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Sep. 8th, 2014 12:49 am
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I just spent basically eight hours straight painting the foyer and long hallway in my apartment, which I've been meaning to do for, oh, about a year now. (I've lived here for a year and a half; it's a three-bedroom.) See, the original roommate/lease-holder had lived here for about ten years straight, and when he and his two college buddies originally moved in, they thought it would be super awesome to paint the entryway a vibrant not-quite-neon yellow. The hallway was a less dramatic off-white, although they tried to do something funky and artsy with some blue and a more goldenrod sort of yellow at one end, which just kinda looked like they started to paint and then gave up halfway through. (Also, the living room is a dark, vampiric sort of red.) Meanwhile, ten years went by, giving the paint job the expected layer of dinge and scuff marks.

Then a year ago, that original dude moved out, and I became the lease-holder on the place and got two new roommates, both of whom immediately repainted their own bedrooms (understandably) and talked an awful lot about doing the rest of the place, but never actually did. (My own bedroom was a pleasantly warm shade of gray when I moved in, and I have no desire to change it. It suits me, and my red rug and colorful Broadway posters pop nicely.)

BUT TODAY WAS THE DAY. And I painted the entire goddamn entryway/hallway by myself, plus all the trim along the bottom and the doorways and the front door and closet door and two bedroom doors. And it looks awesome. Farewell to thee, weird quasi-neon yellow foyer. I shall not miss you at all.

The blood-red living room is, like, a two-day project all on its own, and my roommate A is kinda taking charge of that one. He has Plans. We're not sure when we're going to do it, but it's definitely next on the list. (He spent the day deep cleaning the bathroom and kitchen instead of helping me paint. Fair trade, in my books.)

But in the meantime, HOLY SHIT MY HANDS HURT. Ow ow ow ow ow. I had thought I might tackle the ceiling tomorrow, but given how much my hands are cramping up right now, I'm assuming the very thought of holding a roller again tomorrow will just make me cry. Maybe next weekend.
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Today I went to the beach and got MASSIVELY SUNBURNED because spray-on sunblock apparently isn't worth crap. Life lessons, people. Whatever, it was totally worth it, it's been years since I last swam in the ocean.

Also I went to Seattle and then I came back to NYC and I failed to post about it, but I did meet up with [personal profile] fiercynn which was SUPER GREAT because I missed her lots and lots. And also I met up with [ profile] sandmantv and we got fancy ice cream and browsed around Capitol Hill, which was also awesome. I like Seattle! It is a good city. I totally lucked out and was there for basically the only week of the year in which it was sunny and warm and pleasant for the entire week. No rain! Not even a little bit! In Seattle! It was magical.

And then I came back and promptly booked two different stage management gigs -- a funky avant-garde cabaret in September and a super exciting festival of one-person shows in October/November -- which makes me feel much better about myself as a working person, and I've been having a lot of fun in rehearsals for the Buffy musical performance in which I am Tara and get to orgasm onstage, which makes me feel better about my life in general. Both of which I needed, because otherwise my life is INSANITY because one of my roommates is moving out at the end of August and the other is moving out likely at the end of September, which means it's been wacky fun craigslist time 'round about these parts. UGH. I did find a roomie I like for the end of this month, and we're working out the obnoxious lease issues. I absolutely refuse to move again, that's for damn sure. This is the sixth (I think) place I've lived in the past fifteen months, and I like it and I want to stay here, dammit. Although this is the worst possible time for me to try to get on a lease, because hello, technically unemployed. Rental management companies really don't understand the concept of "freelancer" as a job description.

In terms of fandom, I have accomplished approximately NOTHING for my [community profile] eleventyfest assignment which is due in ten days. I sort of thought I had maybe the beginnings of an idea, at least, but I'm getting nowhere with it. Fuck.

ALSO I finally read all of the Beka Cooper trilogy in the past two weeks (see: Tamora Pierce, Tortall universe), finished it last night, and now I have all these overwhelming Tortall feels and no real fandom to speak of. THERE IS ONLY ONE BEKA/FARMER FIC ON AO3. THIS IS NOT HELPING ME DEAL WITH MY FEELS. (You don't understand, I have loved the Tortall universe since I was ten years old, and in particular George Cooper was the first and best fictional character I have ever fallen in love with and Alanna/George my original childhood OTP, and the epilogue of this book gave me stupid amounts of feels and I have NO ONE TO TALK TO ABOUT THIS.)

