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Possibly I should start writing my Yuletide fic at some point.

I totally misread the deadline as Sunday night, incidentally, not 4am Sunday morning. Whoops. So that's a day of frantic writing I don't have, and I have zero free time between now and then apart from, um, the next hour or so before I fall asleep, and likewise after 11pm tomorrow night and between like 1am and 4am Sunday morning.

Sunday I have all day off, of course. Which doesn't help at all apparently.

Go me?
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All I have been trying to do for freaking months is to see the musical "Hamilton" at the Public Theater. Tickets were extravagantly expensive (for my budget), so I'd originally assumed I'd just have to wistfully give it a pass. But then [livejournal.com profile] azewewish was going to be in town early in April and had specifically bought a ticket to Hamilton, so I said FUCK IT, I'm going too. This was back in February. I ponied up the cash and bought a ticket.

Three days later, I found out that a show I was working on was going to change its performance day and time...to the exact date and time for my Hamilton ticket. I thought, okay, no big deal, so I'll exchange it for a different show. They announced an extension for the run, so I called the box office to exchange the ticket. And it was already 100% sold out, no way no how no exchange or refund. I raged, I cried, and then I gave it up for lost and starting asking around to find a friend willing to buy it off me so that I could at least get part of the money back. I found one. Then, miraculously, a friend who'd managed to score one of the extension tickets told me she'd be willing to swap with me. Huzzah! It was a pain in the ass finding a time we were both available to physically swap tickets, but we did and she saw it and loved it. I have been ramping up my excitement about this show for MONTHS now. And today was the day. Super excited. Planning my whole day around it.

I just double-checked the ticket to see what time the evening show started. Guess what? It was a matinee. I missed it. This whole time, since I'd originally bought a Saturday evening ticket, I'd somehow thought that was the one I'd swapped for, too. I'd glanced at it when I got it, but misread the 1pm as 7pm because that was what I was expecting to see. And then I tucked it away someplace safe so that it would be ready and waiting for me, and I FUCKING MISSED IT.

I have no one to blame but myself. I am the biggest fucking idiot in the world. I've never done anything like this before in my life -- I'm the super anal person who triple-checks everything and is always on time. But I just...totally convinced myself that this ticket was for the evening, not afternoon. And...that's it. It's not even about the money. It's that I've been SO EXCITED, and I totally screwed myself over, and now I just feel like an asshole.

So, "Hamilton." I hear it's a good show. On the plus side, it is transferring to Broadway, so I can still see it, just...not now.


Jun. 29th, 2014 12:03 am
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Yeah, so apparently when I locked up the theater office earlier tonight, the latch didn't completely click in the door or something, because an hour later something nudged it open again and the motion-detector alarm went off.


It doesn't matter how many things I take care of without her even noticing, or how I've improved my game by like 150% in the past two weeks, because the one time a fucking door doesn't shut all the way, it's back to everything I do being wrong.


Jan. 9th, 2013 10:40 pm
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Minor trigger warning: failing at life, and also bleeding a lot.

Yesterday I bought a new pair of jeans to replace my ripped-and-dying ones, and while my pants size has not changed, the process made me feel flabby. Okay, thought I. I shall resume running in the mornings. My job allows me to sleep reasonably late on weekdays, I can woman up and set my alarm half an hour earlier and go for a damn run.

It's not like I'm totally out of shape. I got back into running at the end of the summer and made it a regular habit during that one tragic month of unemployment in September, and I've gone running a few times since moving into my new place. Enough that I have a running route and know how long it takes me and have a whole routine built around it, and stuff. It's just that when it finally got cold around the holidays, I kinda stopped. But today was practically balmy, for winter-in-NYC standards, and though I was not happy to be awake, I put on my shorts and sweatshirt and was off. And it was good! I will never be able to say I ENJOY running, exactly, but there is a certain amount of satisfaction it brings me, plus the endorphins are pretty rad. I ran for about a mile and a half in one direction, then went up a block and turned around to head for home.

