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Well, much like Franklinstein's Monster, we're back from the dead. Or from hiatus, whatever. Let's see how this poorly-stitched together corpse of a show kicks in the new year. paradise lost )
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After months of applying for job after job with no response whatsoever, I just had two separate phone interviews today. Yay? I mean, on one hand, OH THANK GOD people are actually considering hiring me. But these were both jobs I applied for out of desperation, rather than because I really wanted them, and they both pay...not very well. One sounds like a more interesting position/office environment, but pays even less and the schedule sounds like it could get super insane super quickly; the other at least offers great benefits and a stable work schedule, but the work itself is fairly dull. Look, I could make either of them work, but there is a part of me that wants to hold out for something I actually WANT to do. (Or that pays well enough -- and "well enough" for me is still a pretty low number -- to be worth not being quite what I'd like.) I've already been scheduled to interview with the big boss for the "interesting" one; the other will get back to me by the end of the week. If I make it to the next step, I'm actually inclined toward the "boring" one, on the basis that if I'm not doing what I want anyway, I'd rather be bored than super stressed all the time. I've been super stressed all the time; it's called stage management. That job's worth the stress. These are...not.

With my luck, of course, neither of them will make me an offer, and all this will be moot.

In the meantime, I have been totally failing to make any progress on Yuletide. I guess my brain needs that familiar strain of last minute panic to jolt into action. Actually, this is the sort of fic that I'd probably write better drunk. Maybe I should crack open some vodka tonight and have a go.

Oh, right, December meme!

[personal profile] misbegotten asks: Favorite Sleepy Hollow episode and why?

TOUGH QUESTION mostly because all the season 1 episodes have kind of blurred together into one long arc in my brain. Due to my recaps this season, alas, no such distance is possible, and they definitely are not my favorites. Although "Mama" was a very strong episode, and I loved the focus on the Mills sister and their mother, so that was good. But I didn't LOVE it the way I did some of the cracktastic S1 episodes. So...probably the S1 two-part finale, because it blew my mind in all kinds of awesome ways (and I didn't know yet how badly they'd drop the ball), and there was plenty of Jenny kicking ass and shippy Abbie/Ichabod goodness and Katrina very briefly seemed like she might get an interesting character arc. And I feel like that's where Zombie George Washington was namedropped, which will always own my heart (along with, of course, the S2 classic "Franklinstein's Monster"). So, yes, that.
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Missed another day due to emotional trauma from Agents of SHIELD. I'm mostly okay now. But speaking of shows that have recently traumatized me...

[livejournal.com profile] pocky_slash asks: Tell me all about why Abbie Mills is so great!


abbie is adorable

This is Abbie. She's a badass police lieutenant in Sleepy Hollow who could've gone to Quantico but said FUCK IT, I'M GONNA STAY HERE AND KICK DEMON BUTT INSTEAD. She grew up in an unstable home, and after her mother was committed to psychiatric care, she and her sister got shuffled into the foster care system. She saw a demon in the woods when she was thirteen and coped with it the only way she could -- by lying through her teeth so that she wouldn't be locked up, too. (And she still has a lot of very reasonable angst about the repercussions of that.) After some rough times and brushes with the law, she found a mentor in the local sheriff, and he helped her pull herself out of the system. She's a great cop not just because of her general badassery (may I remind you of that time she faced down two Horsemen of the Apocalypse with a shotgun), but because of her amazing capacity for empathy. And, sure, when the weird British dude with no concept of modern conveniences showed up and started babbling about a headless horseman, she was understandably skeptical for like five minutes until she realized how much his stories jived with her own (previously repressed) life experiences, and then she took an astounding leap of faith and has since become an occult expert in her own right, as well as the best friend a temporally displaced soldier could ever hope to have.

Also, she is the queen of well-deserved sass, and she will stand for none of your bullshit. She's like five foot nothing of pure concentrated awesomeness. She's the heart and soul of this totally ridiculous show, and pretty much the only thing that keeps it grounded at all. Look, I made a vid about her once.