So...yes. That's what I've been up to, anyway, I guess. My pasty white legs are a rich lobster red and they hurt. A lot.
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So I woke up at around 6:30am to the sounds of banging/slamming from the next room and my roommate screaming my name, all of which eventually culminated on me calling the cops to get her abusive boyfriend out of our apartment.

So that was fun.

Does anyone have any counseling resources for domestic abuse victims in NYC? I found Safe Horizon through a google search, and I gave my roommate the phone # for their hotline, but god, I really need to figure out how to get her into some kind of counseling. The asshole boyfriend isn't particularly physically violent, but he's incredibly emotionally abusive and manipulating (and an alcoholic, and a pathological liar), and he's got her pretty much convinced that everything is her fault. I spent several hours sitting with her this morning and letting her talk it out, and trying to reinforce that none of these problems are hers, they're all on him, but let's be real, I'm not a professional, and she badly needs to speak with one.

I spoke with her father over the phone at length (because Asshole Boyfriend destroyed her iPhone last night, among other things, so she called her dad from my phone and left him my number as a contact, and he called me back when she was finally sleeping) and I know he's trying to help her, too, but Asshole Boyfriend has very much isolated her from the rest of her friends/support network over the three years and change they've been dating, and I don't know how much I can do here on my own. I haven't known her very long at all, and don't know her well, so I don't know how best to proceed.

On the plus side, we lucked out on the cops who showed up -- they were very respectful and clearly weren't buying a single word of Asshole's bullshit, and were trying very hard to help my roommate figure out how to help herself. She didn't let them arrest him, but she did file an official complaint, so it's on his record now at least. And they got him the fuck out of the apartment.


Mar. 4th, 2013 08:15 pm
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Operation moving: success! I am all moved in and 95% unpacked at the new place, and I am SO HAPPY to be here. Also, adorable puppy is adorable. (Did I mention my new roommate has a puppy? His name is Gadget. I'm kind of in love.) My bedroom is so very much bigger than the last one -- not that it's huge, but I can easily and comfortably fit all my bedroom furniture AND my desk, and I have room to spare to bring in a decently sized bookcase, once I find one. MY BOOKS. I HAVE MISSED THEM SO. THEY WILL RETURN TO ME SOONISH.

Parting gift from the roommate from hell: a long note reminding me to take all of my stuff and everything I had in the fridge/pantry, and CLEAN MY ROOM -- except then she actually hid all the cleaning implements. She must have tucked them away in her bedroom somewhere -- vacuum, broom, dustpan, etc, all missing. Like, I have to clean, but I have to bring all my own cleaning supplies to do it? FUCK THAT NOISE. The room was clean, anyway, but man, that really pissed me off. OH WELL, GONE NOW.

There was also like a major gala fundraising event at work this weekend, which went well, and I actually wore a dress to it. (I never wear dresses. Really never. And rarely much makeup.) After our last rehearsal with the kids, while they were waiting for their performance time (I work at a children's theater; our ensemble member are all kids aged 8-18), I ran to the bathroom to quickly change into the only dress I own and my ROCKIN' knee-high boots, and slap on a bunch of makeup, and when I came back into the room with the kids a group of the teenaged boys spontaneously broke out into applause. It was kind of hilarious. I love most of our kids a lot. (A few of them are absolute shits, of course, but mostly, they're pretty awesome.)

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So...I'm moving out in two weeks. \o/ \o/ \o/ Found a room in a lovely, chill, friendly apartment up in Washington Heights. The bedroom's significantly bigger than my current one, the apartment is eclectic in my sort of way, it's a little shabby and lived-in, but definitely clean without being sterile, thank fucking god. And one of the roommates has a completely adorable and hypoallergenic puppy! I've never lived with a dog before, so I was a bit wary when I saw the craigslist ad, but the puppy kinda won me over instantly. And he's not MY puppy, so it's not like I'm gonna have to walk him or anything, and I can always close my bedroom door.