I'm assuming it had something to do with still feeling more than half-asleep, but man, I hit an unexpected uneven patch of sidewalk and WIPED THE FUCK OUT. I have never done that before in my life! Okay, lie, I have totally wiped out like that on rollerblades before, and I am quite talented at tripping over things or falling down stairs (shut up, it happens), but I always just kind of bounce right back up again, because when you grow up klutzy you basically have to either master the art of the pratfall or die very young. So I bounced back up and kept going? Except then I realized that I'd kinda whacked my fucking FACE on the pavement when I fell, and something under my lip was kinda dripping blood? And all of the skin on my knee was kinda not there and likewise dripping blood? Also my hands and knuckles were kinda fucked up? And I was still more than a mile out from home and obviously had no cash or anything on me because I'd only planned on running?

So my brain mostly just latched onto the thought that I'd only allotted so much time for running before I had to shower and dress and eat breakfast and go to work, and somehow, I could not handle the prospect of being late for work. So I...started running again. BECAUSE THAT IS LOGICAL. I mean, I knew I couldn't clean myself up until I got home, so the faster I got home, the faster I could STOP BLEEDING. Obviously. So now I'm back at a steady jog, except I'm using the sleeve of my sweatshirt to staunch the somewhat worrying cut under my lip while my hands and knee just kind of drip freely. Amazingly, not a single person I passed on the street even looked at me funny. That's New York for you, I guess. I did stop in a deli at one point and asked for a wad of napkins. That dude DID look at me funny, and he didn't offer to help or anything, but he did give me the napkins, so that helped a bit with the biohazard that was my knee at that point, and also spared my sweatshirt further indignities. And then I just started running again, and kept going until I got home. And fortunately my landlord was loading stuff into his car, so I begged a tube of Neosporin off him (I have band-aids, but no antibiotic stuff). And then I cleaned up and that's pretty much the point at which the adrenaline wore off any EVERYTHING STARTED TO HURT. And also I started getting concerned that the cut under my lip might need stitches? I think it's fine, it finally stopped bleeding a while later, it's not a big cut but it's pretty deep.

I made it to work almost on time! Though I did have to skip breakfast. Which, given the blood loss, not necessarily my smartest move, but a few hours later I snuck out to grab a sandwich, so whatever.

So now I have a big bandage over my bruised and slightly swollen knee, and walking is...interesting, plus two band-aids over my knuckles and one on my palm, assorted less bloody abrasions, and an ugly cut under my lip. And tomorrow morning I have to do one of the Bible readings at my grandmother's memorial service. FUN TIMES.

Moral of this story: exercise is evil, and clearly I should've just slept in.
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Um. Hello? So I haven't posted in close to a month, haven't had a chance to check my dw-circle or lj-flist in close to a week, and I can't actually remember the last time I had time to have a look on tumblr. I have no idea what's been going on in fandom for a while. And I haven't had any time for writing or vidding or anything else, either, which makes me very sad, because I feel like some creative part of me must have shriveled up and died.

Basically, the production of Company I've been stage managing has been the most hellish and emotionally abusive rehearsal process I have ever endured -- the director was a purely toxic force of mismanagement and insecurity and outright obstruction of my ability to do my damn job, he treated the entire production staff and occasionally the actors like shit, and the producers did nothing constructive to step in and help until waaaay too late in the game, at which point they caused as many problems as they attempted to solve. Miraculously, the show itself is not a disaster -- the cast is great, the show looks fine, and while it's not a Great Production, it's good enough. We finally opened last night, and while I have no real confidence that the director will actually go away and leave us the fuck alone, at least the production has now become manageable. Seriously, I have never been in open battle with a director before in my life -- it runs counter to everything I've ever learned about stage management, not to mention my own personality, and I absolutely loathe confrontation -- but it's taken every ounce of energy and strength of will I possess to keep this fucking show afloat in the face of his utter horribleness as a human being. I've been in a very bad place emotionally for the past month. It's just been awful.

On top of that, I moved into a new place (in Brooklyn), which is nice enough for now. The bedroom is small but the apartment is quite nice, the neighborhood is decent, the landlord is awesome, and my roommate, though a bit anal about certain issues, is a perfectly nice person. And the rent is very cheap. I can't imagine that I'll live here for more than a year or so, but it suits what I need right now.

