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Sat down with the intention of continuing my overhaul of the Steve/Bucky fic, wound up spending four hours working on Yuletide instead. Which was unexpected, but certainly not a bad thing! It is about time to start thinking about that one, anyway. So now I have a solid outline, about 600 words written, and some...other stuff. I'm a little worried that I'm not gonna be delivering precisely what my recipient wanted, but at least I'm enjoying myself. (I offered to write any characters in the [very small] fandom; predictably, the request detail was slash between two characters I don't ship. So I'm sticking to heavy subtext and hoping that will satisfy. But mimicking the style of the canon is a LOT of fun.)

Meanwhile, time to start working on the December meme backlog.

[livejournal.com profile] azewewish asked: Talk to me about New York - your favorite neighborhoods, your favorite bodegas, your favorite little out of the way places and what makes it so special to you.

Oh, NYC, what is it about you? It's difficult for me to be objective about this place because it's my hometown. Despite the fact that I left for almost ten years with absolutely no intention of moving back, but we know how that story ended, so here I am again.

I grew up in Greenwich Village, and that will likely always be my favorite neighborhood. It's just a bit funky and weird, and the streets totally stop making sense (that's the part of lower Manhattan where the grid kind of throws up its hands in defeat), but it's all brownstones and narrow tree-lined streets that become cobblestoned as you get further west, and little indie shops and restaurants and gay bars, and it makes me really happy. If you like showtunes, check out Marie's Crisis, the very queer Broadway-themed piano bar where everybody sings along (and everyone knows all the damn words to La Vie Boheme and One Day More and Suddenly Seymour); it's more fun on weeknights, when it's less packed. I also have a fondness for Stonewall, partly because of the history and partly because it's one of the genuinely inclusive LGBTQ bars (as opposed to most NYC gay bars, which are like 95% gay men and bachelorette parties, and very few lesbians). And, yeah, whatever, I still love the cupcakes at the original Magnolia Bakery on Bleecker Street the best.

But I also think everyone should really explore the city, because it's so big and diverse and has something for everyone, if you look. So many tourists only ever see Times Square/Midtown/maybe the Statue of Liberty and then complain about how crowded and dirty and ugly the city is; yes, because THOSE ARE THE CROWDED AND DIRTY AND UGLY PARTS that all resident New Yorkers avoid like the plague. Do take a ride on the Staten Island Ferry; it's totally free and gives you great views of the harbor and Statue of Liberty; there's also a ferry to Governor's Island, which is a great picnic spot in the summer. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, it's very pedestrian friendly and there are fun neighborhoods on both ends; plus a great little park under the bridge on the Brooklyn side. Manhattan's Chinatown is okay, but there are way better Chinatowns out in Brooklyn (around Sunset Park/Bay Ridge; cheapest and most delicious dim sum) and Queens (Flushing, where there are ALL THE DUMPLINGS). Right now I live up in Washington Heights, near the George Washington Bridge; visit the little red lighthouse under the bridge, it's adorable, or wander around Fort Tryon Park and check out the Cloisters for gorgeous medieval art. Astoria, the most easily accessible neighborhood in Queens, is a great place to live and hang out if you're in your twenties or thirties -- tons of restaurants and bars. On the touristy end of the spectrum, yes, I genuinely love Central Park, especially the boat pond and Belvedere Castle and the Ramble; while you never quite forget you're in the middle of a city, you can definitely ignore it for a while. Also, the one tourist trap I will willingly shell out cash for is the Circle Line boat tour, which does a full circuit of Manhattan island and delves into some fascinating history.

My favorite little spot is the South Cove down in Battery Park, which is lit only by blue lanterns at night. I like sitting by the water there late at night when there's almost no one else around -- it's very pretty and peaceful.