It figured that when I'm on a tight deadline for moving, I can only find shit for weeks and wind up settling for the least-bad situation, but when I'm allowing myself as much time as I need and am only willing to move if I find the right place, I find it in a matter of days. Go figure. But seriously, the instant I walked into this place and met the roommates, it felt right. Which has happened to me before -- my apartment of almost 3 years in Arlington, I knew right away, and it was awesome; and the second round of roommate search at the end of my stay there, after seeing seven potential roommies who all seemed more or less okay, the eighth girl walked in and I knew immediately that she was the right one. Both of those gut feelings were totally accurate. Here's hoping the trend continues.

Now I just need to figure out how to tell the current roommate that this is my two weeks' notice. UGH I just don't want to have to deal with her at all. If she gets really pissy, I fully intend to pack a suitcase and live on my parents' couch again for the next two weeks, and just come back with a van for my stuff at the end of the month. Not that I honestly think it'll come to that, but I am prepared.
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After the overwhelming responses to my post about the roommate, it's finally become clear to me that this is kind of a toxic living situation, and I need to get out. So I'm officially apartment hunting again, UGH. Sent out a handful of craigslist inquiries today, am already seeing a place on Monday. On the plus side, I can afford to be patient and picky this time around -- I have no move-in deadline, and no pressure to sign on to anything unless I really think it'll be a good fit.

On the minus side, I FEEL LIKE SUCH AN ASSHOLE. Even though my roommate's impossible, I don't want to just leave her in the lurch, and I know she had been looking for a longer-term roommate when she chose me to move in. So moving out again after a grand total of five months (if any of these inquiries pan out) seems like such a dick move to pull. But I really can't stand feeling like an unwanted houseguest in what's supposed to be my own home.

Also, how the hell do I tell her I'm planning on leaving? I don't intend to tell her until I've found a new place; I will be sure to give her at least two weeks' notice, but that's still...not very much. On the other hand, I don't want to give her LOTS of notice and then still have to live with her added resentment for all that remaining time. But I hate confrontation with every fiber of my being, and I honestly don't know how to broach the subject with her. ("Hey, I'm moving out because you're completely batshit and I'm really uncomfortable living with you.") I also dread having to tell the landlord, who I DO genuinely like and think is a good person and a great landlord, but who's been friends with the roommate for years. UGH. Everything about this situation just sucks.

Anyway, if anyone knows anyone in NYC who's looking for a new roommate...
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So I have a roommate. It is very much her apartment, I just happen to live in it too. This is fine. Her house, her rules. There are many rules. I follow them all without argument. The apartment is nice and the rent is cheap, whatever, I can deal. I'm both quiet and clean, and I keep shared spaces tidy by nature, because that's just common courtesy in my books.

She's...the sort of person who should probably never share a space with anyone else, because she is anal beyond belief. She talks sometimes about her "future husband" (she's single and not seeing anyone at the moment), and I kind of cringe -- not because I don't think she could ever meet someone, because she's attractive and a decent human being and stuff, but because no living heterosexual male would ever be able to follow her house rules to her satisfaction.

I am not going to discuss the rules, because I follow them as instructed and they're not formalized or particularly interesting. But I found it strangely therapeutic to make a list of all the UNSPOKEN rules that I have broken at some point in the past four months and been reprimanded about. (None of these are repeat offenses; once she tells me "don't do that", I don't do that again.)