And I started the new job at the Kids' Theater (which I guess will be my shorthand for it on this journal), which has been stressful in a new-job sort of way, and I'm still anxious that I'll somehow be awful at it. But I really like all my coworkers and I'm hoping that I'll be able to manage the kids; my biggest issue so far has been my inability to really focus on my job there due to the dreadful time and energy suck that has been Company. It should be better now that we're open, but I just want this fucking show to be over so that I can have my life back.

Yesterday, while I was setting up for callbacks at the Kids' Theater, my dad called me to let me know that my grandmother is in the ICU. Her heart had stopped Friday night and though they resuscitated her then, she has requested they not do so again. No way of being sure when the end will come -- it's whenever she has another coughing attack or something like that, which could be a matter of hours or days, a week or so at most. I had to go straight from Kids' Theater to a final Company rehearsal, but when we released the cast for their dinner break before the show, I stole ten minutes to step outside and call her in the hospital. She was completely lucid and matter-of-fact about everything, chatted with me about what the situation was and that ninety-two years is too long of a life anyway but she's had a good one, and though she's never been the most affectionate of grandparents -- she's kind of a crusty old dame, and never had much use for kids, though she liked us well enough because we were her grandkids; her own children and grandchildren call her Dottie instead of Mom or Grandma -- she then spent like five or ten minutes reminiscing about that time she took me to a pumpkin patch when I was little without telling my parents about it, and the weeping willows at her old retirement community in New Jersey and how she'd smoke a cigarette while I played under them, and, god, saying goodbye to her left me a complete and utter wreck. I think I scared the shit out of the Company drummer when he happened to find me sobbing like a child on the sidewalk outside the stage door. So then I went inside and sobbed in a bathroom stall instead for a while, and then I washed my face and went back into the theater and ran a show. Still waiting on my dad's phone call with the final news. Could be today, could be tomorrow, could be next week. I'm not ready for it.

So that has been the rough summary of my sucktastic month. My LJ paid account lapsed and I'm not bothering to renew it, since the only thing I care about there is the icons I'm now losing. (Still checking flist for the handful of friends who haven't switched over to DW, of course, but that place is like a dead zone lately.) I'm dropping out of X-Men Big Bang; managed to sign up for Yuletide and Festivids despite have precisely zero interest in either, in the hopes that by December I'll have regained some kind of creative drive, and I need to remember to sign up for Secret Mutant before those sign-ups close. But I'm not really here right now.
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Happy Yuletide Day! Or whatever you happen to celebrate, y'know. I got a Sports Night fic, which is very appropriate given the Sorkinverse kick I've been on lately: The Team Player, in which Kim is a total BAMF and saves the show. WHICH IS THE TRUEST OF FACTS. And people should check it out. :D

My recipient seems to like her fic, which is awesome. I...feel like I've gotten WAY fewer responses to my fic than usual, which made me feel very insecure for a minute, and then I browsed through the Yuletide archive again and realized that a lot of fics have similarly low hit counts/kudos/comments/what have you, so I'm going to stop being a selfish brat and not whine about it again. There are just SO DAMN MANY Yuletide fics this year, it takes a while for people to work through them. So yeah. Leave your fics some love, is all I'm sayin'. I'm trying to at least kudos every fic I like. ♥

Saw Sherlock Holmes 2 with the parents today. Great fun, though the plot was kinda eh. Holmes & Watson are totally shtupping. And I WANT TO MARRY MARY MORSTAN OMG. In all other incarnations, including the original stories, I am a diehard Holmes/Watson (or Sherlock/John) shipper; in the Ritchie version, which are probably the most outright slashtastic, I'm all about the Holmes/Watson/Mary OT3. BECAUSE MARY MORSTAN ♥ ♥ ♥

And then my coworker from my day job texted me a photo of my reception desk, which has been kind of destroyed and one computer monitor is missing. So that kind of put a damper on my day. Not my personal property or my mess to clean up, but still. What the hell.

