so he hasn't really been giving me anything to work on. I'm still not fully trained, but there's no one here to train me right now, y'know? So I'm just...holding down the fort and fretting because I'm sure there's something I SHOULD be doing, but I don't know what that something is.

Working from home is nice, though. Pajama pants all the way. And I'm much less stressed now than I was last week, mainly because all the stressful things have been taken off my plate entirely and given to people whose job they actually are. So that's good.

Um, also my Gay Geeks group, which puts on a live performance of the Buffy musical episode every summer, is branching out and doing Rocky Horror this spring. And I seem to have been cast as Janet? IDK, I was not expecting that. So...that's happening soon. Wacky fun.

I'm gonna give my Festivid one last good edit as soon as I "clock out" today, and then that'll be good to go. And then maybe I can tackle the Steve/Bucky fic of doom. Who knows! I'm sure as hell not leaving the apartment today. It may not have been much of a storm, but everything is slush, and I am not a fan.


Jan. 23rd, 2015 03:56 pm
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I'm currently in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, stage managing a solo show for one performance. Which means that basically I've been bumming around the beach and various bars/restaurants with my actor for the past 24 hours. Tech only took two and half hours yesterday, and the show itself tonight will only be an hour, so then we will go back out and continue drinking on the beach. This is exactly the sort of working vacation I desperately needed. I spent the day walking along the beach in the sun and 80F weather, guys. In NYC it's supposed to snow tonight.

Particularly needed this because there was a MAJOR disaster at New Job that hit last Friday, which meant that I was working from home for much of the weekend, and this past week was pretty stressful and hellish. I seriously considered just quitting somewhere around Tuesday night. This side trip has given me space to breathe, a chance to sleep, and some perspective, thankfully, so I shan't do anything rash (like quit the job I've only had for three weeks).

(The New Job disaster was a massive fuck-up on the part of a guy at the home office, and neither I nor my boss nor any of my immediate coworkers were in any way responsible for it, so it's not like I was in trouble in any way, shape, or form. It's just that the NY office has to clean up his fucking mess, and boy, is it a huge fucking mess. Like, of the he-has-definitely-been-fired variety. It's been a nightmare being on damage control, and that's going to continue over the next few weeks. But I do realize that this is an extraordinary situation, and not actually indicative of what working at New Job is normally like. Still. It's been dispiriting, to say the least, when I'm still so new in the position.)

Haven't had any brainspace left for fandom lately. Dunno if I'm gonna be able to muster the energy to continue my Sleepy Hollow recaps -- it's hard to drum up the enthusiasm anyway, given how shitty the show has become. I haven't even watched the latest episode yet. I do hope this brief Florida interlude will settle me enough that I can jump back into other fandoms when I get back to NYC tomorrow, at least.
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Since I'm already halfway through January, I may as well give up on waiting for the Steve/Bucky fic to be finished before I do my yearly writing/vidding roundup. I'm still giving myself credit for those 30k words of WIP in my total word count, though. I fucking earned those for 2014. And actually, if you add that in, I actually did write about 15k more words in 2014 than in 2013, even though I posted fewer fics total.

On the plus side, BANNER YEAR FOR VIDS. This is the first year I've produced more vids than fics. By which I mean TWICE AS MANY. Weird.

by the numbers )

fannish year in review )

bonus WIP snippets: Steve/Bucky + X-Men/Firefly fusion )

aw hell

Jan. 10th, 2015 08:49 pm
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So while I LOVED A:tLA, I never got into Korra as much -- watched the full first season, enjoyed it all right, but it never won my heart the way the original series did (and a big part of that was HATING the love triangle storyline that swept up a lot of S1, even though I liked all the characters individually). I gave up a few episodes into S2. I heard it got better, and I always vaguely intended to go back to it eventually, but it wasn't a fannish priority.

So then the series finale happened, and Tumblr spoiled me for it pretty much immediately. Which is okay, because that was the push I needed to get interested in the show again. So I spent the past two weeks mainlining seasons 2-4, and I just finished watching the finale.

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Well, much like Franklinstein's Monster, we're back from the dead. Or from hiatus, whatever. Let's see how this poorly-stitched together corpse of a show kicks in the new year. paradise lost )
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Happy 2015, folks. May it be far more awesome than the year that preceded it. Yes, even if you had an excellent 2014 already.

My year was...mostly good on the social front (friendship is magic, etc), and significantly less good on the career front, but at least that part ended on an up note? So here's to positivity and optimistic beginnings, I guess. And I'll be turning 30 this year, so, y'know, milestones and stuff.

