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I'm bored. I mean, I am eternally grateful that for a short space of time I have had ACTUAL WEEKENDS, and I'm sure I'll be kicking myself this time next week when I realize yup, they're going away again for another few months. But I have no particular fannish projects holding my attention at the moment (still in post-Big Bang slump, though it still needs another round of editing once my betas have had a chance to slog through it) and nothing much to DO. I've watched another disc of True Blood, which finishes the first season. There are other shows I'm vaguely interested in, but none enough to seek out for download. And while I would love to curl up with my laptop and read good fic, I'm still in a Jack/Ianto frame of mind and I've spent the past month rereading just about every halfway decent fic for the pairing, and I want to read NEW fic. But that fandom's taken a bit of a hit since CoE, and even the CoE fix-it phase of fandom seems to have died down, at least for the moment.

And there is no new Doctor Who today. TRAGIC.

So instead I'll knock out a few more of the TV meme, since I am terminally incapable of posting on anything resembling a regular basis.

Day 19 - Best TV show cast

I freaking LOVE ensemble shows. TEAMS! The biggest downfall of Doctor Who, for my particular tastes, is that it focuses too tightly on the Doctor and the Companion. This is why I get so bloody excited about multiple companions, like Nine & Rose & Jack, or Eleven & Amy & Rory, and why for all of the many pitfalls of "Journey's End", I will love it forever for giving us all of those awesome people flying the TARDIS together. The TEAM! element of Torchwood is vastly more important to me than my shipping Jack/Ianto, and my biggest problem with CoE. But I digress, clearly. So: Whoniverse, basically out for this one.

THERE ARE SO MANY GOOD ENSEMBLE SHOWS, guys! I clearly cannot pick just one! Here, have a celebratory picspam of AWESOME TEAMS BEING AWESOME. ensembles FTW! )

Day 20 - Favorite kiss

I was going to say, there is no way I can narrow this down. And then maybe try to picspam you again. Because there's Mulder/Scully in "Millennium", and Nine/Rose in "Parting of the Ways", and Simon/Kaylee MAKING THE FUCK OUT FINALLY in "Serenity" (yes I know that's the movie, but it's just an extension of the show and it totally counts), and Stuart/Vince at Vince's birthday party, and and and...

But no. Look, I have a ship for every show, and every kiss is awesome. But I do play favorites occasionally. yeah, that one. )

Look, this is the scene that made me start watching the Whoniverse as a whole. I had seen nothing, and then I saw this scene on YouTube, and then I downloaded the first episode of new!Who and went for it in order to eventually see this in context. That is one damn important kiss in my fannish life.

Also, NNGK.

Day 21 - Favorite ship


Picspams take a freaking long time. I'm going to be lazy now.

Torchwood - Jack/Ianto. Doctor Who - Doctor/Rose, Amy/Rory(/Doctor). West Wing - CJ/Danny. Firefly - Zoe/Wash. QAF UK - Vince/Stuart. X-Files - Mulder/Scully. All of these are ships for which I will trawl the internet for quite literally weeks or months on end, to varying degrees of success. Every show has its own ship, but those are the ones that are still my bulletproof kinks. I am not shippy to the exclusion of other pairings, nor to the point of hating any pairings involving just one of my ship. But yeah.

Day 22 - Favorite series finale

...hmm. Most series tend to drift by the end; there are very few series finales that leave me satisfied. I'm definitely not counting miniseries here, because they're written to be one complete story -- otherwise "Points" for Band of Brothers would be an automatic win.

Toss-up: "West Wing" ended VERY well, given how long the show ran; the final episode is a bit sentimental, but god knows it earned it. And I love love LOVE Josh in the Oval Office with Santos -- "What's next?" BIG SPARKLY HEARTS.