Anyway. Time to find a Doctor Who Christmas Special download! And I am SO EXCITED about [livejournal.com profile] secret_mutant fics being posted starting tomorrow. (And may have picked up a pinch hit, which may have requested a very simple fluffy scenario which I am bracketing with MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF PLOT, but that's kind of business as usual for me. Except, oh god, I need to write the entire thing in a week. Good thing I'm on actual vacation!)
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I'm very thankful that my physiology has never been wired for panic attacks, because I'm operating on stratospheric levels of stress this week. I have never felt so unprepared for a show to open. Part of this is my own problem, because this show is much larger and more complex than any I've previously worked on, but it's also massively disorganized on both the production management and directorial ends, which leaves me running around trying to clean up everyone else's messes with no time left over to deal with my own fucking job. For example, it's impossible for me to spend the hour I'd given myself to set up backstage space for props when I come in to find the entire theater covered in sawdust from scenic work, and have to spend the next ninety minutes frantically cleaning up the space before actors arrive. Whining about how that really isn't my job accomplishes nothing; it needs to get done, and if I'm the only one there, then I'm the one who's doing it. This is just one small example of the many over the past week. Or, hell, over the entirety of this fucking rehearsal process. And let me tell you, there are few things worse for a production than a director who is incapable of time management. We've been rehearsing for two months from first rehearsal to opening night. That's quite a long time by most production standards. It's completely fucking unacceptable how slow and indecisive this director has been about every last moment and detail; he's incapable of giving a single note or direction without spending at least five minutes talking about it, which is creative death for actors and a gross waste of time. (There are times for long discussions in rehearsal. It's called tablework. NOT WHEN YOU'RE BLOCKING THE SHOW.)

Tonight is final dress. I have never run a single sound cue. The booth is a floor up from the theater and can only be accessed by a slow-moving elevator, and there is no God Mic for me to address the cast/house or any real way for the cast to communicate with me once the show starts. We have many complex projection cues that have been placed and rehearsed, but never with the dowser (which is being installed today, maybe?) or with the actual fucking program that we're supposed to be running them out of. The director yanked my ASM to use as projections op from the day he joined rehearsals, which means I've been doing 75% of his job in addition to my own because, again, if I don't do it, it won't get done. The production manager is incompetent (as previously mentioned) and now that she's actually around, likes to ask me lots of questions about minutiae that I do not have the fucking time to deal with and she should have the fucking initiative to deal with on her own. And I'm not even going to start addressing any of the issues I have had with some of the actors.

And, yes, I'm well aware that like 90% of my stress is a direct result of my having to do several other people's jobs in addition to my own, and that I should delegate responsibility. But since delegating just results in the work not getting done, I'm kind of at a loss for options right now.

And my day job has not exactly been a walk in the park lately either, mostly because my boss is a good person but a terrible manager, and the rest of our team is on the verge of open revolt. But that's another story entirely.

To end on a different note, two things that are keeping me from running into traffic today: James McAvoy's face and Joss Whedon's secret adaptation of my favorite Shakespeare play with a ridiculously awesome Whedonverse cast. (I have ALL THE FEELINGS about Much Ado About Nothing. ALL THE FEELINGS. ♥)
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Seriously, this week can go die in a fire. And take next week with it. My show goes into tech this weekend, and this week has just been an endless string of problems and petty annoyances and stress, and it's only going to continue getting worse. I never quite appreciated the importance of a good production manager until I found myself stuck on a massive show with the most incompetent PM in all existence. Communication is at a fucking standstill and shit is not getting done and wires are getting crossed all over the place. My fight choreographer isn't responding to my e-mails, several of my actors are chronically late or unprepared, another is overbearingly obnoxious, my director is still unable to give a yes or no answer to very simple questions, and my ASM is a nice kid but not very experienced which means I'm still having to shoulder a lot of additional responsibilities that he should be taking care of, and...stuff. Lots and lots and lots more stuff. I very sincerely want to die. Or at least curl up under my covers and sleep for a month or so until it all goes away.

And I still need to find a roommate, but I've pretty much exhausted fannish resources, which means Craigslist, and I just can't fucking cope with that right now.