THINGS I HAVE DONE WRONG, according to my roommate: an ongoing compilation
-Did not push my chair all the way back in to the table when I was done sitting it
-Left a light on in my bedroom while eating dinner in the living room
-Didn't wring ALL the water out of the kitchen sponge after washing dishes
-Didn't push the soap dispenser all the way back against the wall after washing dishes
-Didn't scrape all the tiny food bits out of the kitchen sink strainer thingy immediately after washing dishes
-Knocked the kitchen sink strainer thingy against the inside of the garbage can to knock all the tiny food bits out
-Bought new dish soap instead of refilling the empty bottle with existing dish soap (kept amongst the 30,000 supplies under the sink) that I didn't see
-Didn't clean out the bathtub drain after every single shower
-Didn't refill the Britta water filter to the top after pouring one glass of water out of an otherwise full pitcher
-Left a bowl and a mug in the dish drainer to dry on a day she decided to clean
-Didn't take out the recycling immediately when it was "full" by some unknown metric of her deciding that did not actually involve the bin being full
-After taking out recycling, put fresh garbage bag in bin on a day she decided to clean (because obvs she was going to clean the inside of the recycling bin so putting a new bag in made more work for her? although taking out trash without putting a new trash bag in would otherwise be a cardinal sin)
-Threw out a Chipotle container into trash instead of recycling (in fairness, she was right; I didn't realize that tin top was recyclable. just not sure it warranted a passive-aggressive note on the kitchen counter)
-Didn't fold up empty cereal box into tiniest possible contortion before putting it in recycling bin
-Cleaned bathtub with tile cleaner/all purpose cleaner instead of Comet
-"Please check the garbage container in the bathroom and rethink how you dispose of sanitary napkins", sent as text; to this day I still have no idea what I did wrong (I decided maybe the garbage can was "full" by that same unknown metric of her deciding, so took out the trash, but I don't think that's what she meant)
-Didn't empty out the vacuum cleaner filter immediately after using vacuum once on my tiny bedroom rug
-Didn't give her warning in advance the one day out of the past four months that my work schedule was weird and I wound up getting up right around the same time as her, even though I immediately offered to let her use the bathroom first and withdrew without complaint until she was done

I think perhaps I shall continue recording additions to this list as they arise. So that I can refer back to it whenever I may be in danger of Doing Something Wrong, and can cross-reference. I'm also almost definitely missing things that I've just forgotten about.

It should be noted that for some of these items -- the chair thing, the soap dispenser thing -- she phrased her complaint as "I was waiting a few days to see if you'd notice, but you're still doing X, so..." Because when I don't realize I'm doing something wrong, waiting to see if I'll magically intuit that I'm doing something wrong is OBVIOUSLY the best course of action, and therefore I am doubly wrong for not reading her mind and figuring it out for myself.

Am I completely crazy in thinking this is just a wee bit anal?
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Roommate moving out tonight. Like, she started packing her stuff up with a couple of friends at 9:15pm. On a weeknight. And since I have to collect her keys from her when she's out, I have to wait up until she's done. Of the long list of petty inconveniences she's caused me over the past couple of weeks, this isn't really a big deal, but damn it, I'm tired and I've got to be up at 6:30am for work as usual and I just want to go to sleep. Aaand she just left on her first run, and will be back for the remainder in another 40 mins or so. DAMNIT.

At least this should be the end of THIS roommate drama. Which, really, you don't want to know and I don't want to type it all up.

New roommate moving in probably Friday morning. I like her a lot, all of the twice I've met her. But good personality & responsibility vibes, strong enough that as soon as she left after I'd shown her the place I already knew I wanted her. (And unlike leaving!roommate, who was very nice but I didn't feel entirely comfortable with, and felt rushed/pressured to choose her because I was running out of time.) So here's hoping.

And I had a long phone interview this evening for a potential 5-month summer theater job. It went pretty well, though of course I don't know how many other people are being interviewed or how well any of THEM did. Fingers crossed, anyway. (And a local theater I've never worked with just e-mailed me offering me a gig in May. Which I turned down, because I've heard mixed things about working with them and, well, because I'm hoping for one of the summer theaters to come, but still. It's always a good ego boost to know someone out there recommended me highly enough that a theater would be willing to hire me sight unseen.)

Life. It happens.


Jan. 15th, 2012 01:07 pm
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Well, this roommate search is proceeding MUCH better than the last one. Posted ad on Craigslist Friday evening, got 15 responses by yesterday morning, showed five people the place yesterday and have three more coming today and tomorrow. I have no idea how I'm going to pick a roommate -- everyone seems very nice, though they're all quite different from one another. No red flags, but no one I've been like YES LIVE WITH ME PLEASE. So, yeah. I feel weirdly guilty knowing that I'm going to turn most of them down, even though of course that's how this process works. But I remember feeling rushed and slightly bullied offering the place to current!roomie (though I liked another girl slightly better), and that clearly didn't work out, so I'm more inclined to listen to my gut instincts this round. We'll see.