But also? Queer as Folk UK. Now there was one show Russell T Davies showed out with style. Everyone gets their own freaking awesome epilogue -- Hazel gets married (for tax reasons)! Bernard becomes a porn baron! Nathan becomes king of the world! -- and, most importantly: There are many rumours about Stuart and Vince -- all of them true. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


Jun. 25th, 2010 09:53 pm
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To complement yesterday's picspam:

Day 15 - Favorite female character

THIS WAS EVEN HARDER TO NARROW DOWN THAN BOYS. Shows: BSG - Doctor Who - Firefly - HIMYM - Life - Merlin - QAF UK - Sports Night - Torchwood - True Blood - West Wing - X-Files.



Jun. 24th, 2010 10:25 pm
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What I planned to do this evening: finish the last remaining scenes in my Big Bang fic. (Seriously, there are, like, three scenes I still haven't properly written. And I have failed to finish them ALL WEEK.)

What I did instead: TV MEME!

This is not a big picspam, but I couldn't resist. Shows: Band of Brothers - BSG - Doctor Who - Dollhouse - Firefly - HIMYM - QAF UK - Sports Night - Torchwood - True Blood - West Wing - X-Files.

Day 14 - Favorite male character

Even narrowing it down to one per show -- and not including ALL of the shows I like -- THIS WAS HARD.

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...okay, it's going to be really weird getting into the habit of posting every day.

TV Meme, Day 02 - A show that you wish more people were watching

So I don't watch all that much television, and my big current shows already have huge followings on my flist -- it's not like I need to pimp out Doctor Who, yeah? SO. This is a show that's already ten years old, out on DVD and probably easily downloadable, and I would like everyone to go back and watch it now so that there can be a massive fanfic renaissance because there's not nearly enough out there:


Queer As Folk UK, a.k.a. that Big Gay Show Russell T Davies made before Doctor Who. Yeah, it was then exported to the US, where it became vastly bigger and shinier and more popular, but I love the original UK version with all my heart. It's fun and campy and catty, and while the first couple of episodes are a bit weak, the show increases exponentially in fabulous as it goes along. There are eight episodes for series 1, and series 2 is basically just a 90-min TV movie to continue and then wrap up the main plot and character arcs. All of the characters are fabulous and well-developed -- Stuart Alan Jones is basically RTD's prototype for Jack Harkness, minus the omnisexuality and immortality crisis; Vince Tyler is his best friend of 15+ years (and kind of a Ianto prototype, minus the soul-crushing angst) who is madly in love with 1. Doctor Who and 2. Stuart; Nathan Maloney is the precocious teenaged one night stand who never goes away. Watching them grow and mature as people over the course of the two series is truly glorious to behold.

Ten years later, it can be hard to remember just how groundbreaking this program was when it first aired. It's a little bit dated, and in fairness, it focuses a bit too much on the men (although there is a truly glorious lesbian couple as well, not to mention the sheer JOY that is Vince's mum Hazel), but it's still GREAT fun.

"I'm gay, I'm queer, I'm homosexual, I'm a poof, I'm a poofter, I'm a ponce. I'm a bum boy, baddy boy, backside artist, bugger, I'm bent. I am that arse bandit, I lift those shirts, I'm a faggot arse, fudge packing, shit stabbing, uphill gardener. I dine at the downstairs restaurant, I dance at the other end of the ballroom, I'm Moses in the parting of the red cheeks. I fuck, and I'm fucked. I suck, and I'm sucked. I rim them, and wank them, and every single man has had the fucking time of his life. And I am not a pervert." --Stuart, Queer As Folk
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You know, without ever giving it any serious amount of thought, it is 100% my personal canon that at some point in the 1990s, Jack Harkness shagged Stuart Alan Jones. This is just kind of a given to me, in the sense that it vaguely baffles me that other people might not assume it to be obvious.

I've had a long meta post brewing in my head for a while, about Queer As Folk and Torchwood, and the many, MANY ways in which the Jack/Ianto relationship is set up to directly parallel or reflect Stuart/Vince (though I'm undecided as to whether Russell T Davies did that deliberately or whether it's just a series of connected tropes he keeps unconsciously repeating). At some point I'll organize it into a comparative essay of some sort, but seriously. The Stuart & Jack parallels are pretty straightforward, though obviously their backstories are VERY different; and don't even get me started on how Ianto is really just Vince v.2.0 -- honestly, I think Vince is more or less exactly what Ianto would have become if he hadn't been recruited into Torchwood London. (And for the longest time, when I started watching Torchwood, I was really thrown off by how deep Ianto's voice was, because I kept expecting to hear Vince instead; yeah, I dunno either.)