Basically, nothing is beautiful and everything hurts.
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So far this morning:
1. Too slow getting up and moving, bolted down a bowl of instant oatmeal instead of my usual breakfast, which made me feel nauseous for no apparent reason.
2. Made it out the door on time, only to discover that my usual 7:30am bus came and went early (unheard of -- usually it's late), so I walked to the metro instead.
3. Just missed a train. The next one was a long time coming and was PACKED, and then proceeded to stop and sit between every. single. station.
4. Got to work about ten minutes late to find a homeless person and all his stuff parked in our lobby, demanding to speak with someone. Not sure who let him in, as I'm the person who UNLOCKS the lobby doors in the morning. Spent the first ten flustered minutes of my day cajoling our unexpected guest (with contact info for legal resources; our organization doesn't provide direct legal services, which no one seems to understand).
5. Went upstairs to print the daily schedule to discover someone else's print job jammed the thing last night; had to fix that and wait for their stuff to print before I could get my one-page schedule.

That took me to 8:30am. If this is how the day is starting, I really don't want to find out what else is on its way. Can I go back to bed now?


Jul. 5th, 2010 10:21 pm
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Today I spent nine and a half hours in tech. It just about reached 100F outside. When we got to the theater, we discovered that the air conditioning was nonfunctional.

Nine and a half hours. 100F heat. Tech -- hanging and standing under hot lights. No A/C.


The weather is only getting hotter over the next few days. They had better fucking fix the A/C before we open on Thursday.
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Eh, who's counting.

Day 05 - A show you hate

Easy. Any reality show of any kind. I just can't stand 'em. No offense to fervent followers of Biggest Loser or Top Chef or whatever -- I get the draw, I was once sucked into watching an entire season of American Idol. And I'm sure there's an exception somewhere, but I certainly can't be arsed to go looking. Give me scripted, plot-driven television, please.

So when I got to the Metro this morning, the station manager was there telling us all that a station down the line had been closed, so all trains were stopped and they didn't know when they'd be moving again. The next bus was 20 mins away and would've taken me another 40 or so to get me downtown in rush hour traffic. (It should be noted that my Metro ride to work is 10 minutes.) Because being an hour late isn't really an option in my job, I wound up taking a $20 cab ride to work. Happy fucking Wednesday. :/


Jun. 23rd, 2009 11:25 am
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So there was a massive deadly crash on the DC metro yesterday evening. It was on the red line, which is the train line I take most often, but out near Takoma, which is nowhere near anywhere I go. Weirdly, I didn't even hear about it until this morning -- despite the fact that I was riding the metro not long after the crash. There were intercom announcements about delays on the red line with NO indication as to the cause. Fail, metro. Epic fail.

Wasn't there a big derailment on the red line in Chicago while I lived there, too? Hmmm.

In other news, the show I'm stage managing opens Friday, and I am beyond exhausted. Woot.
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One of my housemates moved out and took the internet with him.

FAIL, ex-housemate.

(Technically, he only took away his modem. There was another modem in the house, though, from whence internet is come, but something he unplugged or futzed with or something in the process seems to have made our modem not function. One of the IT guys at the theater has been futzing with it today, so hopefully it will be fixed soon. But still. FAIL.)


Jan. 23rd, 2009 10:55 pm
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Giving myself a crash course in Garage Band so that I can create a 20-min sound design for my directing class project by TOMORROW MORNING: not the most fun thing ever.

This is kinda like teaching myself to vid, except way less fun. I don't want to be a sound designer. And finding the precise sort of subway sound effect is not fun, either.

If I'm going to be neurotic and finicky and listening to the same sounds over and over and over again, I'd much rather be working on a vid. Between theater and fandom, I've come to realize that I'm a very visual person. I deal in images -- even writing is really just translating images into words. Working purely with audio bores the pants off me. Possibly this is why I've never been much into music except as mildly amusing background noise.

I'm not getting any sleep tonight, am I.


Sep. 27th, 2008 11:43 am
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This has been a really crap year for awesome people who work in movies dying. Goddamnit.

RIP Paul Newman. This is just depressing.