I caved and requested an extension on my [community profile] white_lotus exchange, thank goodness. This weekend has been insane enough as is. And the fic I'd originally been writing for it really, really wasn't working for me, so I scrapped it entirely and am now working on something completely different. Which I like so far, but doubt I could finish by tomorrow. So yay extension! I'll definitely have more time this week to complete it.

Am completely, miserably stuck on the next chapter of Queen's Gambit. I've got scraps written, but no complete scenes. I have such a clear idea of where I'm going later in the fic, but not how to get there, and it's deeply frustrating. And with all the holiday exchanges, I haven't even been thinking about that 'verse for about a month now, and getting back into that headspace is harder than I'd expected. Ugh. I'm really excited about what's going to happen a chapter or two down the line, but connecting the dots in between is just...not working. And I don't know why. Can't I just skip straight to the job itself? Why do I have to write all the crucial set-up crap in between? Bah. (Part of it is that there are certain POV characters that come way more easily to me than others, but no, Logan and Emma are actually doing important things and I actually do need to write about them. It's just a constant struggle for me to slip into their voices. Why can't Alex narrate everything? And then there's the side issue of certain characters knowing more than I want the audience to know just yet, so I've either got to avoid their POV or be very, very careful about what they give away.)

And current!roomie is either never home or has shut herself in her room, which is frustrating because I actually do need to talk to her about what her plans for moving out tomorrow are. And get her share of last month's utilities, which she still hasn't paid me back for. And also she needs to come out of there before someone stops by to look at her room today. Argh.
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Speaking of!roomie is moving out. Family emergency-type reasons, totally understandable, I don't blame her for this at all. But now I have to go through the whole damn roommate search process AGAIN. When I don't even intend to live here for more than another four or five months. Seriously, universe? Seriously?
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So, November, really not my month. I shall not miss it. My show closes Sunday, which is such a relief, you don't even know. I am counting down the days, guys. FREE TIME AND WEEKENDS. THEY SHALL BE MINE. (I love working in theater, really. Except when I kind of hate it.)

And my new!roommate moved in Monday. She's very nice, but still, the adjustment period is very weird. I am sharing my apartment with a complete stranger. So weird.

Today I finally finished the draft of the next Queen's Gambit chapter and sent it off to beta, thank fucking god. I got stuck on this one dratted scene for yonks and yonks, it was very frustrating. But! Draft done now! All 11k words of it. *headdesk* (Seriously, when people post "chapters" on AO3 that are like 1k words apiece, I get really confused and kind of annoyed. Short fics are awesome, and posting in pocket-sized bursts on a kinkmeme makes total sense because, y'know, comment limits, but if you're claiming to write a multichaptered epic? 1k words isn't a chapter, it's a fucking SCENE. Just own it.) And I'm pretty sure this one is going to end up longer than Boden's Mate, which, are you fucking kidding me, why. I mean, I know why. For all the big ensemble cast and multiple POVs and plot twists, Boden's Mate had one very simple storyline (Erik's revenge on Shaw). Everything else was peripheral to that -- Charles rescuing himself, Raven finding family, etc. This one, on the other hand...well, overall it's sort of Raven's revenge on Cain, but the real point of it all is Raven and Alex coming into their own. There's Raven's plotline, and then there's Alex's plotline, and the two obviously overlap a lot since they're working together, but they're still essentially two separate, parallel stories, which each have their own peripheral subplots, and that all just gets...complicated. Maybe I should've split it up into two completely separate fics -- a Cain job for Raven and a Stryker job for Alex -- but on the other hand, part of what I love in storytelling IS that messiness, all those intertwined stories and overlaps and parallels and history repeating itself and coming of age narratives and...yeah. Life is complicated and doesn't necessarily follow a linear narrative. And that's cool.