And a large part of my frustration with the end of Children of Earth comes from how completely the parallel arc of those relationships was subverted. Yes, I realize Torchwood is an entirely different show tackling completely different topics and with a completely different tone; but it's the brainchild of the same creator, and subconsciously, that's been informing my experience with Torchwood throughout. QaF ended on a note of absolute escapism and sheer joy; CoE inverted that in the darkest mirror possible, but still absolutely paralleling: spoilers for both )

So this is where my CoE fix-it fic comes in -- because I want to restore the parallel arc to its original form. Because, goddamn it, I want to give Jack and Ianto the ending RTD gave Stuart and Vince. Because that would be so fucking beautiful --

There are many rumours about Jack and Ianto -- all of them true.

...I really need to actually write up the full meta I have on this at some point.
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In these multifandom days, I seem to work on cycles. I'm back on a QAF UK kick now, apparently. Which, y'know, is all squeeful and lovely, except it's always a rather sad fandom to cycle back to, because it's been virtually dead for years, and aside from Yuletide (which always seems to toss us a new QAF fic or three every year, thankfully), there really aren't any new good fics that I haven't already practically memorized from my previous cycles. Bah. Ah, well, I'll cycle back out into HP or House or sommat soon enough, I suppose. HP, most likely, since I do have a couple of WIPs I would like to finish before the last book completely josses my personal fanon.

[livejournal.com profile] newredshoes, I still need to initiate you on the wonders of the Stuart and Vince love. And I shall continue needling you about it until you can put down your silly Sorkinverse nonsense for a day or two and watch QAF with me. So there. (And, of course, I also have Sports Night season 2, which I will shamelessly exploit to lure you in if necessary.)
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So, for my birthday, my parents got me the QAF UK collector's edition DVDs.

Which they ordered from amazon.co.uk, of course, because it's not sold in the US.

So I now have the DVD set I have most longed for this year, in a DVD region that I can't play.

So, decision time: either I a) return this DVD and mourn quietly to myself or b) change my laptop to region 2. Of course, b) would mean that I would no longer be able to play my other DVDs on my laptop (there are a very limited amount of times I can switch between regions before it sticks for permanent), but I'm living in an apartment with a TV and normal (region 1) DVD player, so for the year, at least, I'll be fine watching the rest of the DVDs on that. And, I guess, once I graduate and move out and things, I can just buy a multiregion DVD player and be set. Broke, but set.

Oh, hell, like it was ever actually a choice. *changes laptop DVD region setting*

oh, lurve.

Jun. 7th, 2006 01:21 am
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I swear, QAF UK is one of the only things that got me through this year. Whenever I feel crappy and lonely and depressed, just watching it all over again makes everything better. I have no idea what it is with this show -- there are certainly cleverer TV shows out there, and better actors, and more compelling scripts -- but I have such an overwhelming amount of love for these characters, I just don't care. And the US version is technically the better show, in many ways, but I just don't like Brian or Michael or Justin anywhere near as much as I love Stuart and Vince and Nathan. GAH. So much love. So so so much love. Even with the Stuart/Vince fics suddenly disappearing off the internet like it's going out of style (Mallory Klohn's fics seem to be gone now, too). Still. Massive <3s. I have no OTP as true.