IDK, I don't really know how to encapsulate the sheer joy and delight that is Abbie Mills (and Nicole Beharie). But she is totally my forever girl. ♥
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frank with sword

Well, that escalated quickly. the akeda )
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heads up

The title of this episode is Latin for “greatest work”. Spoilers: it’s not a particularly apt description of this episode. You know how last season the writers were clearly smoking the good crack? Yeah, not so much anymore. magnum opus )
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wall mural

We open with Abbie wandering through a misty dream to the accompaniment of the creepiest rendition of “You Are My Sunshine” known to man. Because its use in Angel didn’t scar me enough. mama )
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hand in jar

We begin with Ichabod and Katrina having an intense debate on the nature of love, trust, and The Bachelor. Katrina’s been able to enjoy the dubious pleasures of the 21st century for all of a week, and Ichabod’s already inflicting reality television on her? Worst husband ever. heartless )
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Previously, on Sleepy Hollow: buckets and buckets of Crane family drama, and seriously, I could have happily gone to my grave without having to watch the evil spider crawl into Katrina’s mouth AGAIN. So much ew. deliverance )
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This week on Sleepy Hollow: yoga, buns, and daddy issues. Oh, and some kind of monster thing. 2x05: and the abyss gazes back )
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PREVIOUSLY ON SLEEPY HOLLOW: there are no previouslies. Nothing has come before this. We are starting anew.

ichabod side-eyes raven

Or, rather, we are starting with Ichabod getting a fresh stash of colonial threads from his favorite historical reenactor, Caroline. the weeping lady )
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PREVIOUSLY ON SLEEPY HOLLOW: the flashbacks led me to believe this might actually be an Irving-centric episode, but then NOPE. Also, Mercenary McScruffy is back. Oh, joy.


go where i send thee )
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Show, I am disappointed in you. You offered us the gloriously revisionist history that Benedict Arnold turned traitor because of a demon coin, and then totally failed to make those flashbacks anywhere near as ridiculous as they could have been. Where is nudist Ben Franklin when you need him? Sigh.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. PREVIOUSLY ON SLEEPY HOLLOW )
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Recap time! For the record, I had several glasses of wine before viewing this episode, so I am feeling no pain right now.

ichabod vs pen

PREVIOUSLY ON SLEEPY HOLLOW: everyone introduces themselves, which is thoughtful of them, and by the by, Captain Irving still exists. At least in flashbacks. sleepy hollow 2x02 )
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So I'm recapping Sleepy Hollow this season for a geek blog, and since I'm writing up all these reviews anyway, I may as well post 'em here, too. WACKY FUN, guys! (I would just link, but I don't want to connect my real name with my fannish identity, so.)


abbie with cupcake

Sleepy Hollow 2x01: This Is War )
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The Sleepy Hollow Fanwork Exchange is live! Check it out! I received a wonderful podfic from the ever-lovely [personal profile] analise010, Out of Order Hallelujahs, which everyone should totally give a listen. She nails Abbie's voice in particular as narrator.

And I wrote a thing, so here it is.

enough to go by (2494 words) by kaydeefalls
Fandom: Sleepy Hollow (TV)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Jenny Mills, Abbie Mills
Additional Tags: Sister-Sister Relationship, POV Female Character, POV Character of Color, Future Fic, Reconciliation, Introspection
Summary: The seven years of prophecy are almost up, and it's time for Jenny to stop running from her own demons.

It's always tricky wrapping my head around a new fandom, but it was fun to try. And now I've got to jump back into Secret Mutant ficcishness.
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So then I wrote my Sleepy Hollow exchange fic in less than twenty-four hours. It's under 2000 words, nice and short, future!fic with the Mills sisters. Anyone willing to give it a quick beta?

And while I'm waiting for the latest episode to turn up online, it's meme time.

13. What is your earliest memory?
Huh. This is hard to say. I have fragments of memories from when I was in preschool, but nothing particularly detailed, and I'm honestly not sure how much is my actual memory and how much is my parents' stories seeping into my subconscious thoroughly enough that I think I remember it myself. And I don't know which fragments come before or after which other ones chronologically. But one thing I do remember is a game I used to play with my mother when I was very small, so I was probably only three or maybe four at the time. We would Play Pretend, and my favorite TV cartoon at the time was about dinosaurs -- I cannot for the life of me recall what it was called -- so I had this elaborate story I would make my mother act out with me in which I would "hatch" from an egg (i.e. I was wrapped up in this quilt and would break my way out of it), and then I would be a baby dinosaur. I don't even know, guys.

all the prompts )
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Aw, shit, I think I've stumbled onboard the New Fandom Train. You can tell because I already got myself an Abbie Mills icon. I've been crushing on Elementary for a fuckin' year already and I still haven't made myself an Elementary icon, but two episodes into Sleepy Hollow and I'm sold, apparently.



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