Though, christ, I set out to write a wacky heist fic and suddenly it's all about, like, people with PTSD working their shit out in really messy ways. Oh, X-Men. I ♥ this deeply fucked up dysfunctional found family SO MUCH, ugh. (Also, I am kicking myself so hard for following First Class canon and killing off Darwin before the events of Boden's Mate. Damn it. Darwin would make everything easier. Well, this is part of why I'm also poking at a prequel.)

AND THEN SEASONAL CHALLENGES ARE UPON US. Memo to self: no, seriously, you need to work on these. For my own reference:
1. Yuletide - deadline Dec 22
status: happy with assignment, need to revisit source, have vague scenario in mind but no real plot to speak of
2. Secret Mutant - deadline Dec 22
status: vague potential maybe idea? memo to self: fic does not need to be a fucking epic. The minimum is 500 words. That's like maybe an hour of writing. THIS IS NOT HARD.
3. Festivids - deadline Jan 7
status: song chosen, 1min of vid complete, just keep swimming
4. White Lotus - deadline ?
status: assignments not yet sent out, definitely not worth worrying about

And hopefully get another chapter of Queen's Gambit in there somewhere, maybe. Or the theater AU. It's a good thing I'm not starting another show until the end of January, let me tell you.

< / boring blather >
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My DW/LJ fen, I turn to you. My flatmate of 2+ years is abandoning me to move in with her boyfriend. This is very awesome for her, and very sad for me, because we were great roommates, and now I have to find someone new to live with. At first I thought craigslist was my only hope, but then I thought, wait! Why must I throw myself upon the mercy of skeevy strangers, when there is a whole marvelous community of fannish types who might know someone nifty in need of a place to live in the DC metro area?


I'm looking for a fan-friendly female (or female-identified) flatmate to share my comfy two bedroom/1 bathroom apartment in Arlington starting on or around Dec 1. more info/pics here! )

So...yes. Any signal boosting would be very much appreciated, you can link them here (DW or LJ) or contact me at kaydeefalls at gmail dot com. Fandom is awesome, and it would be really nifty if I could find a fannish flatmate rather than, y'know, posting this up on craigslist and risking total sketchballs.


Jul. 5th, 2007 06:40 pm
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I bought a new bag o' salad a few days ago, in my continued quest to Eat Slightly Healthier. I ate one bowl's worth of it earlier this week, but then I was out of dressing so haven't eaten any more since. Today I bought more dressing, and went to get out the salad.

My salad, it is GONE. As far as I can tell, I was the only person eating it (at least, I was the only person who ate the last bag of salad I bought), but either the salad gnomes have come and stolen my food, or one of my roommates managed to eat the rest of the BAG in the past two days. Without my noticing. Um.

This is mildly frustrating. I mean, not that other people are eating my food, because dude, I realize the fridge is a communal area. I eat their food too sometimes. I'm just really surprised that she managed to consume the entire bag so quickly. Hmph.

I'm kind of looking forward to living alone come fall.

ETA: salad found, hidden behind microwave. Which begs the question -- who leaves salad out on a hot summer day to rot instead of sticking it back in the fridge? And since neither roomie has been home since this morning, I have to assume it's been there since yesterday. Um. Joy?
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Am now in possession of House season 1 on DVD. Yup, am hooked.

And better yet, now I can read House fanfic, which, based on my observations over the past week, is snark-filled and delightful as a whole. *happy sigh* Wow, a TV fandom that's still on the air. I haven't been involved in one of these since my X-Files days.

In less happy news, a certain roommate of mine has been eating ALL my leftovers without asking, and that pisses the hell out of me. When I've got rehearsals every night, I rarely have time to cook dinner for myself, which means I spend too much money on takeout, which means I want that damn takeout to last me two or three meals at least. I am NOT supposed to be financing HIS dinners. And I was planning on eating that Thai food tonight. Bastard. (Seriously, though, this is the third batch of my leftovers he's eaten THIS WEEK. For fuck's sake.)


Jan. 20th, 2006 07:39 pm
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Tonight, as we were coincidentally preparing our dinners at the same time, one of my flatmates read me a rather impressive lecture about how the rarity of red meat in my diet (I'm not a vegetarian, I just can't be arsed to take the time to cook meat) meant I wasn't getting enough iron, and I could become anemic, and I should Do Something About It. And then eyed my pasta very skeptically, as if psychically sensing its anguish at not having meat or possibly robust iron-rich vegetables like spinach added to it. And SHE'S not even the flatmate who's studying to be a nutritionist.