Also, Yuletide reveals! I can now thank [archiveofourown.org profile] Aderam properly for my gift fic, What the Fuk Is That?, and again reiterate the need for everyone to read Tanya Huff's books so that we can talk about them properly. And I wrote a thing:

9 Strangely Arousing Things In Doctor Who (2638 words) by kaydeefalls
Fandom: Cracked: After Hours, Doctor Who (2005)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Soren Bowie/Daniel O'Brien
Characters: Daniel O'Brien, Soren Bowie, Katie Willert, Michael Swaim
Additional Tags: Pre-Slash, but more than just subtext, Embedded Images, embedded gif, Doctor Who meta
Summary: Why (Dan thinks) Doctor Who is super sexy. (In which Dan geeks out, Katie wants a Doctor-shaped boy toy of her very own, Michael should never be allowed anywhere near a sonic screwdriver, and Soren wants nothing to do with your British nerd show.)

OKAY LOOK, I have a bit of an obsession with the most excellent and nerdy webseries Cracked: After Hours, and YOU SHOULD TOO. Basically, it's four friends hanging out in a diner discussing pop culture, and it is glorious and hilarious and many other adjectives as well! Each episode is only 6-8 mins long, you don't have to watch them in any kind of order (although the evolution of their in-jokes is super fun to experience, if you do go in order), and you become...strangely attached to those characters. (They're three cracked.com writers and their comedienne buddy, and they're basically playing caricatures of themselves.) If you need more convincing, [personal profile] fiercynn and [personal profile] scribe made an excellent After Hours fandom primer a little while back, they make a much more eloquent argument than I can.

But yeah, I was most pleased when I received this assignment, because it gave me an excuse to write my own episode of the show. I picked Doctor Who as a topic mainly because it's super geeky and yet has never yet been mentioned on the show itself, and just kind of spun out from there. Creating the graphics was by far the most time-consuming aspect of this one, but I was very determined to recreate the comedic style of the show, and therefore there must be visual aids. This one was just pure ridiculous fun to write. Enjoy!
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I've been...absurdly social over the past week, and it's draining the hell out of me. I really badly need a day of down time that's just for me. Which...maybe I will get on Friday, sort of, which is the best I can hope for. I mean, social is good! I like having friends and doing stuff! I've just very much Hit My Limit, and then tomorrow is of course New Year's Eve, and then high school friends tend to gather on the 1st, so I have at least two more days of this stuff. It doesn't help that I've had a very irritating cold since Christmas, which drains what little remains of my energy, and I'm starting to stress out about starting the new job next week. (They've sent me a TON of orientation docs/videos, which is awesome and helpful, but also...stressful.) I haven't gotten any writing or vidding done all week, which frustrates me to no end. I've never been this slow getting my Festivid together, and I had really really really REALLY wanted to finish the goddamn fucking Steve/Bucky fic before 2015. DAMMIT. (I mean, I had really wanted to finish it by, like, October. But that clearly didn't happen.) I'm gonna delay doing my usual end-of-year fannish meme until the fucker is done and posted, because without it, my fic productivity for the year is SHIT. That's 30k words that damn well counts toward my 2014 total. And I don't have much more to write. It just got interrupted by Secret Mutant and Yuletide. FEH.

I did finish a draft of not-my-Festivid last week, which will hopefully be ready to post this weekend, so that's...something.

And obviously I'm bumping the remainder of the December meme over to January, but I'm hardly the only one behind on those. :)

Right. I will write a scene tonight. I WILL write a scene tonight. For fuck's sake.
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It's totally still December. Barely.

[personal profile] newredshoes prompted: What's a formative-as-fuck story (book, film, play, TV show, whatever) that you later realized had totally informed your storytelling tastes today?

Obviously it's on the brain because of yesterday, but really, the best answer to this is Into the Woods, the original Broadway production. Which I was probably a little too young for when I first watched it, but who cares. My mother, being a Sondheim devotee, taped the PBS broadcast of the original production, and that was what I watched over and over again as a kid. She figured that the fairy tale aspect would appeal to me, and that the darker shit would mostly go over my head, which was only partly true. But in a good way! (I've mentioned this before, but my parents didn't believe in censoring content based on my age -- if I found anything too scary/disturbing, I'd stop watching/reading on my own.)

Into the Woods was MASSIVELY influential. I mean, for starters, it was my first experience with a transformative work -- Sondheim basically wrote a musical fusion AU of a bunch of fairy tales, including a couple of OCs, and then Act II is the continuation fanfic of what might happen AFTER the "happily ever after." It's sharp and clever and often very funny, but also takes a good hard look at the dark underbelly of the stories we tell our children, and what the reality of living in that world could look like. Relationships built solely on physical attraction don't always last; people make mistakes with very real consequences; the family you make for yourself can be more important than the one you were born into. Even when everything is awful, joy can be found. The cynical realism still tempered by a spark of hope at the end -- that's definitely my favorite thing ever. And teamwork being awesome, and found families, and oh god that show makes me cry so much. Plus the music is, of course, gorgeous.