Jun. 7th, 2008 11:47 am
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I've hit a hell of a snag in my solo travels around Tuscany: practically no reasonably-priced and reasonably GOOD hostels in the region offer dorm beds. They offer things like "4-bed private" rooms, which is very cheap for four people sharing that room, but if you're just one person, you have to pay for the ENTIRE ROOM -- the price listed times four.

I will have to pay a LOT more for a single bed in almost every area I wanted to visit. So, basically, I'm being penalized for having no friends. Nice.

I'm actually really upset about this, because suddenly it's financially prohibitive for me to stay in most of the towns I was excited about seeing.

ETA: I've made it work. I'm spending more than I'd like, or booking beds in hostels that are farther out of the way than I'd prefer, but them's the breaks.

aw, man.

May. 27th, 2008 09:59 am
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RIP Sydney Pollack. That's a damn shame.


May. 9th, 2008 07:45 pm
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I have thought ALL WEEK that I have to house manage from 9am to 5pm tomorrow (Saturday). I was very, very sure about this, and planned my weekend accordingly. Not that I have any concrete other plans, but things like, okay, so I will sleep here and here, and go to a movie or something here, and do laundry and groceries then, etc. Then, solely to see if anyone else is working that day with me, I double-checked the schedule.

I'm working 9-5 on SUNDAY.

Wow, it's a really, really good thing I checked that, because I totally would have shown up there way early tomorrow morning and been VERY pissed to discover my error.

Um. Weekend readjustment time. Oops.


Apr. 25th, 2008 07:29 am
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Oh, the joy of seeing an ENORMOUS FUCKING SPIDER on the ceiling in your closet and being too short and no possessed of any ladders so you CAN'T FUCKING KILL IT.


(See, spiders, as a rule, don't bother me too much, because in this part of the country, they're not going to be poisonous or anything, and they, y'know, eat other bugs. But still. VERY LARGE SPIDER. MY CEILING.)


Mar. 31st, 2008 11:27 am
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So I pre-ordered BSG S3 DVDs from amazon.com. So it's been two weeks since they shipped, but have not arrived. So I just went online to track the package.

Supposedly, they were delivered -- not stuck in the post office, DELIVERED, order completed -- a week ago.

I never got them. I've been looking for that box every day since they were shipped, and I never saw it.

So either USPS fucked up AGAIN, or someone else in the building stole my DVDs out of the lobby, where the box would have been left.

Okay, NOW what? Unlike my past shitty experiences with USPS, where packages have been stuck in the post office with no notification to me and then returned to amazon AGAIN with no notification to me -- this time, if that package was actually delivered and then taken by someone else, I have no proof whatsoever, the package is totally out of the system, and there's no recourse to call amazon and ask them to re-send the DVDs.

What the hell am I supposed to do now?


Mar. 27th, 2008 05:08 pm
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Why is it snowing? I mean, SERIOUSLY.

I am dreading tonight's show like nobody's business. Not least because I must wade through MORE SNOW to get there.


Mar. 23rd, 2008 04:40 pm
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Wow, do I have bad sewing karma today or WHAT.

I'm not great with a needle, but I'm very good at basic sewing -- i.e. sewing patches on things. I ripped a small hole in a pair of jeans a few weeks ago, so I put on an iron-on patch. Which I knew was only going to be a temporary solution, because that stuff wears off fast. So the patch is coming undone, so today I went to sew it on properly. Stitch, stitch, stitch, all fine, except the thread gets tangled pulling it through once, and a tiny knot develops. After spending a few minutes tugging at it, I give up the knot for lost and cut it off, then try gluing the loose ends together. No such luck. I cut off the little gluey bits and tie the ends together. Of course, THAT tiny knot won't pull through the jeans. I give up, cut off the knot, tie off either loose end and restart stitching from there, sadly accepting the loss of a fair little length of thread. Stitch, stitch, stitch -- and, pulling the stitch through, the thread snaps near the needle. Goddamn it. Get rid of the bit of string still attached to the needle, go to rethread the patch-string into the needle. A bit gets caught in the eye, and, giving it a little tug, my threader-thing breaks.

I give up.


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