I knew there was a reason I normally don't cook dinner 'til after 9pm, when the rest of my flatmates are unlikely to be in the kitchen.

Seriously, yo. I realize that things like this are probably the reason this girl is 40lbs lighter than I am, but still. I barely even know her. My food. My life. I don't tell her that she's scarily skinny and should eat more, do I?

Ah, fuck it. I'm going to eat some chocolate now. So neener.


Apr. 6th, 2005 11:28 pm
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My roommate this quarter is lovely, and I like her a lot. But. We operate on very, very different sleep schedules. As in, I get back from rehearsals and productions meetings and whatnot sometime between 10:30 and 11 pm, with a fair bit of homework to do before I go to bed, and she's already asleep. Which means I have to use my desk light, which isn't too great, so I'm squinting at my laptop screen and trying to do my readings in this painful half-light, and this week I've just been giving up on work and going to sleep without finishing everything because it makes my eyes hurt.

It's 11:30. I got home 45 minutes ago. She was asleep. I've been trying to work for 45 minutes, but I still have a crapload of Freud to read and a one-page response to write up, and I've given up on finishing my reading for another course.

Lovely girl. But damn, now I know I really can't live with someone who goes to bed early.
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...and, with 5 to 7 pages of Durkheim analysis due tomorrow, I get to listen to my roommate and her TV.

*blasts soothing music on headphones*

*refrains from committing roommaticide*
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So the roomie started shooting me those it's-1:30am-OMG-I'm-supposed-to-have-a-single-now looks. I guess that was my cue to stop making sim!Sirius chat up sim!Lily (what? he hasn't met sim!Remus yet and whenever sim!Lily and sim!James interact, all these red minus signs appear over their heads. Which I guess is canon, since they're still preteens. But I digress) and go to the boyfriend's room.

So where's the boyfriend?


*eats boyfriend's Wheat Thins*

But seriously, while I would go to the boyfriend's room every night anyway, since his single is about twice the size of my double, I'm really getting sick of feeling like an intruder in my own room. I AM paying housing to live there. I should be able to hang out there for as long as I like.

...OMG the people in the room next door are having loud sex again. *cringes*

*crunches Wheat Thins AS LOUDLY AS POSSIBLE*

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I want a single. No. I want my own APARTMENT. Where I can live all alone and read my porn and write papers in peace.

*turns up volume on headphones liek whoa*


Sep. 28th, 2004 03:56 pm
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I want to finish reading my zine and posting feedback, but my roommate is in our rather small room and I don't want to read it in front of her.
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My room is bloody freezing. This is because I opened two windows. That was because the room stank of whatever my roomie and her boyfriend were smoking last night. Either they've found a new, fouler brand of cloves, or they've moved onto some rancid form of cigars. This is neither normal cigarette smoke nor pot, and the smell is godawful. Fortunately, have rehearsal in 40 minutes, so can escape the stench/coldness. Ha.

I have HOW much reading due tomorrow? Fuckses. Tocqueville should not be assigned in 200-page segments. Bah.

Now to finish [ profile] kohaku1977's beta before I leave...
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I just told my roommate about slash. And that I write it. And what RPS is.

Her response? "Oh, my god, could you find me Billy Corgan porn?!"


So, hey, any of you popslashers out there, do YOU know where she could find some Billy Corgan slash?
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Had the mandatory First Awkward Conversation with my roommate-to-be. She seems nice enough, and she let me go all random on her (me: "This is a weird fruit. It looks like a peach, but it's too small and shiny." her: "..." me: "I'm wandering around my kitchen, by the way." her: "Oh. ...maybe it's a hybrid." me: "OOOH! HYBRID FRUIT! THAT'S THE COOLEST THING EVER!") without becoming too afraid. And we have sorta different tastes, but we both appreciate randomness and loathe math/science, so I'm sure it'll be good.

BUT she hasn't read LotR OR seen the movies. I'm gonna have to work on that.


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