But most of all: Careful the tale you tell: that is the spell. Children will listen.
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Exhausted, full, and a bit tipsy, but I have to pop in and say that INTO THE WOODS is so freaking good, guys, my heart is filled to bursting.

Like I imprinted on this show hardcore as a child and watched the recorded Broadway version roughly a bajillion times on VHS and obviously no production will match that, but as movie versions of musicals go, this one was pretty damn good. Fair warning, they did...sanitize it a bit to keep the PG rating (although the darker subtext is still there if you know to look for it), and they cut one song in particular that made me :( spoiler ), and some of the pacing in the second act felt kind of off, but still: really freaking good. I love James Corden as the Baker SO MUCH I CAN'T EVEN. Ugh. Also Meryl Streep unsurprisingly knocks it out of the park. And mostly everyone else is great too.

But most of all: Chris Pine, on a waterfall, dramatically ripping his shirt open. This is a thing that happens. It is exactly as glorious as it sounds.

I need to see this a hundred more times, and then also buy the damn Broadway version DVD so that I can roll around in the perfection of the original production a bit, too. Although, with apologies to Chip Zein, I do like James Corden best of all as the Baker. He was so perfectly cast.
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By which I mean Yuletide, by which I mean it opened a lot sooner than I was expecting! I got a fukking awesome gift fic: What the Fuk Is That?, a bit of excellent bantery team!fic for Tanya Huff's "Valor" series.

Which, okay, let's pair this with a book rec: everyone in fandom needs to read the Valor books (also called "Confederation" series) like YESTERDAY, because it is everything you have ever wanted and I weep daily that there is no real fandom for it. Sci-fi/space opera adventure war stories starring a totally kickass female Staff Sergeant in the Marines; well-thought-out alien species and worldbuilding, featuring our closest allies, the aliens that will eat just about anything in sight and the aliens that will screw just about anything that moves; a total absence of anything resembling predetermined gender roles or heteronormativity; canonical gay (and completely badass) alien couple (of the species that eats everything, not the one that fucks everyone); compelling overarching mystery plot that develops as the series progresses; and just all-around excellent storytelling. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

And then read this fic, too.


Dec. 22nd, 2014 06:00 pm
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Got the job. \o/

Producing Associate, although the job itself is an interesting mishmosh of different things. But after all that stage management, I'm now assisting a producer instead. It's a different side of the industry for me, that's for sure. (Think of it as the people who raise the money to make a show happen, rather than the people who spend the money on the production end of things.) At the very least, it should be an interesting experience, and I got very excellent fun vibes from my boss and the office culture in general. And...regular office hours! Evenings and weekends (mostly) free! A fifteen-minute commute! (OH MY GOD you don't even know how awesomely short that is by NYC standards.) The downside of course being that I now have to wake up in the mornings again, which is...not my favorite thing ever, to put it mildly. Sigh. But actually being able to count on being free most weekends and evenings is amazing.

(Plus I could still technically pick up stage management gigs on the side, if I crave no free time ever. And let's be real, here, that's gonna happen.)

Mostly it just means that I'm no longer unemployed, thank fuck. The salary may be low, but it's still a good chunk more than I was getting from unemployment. And now all that job-hunting stress can go away.
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I am strangely unstressed about Yuletide, despite the fact that the deadline is in less than twenty hours and my fic is not yet complete. Maybe it's because I had a good writing session last night, and I know I don't have much further to go, and anyway the whole thing is gonna be very short (which for me means less than 3000 words). So...yeah, I'll finish that tonight. It'll probably go unbetaed, but for this particular fic, that doesn't bother me. (I've rarely had much luck with Yuletide betas, anyway.) Incidentally, though -- is there no IRC chat this year? Or has it just moved to a site I don't know about?

Had a good second interview for the "interesting" job today. It still pays too little, and the work would either be really interesting or really stressful, but I got a REALLY good vibe re: office culture, which is pretty important to me after the toxic nature of the kids theater. They're going to bring me into the office Monday to shadow the current person in the position and see if it feels like a good fit, which is kinda weird but also kind of awesome in terms of making a smart choice about the job. (I'm not sure if any other candidates are doing this as well, or if I'm their top choice.) So...that. I'm more optimistic than I was expecting, at least. And while the starting pay is low, it's still within my budget, and there's definitely opportunity for growth (and bonuses). Plus they're very flexible/reasonable about the possibility of me picking up stage management gigs on the side, which would not be the case with the other job I interviewed for (due to potential conflict of interest).