Apr. 5th, 2006 12:42 am
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Dear self,
No, reading QAF fic does NOT count as working on your essay, even though your essay is, like QAF, all about the gay. So stop that now.
You moron,
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Aw, man. The Rhipodon Society fics are all gone. They're not up on the wayback machine whatsit anymore. Fuckses. Those were some of my favorite QAF UK fics, there. I don't suppose there's any chance someone's got them up somewhere?
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You know, there really should be more Nathan/Vince in the world. I mean, there should be more QAF UK fic in the world in general, and there should particularly be more RECENT QAF UK fic, but that's sort of a given. But really, there is a lack of diversity in all QAF-universe fandoms (Brian/Justin, anyone?), and while I'm generally quite content that Stuart/Vince is the UK fandom OTP, I do like me some good Nathan/Vince. Because Nathan's Stuart reincarnate, really, so there's that, and it also just makes sense that during the series they'd, y'know, bond over their mutual lust for Stuart by shagging each other. And I quite fancy the notion that Nathan, being Stuart reincarnate, also has this massive secret thing for Vince. Everyone has a thing for Vince, really. It's just the way things are.

I'm just sayin'. Sure, Vince has to wind up with Stuart in the end, but before that...
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Just rewatched all of QAF UK series 1. Ahhhh. My Stuart/Vince(or Brian/Michael) need has been nicely assuaged. It's very nice to have the UK version there to support my OTP, no matter how scandalously it is denied in the US version.

Also, I am in love with what I now call the 'Vince's Declaration of Independence Theme', because it plays whenever Vince actually takes control over his own life. Three times in series 1 -- at the end of ep 4, when he chooses to walk away from Stuart after Stuart and Nathan screwed around in Vince's old bedroom; at the end of his party in ep 7, when he (again) chooses to leave Stuart because Stuart is the asshole to top all assholes; and at the end of ep 8, when he chooses to dump Cameron and go back to Stuart. Three of my favorite moments in the show, those are. Which is why I can't understand why people think Vince (or his US counterpart, Michael) is weak or clingy or follows Stuart around like a trained dog. Sure, at the very beginning of the series, he is and does, but he finds his own damn strength over the course of the show, and when he goes back to Stuart in the end, HE'S the one in control of their relationship, and he knows it. It's FANTASTIC. Stuart self-destructs when Vince isn't around, but Vince could do just fine without Stuart -- he just doesn't choose to. My love for this pairing, it knows no bounds.

I quite like this sort of pairing, actually. Always have. Those two personality types bouncing off each other -- one who is outwardly always in control but in reality needs the other desperately, and one who may appear weaker but actually is completely self-sufficient and when he/she chooses to love, hot damn. It's kinda Mulder/Scullyish, even, or my interpretation of Sirius/Remus...


Nov. 3rd, 2005 11:56 pm
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...yeah. Obsessed. And also,

<3 Vince. So much.


Nov. 3rd, 2005 02:50 am
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Okay, in case you haven't noticed, in the past two days I have become rather abruptly OBSESSED with Queer as Folk UK. It is a cruel state of being. I just watched the entirety of the television series. There is no more. And for FUCK'S SAKE, minor spoiler, cut just in case )

So, er, how's QAF US? Because, you know, my addiction, it demands to be fed. I realize that the actors won't be nearly as sexy without Charlie and whoever the hell the adorable, adorable geek that is Vince is played by, but. I mean, there's more than one season + minimovie. That means it'll take me more than ONE NIGHT to get through the ENTIRETY of the QAF.

Is it any good? Is it worth buying?
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re: QAF UK - Stuart and Vince are PORNBUDDIES! They're, like, Coupling's Steve and Jeff, only gay!

I love UK television series.


Nov. 1st, 2005 01:03 am
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So I'm trying to buy the QAF UK DVDs. So I go on amazon.co.uk because, well, I'm in Ireland. And they have it for about 11 pounds, or about $20 American. But it's region 2 format, and, as I am American, I need a region 1. So I go to US amazon.com, thinking that at least I can order it now and just wait until winter break to watch it. The price for the region 1 encoding? $64. THREE TIMES AS EXPENSIVE.

This is ridiculous. That's about as much as I paid for a full X-Files season, which is 24 hour-long episodes. QAF would be 8 half-hour episodes. WTF?

So, is there ANY way for a nice American girl to purchase this DVD without spending waaaaay more than it's worth?


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