Plus I just got offered a show in April for a theater group I've worked with before and loved, and they actually pay okay, so if I can juggle the schedules, that would be nice.

In other news -- December posting meme!

[personal profile] ranalore asked: What makes for a good viddable song?

I am firmly of the opinion that ANY song is viddable...with the right vidder. So there are certain sorts of songs that I do well with, and some that I wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole. But that doesn't mean those songs wouldn't make awesome vids! Just that I'm not the right person to make them. BUT ANYWAY. I'm generally drawn to lyrics/lyricality first and foremost; I prefer songs that really tell a story, either through the lyrics or through the music. I don't like highly repetitive songs, which is why I very rarely vid pop songs, unless I can twist them into meta commentary -- i.e. Die Young taken literally for a Buffy vid. I love Vienna Teng and Tom McRae (maybe a little too much), because the lyrics are sharp and smart, the music is often surprising, and the choruses tend to shift musically with each repetition. But really, it's mainly that a song needs to click in my head as belonging to a certain fandom/character/idea. Often it's a single lyric that sells me -- for Human, which had been in the back of my head for a while as a potential sci-fi/fantasy vid, the lines "And so long to devotion / you taught me everything I know / wave goodbye, wish me well / you've gotta let me go" were SO OBVIOUSLY about the Raven/Charles relationship that I basically just hopped around impatiently until good DoFP source became available and I could vid it. More rarely, I have a strong idea for a vid and then basically shop around for a song that matches; for example, I knew I wanted to make a creepy Wishverse (Buffy) vid, but it took some searching before I latched onto the theme from Rosemary's Baby as the right music.

I have been making an effort to vary my music selection for vidding lately, because while I COULD easily vid every single Vienna Teng and Tom McRae song, that doesn't mean I SHOULD. But my personal musical tastes are fairly limited, in terms of what I actually listen to on a regular basis, so it's kind of an ongoing process finding new material to work with. I'm not really a music fan -- by which I mean, I LIKE music, obviously, but I'm not fannish about it, and I don't seek out new artists or care at all about bands or ever attend concerts. So maybe it's kind of weird that I get so obsessive about vidding. I dunno.
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After months of applying for job after job with no response whatsoever, I just had two separate phone interviews today. Yay? I mean, on one hand, OH THANK GOD people are actually considering hiring me. But these were both jobs I applied for out of desperation, rather than because I really wanted them, and they both pay...not very well. One sounds like a more interesting position/office environment, but pays even less and the schedule sounds like it could get super insane super quickly; the other at least offers great benefits and a stable work schedule, but the work itself is fairly dull. Look, I could make either of them work, but there is a part of me that wants to hold out for something I actually WANT to do. (Or that pays well enough -- and "well enough" for me is still a pretty low number -- to be worth not being quite what I'd like.) I've already been scheduled to interview with the big boss for the "interesting" one; the other will get back to me by the end of the week. If I make it to the next step, I'm actually inclined toward the "boring" one, on the basis that if I'm not doing what I want anyway, I'd rather be bored than super stressed all the time. I've been super stressed all the time; it's called stage management. That job's worth the stress. These are...not.

With my luck, of course, neither of them will make me an offer, and all this will be moot.

In the meantime, I have been totally failing to make any progress on Yuletide. I guess my brain needs that familiar strain of last minute panic to jolt into action. Actually, this is the sort of fic that I'd probably write better drunk. Maybe I should crack open some vodka tonight and have a go.

Oh, right, December meme!

[personal profile] misbegotten asks: Favorite Sleepy Hollow episode and why?

TOUGH QUESTION mostly because all the season 1 episodes have kind of blurred together into one long arc in my brain. Due to my recaps this season, alas, no such distance is possible, and they definitely are not my favorites. Although "Mama" was a very strong episode, and I loved the focus on the Mills sister and their mother, so that was good. But I didn't LOVE it the way I did some of the cracktastic S1 episodes. So...probably the S1 two-part finale, because it blew my mind in all kinds of awesome ways (and I didn't know yet how badly they'd drop the ball), and there was plenty of Jenny kicking ass and shippy Abbie/Ichabod goodness and Katrina very briefly seemed like she might get an interesting character arc. And I feel like that's where Zombie George Washington was namedropped, which will always own my heart (along with, of course, the S2 classic "Franklinstein's Monster"). So, yes, that.


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