I know NYC isn't for everyone -- it's very fast-paced and busy and yes, the cost of living is appalling -- but I thrive on that constant thrum of energy. I love that it's the city that never sleeps, that the subway runs 24/7, that there's always a bodega open somewhere nearby. I love that you don't need (and certainly don't WANT) a car to get around. I love that it's big and diverse enough that whoever you are, whatever you're looking for, you can find your niche here and thrive in it (if you're willing to put a little effort into looking). And it's home.
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My "weekend" was insane. And also not a weekend. Now that I'm back into the swing of theater again, Saturdays and Sundays are work days for me -- Monday/Tuesday is generally my weekend. So Saturday I had work for several hours longer than planned, then spent the evening frantically writing the final 4000 words or so of my Secret Mutant fic. But I did it! Huzzah! And then yesterday was our first rehearsal, so I was at the theater for about eight hours, followed by jumping in late to a Gay Geeks event only to find myself elected to the GGNY Board. (I mean, it's not like they sprung it on me or anything. I did make the conscious choice to run. It's just that there were a lot more people running than positions available, so the actually being elected part was not a given.) So! Now that's a thing that I'm doing with my free time even more than usual for the next year. I feel so official and stuff.

ANYWAY. I am now of course behind on the December meme, but I shall catch up one day at a time.

[personal profile] via_ostiense asks: favorite things about living in NYC

Well, for starters, it is my hometown. Most of you probably know the feeling. You just know a place really, really well, because it's where you grew up. It just happens that for me, that's NYC.

Okay, favorite things: the SUBWAY, no lie. I've lived in a number of different cities with varying degrees of public transportation, and for all that New Yorkers love to bitch about the MTA, this is still hands down the best public transit system I've yet to encounter. (I'm not saying there aren't better ones out there -- just haven't experienced them for myself yet.) Yes, I know the subway system is confusing for newcomers, but it's always made perfect sense to me, and part of what makes it complicated is that it is QUITE extensive -- you can get almost anywhere in the city on the subway. (Okay, my privilege is showing here -- I do know there are swathes of the outer boroughs that are not so accessible, although the bus system is even more extensive to make up for it.) And it runs 24 hours, 7 days a week. Living in DC frustrated me to no end because the stupid Metro shut down at midnight on weekdays, which, sorry, if you work in theater (or, y'know, the restaurant/bar industry, among others), THAT IS NOT A REASONABLE TIME TO NO LONGER HAVE PUBLIC TRANSIT. And owning a car is freaking expensive.

I also love this city's diversity. Every sort of person imaginable lives here, and more importantly, can form a community here. That's important to the healthy cultural life of a city, I think. I love the neighborhoods, how distinct each can be. I love how pedestrian-friendly most of the city is, that you can walk just about anywhere. I love that this is a city with a history -- as much as anyplace in America is, anyway (Londoners are probably laughing at me right now). I dunno, it's hard for me to just rattle things off, and I'm not saying NYC doesn't have its problems, but although I've lived in a number of other places -- some that I liked quite a lot -- this is the only one that's ever felt like home to me. I don't know if I'll stay here forever -- I always expected I'd eventually settle somewhere else -- but it's been good to be back, and the more I build up a community of my own here, the less likely I'll be willing to leave again.
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GUYS. Symphony Space in NYC is doing several film screenings of the National Theater production of Frankenstein later this year. You know, the one where the two rival modern Sherlocks alternate roles as Dr. Frankenstein and the Creature. I never had the chance to see it live (obviously, not being in London) or at any other screening of it, so I definitely need to see this with both versions of the cast. Jonny Lee Miller! Benedict Cumberbatch! Frankenstein! I'm likely gonna aim for both November showings. If anyone's interested in meeting up, let me know! Or just go for it on your own time. Consider this your friendly neighborhood PSA. :)


Mar. 4th, 2013 08:15 pm
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Operation moving: success! I am all moved in and 95% unpacked at the new place, and I am SO HAPPY to be here. Also, adorable puppy is adorable. (Did I mention my new roommate has a puppy? His name is Gadget. I'm kind of in love.) My bedroom is so very much bigger than the last one -- not that it's huge, but I can easily and comfortably fit all my bedroom furniture AND my desk, and I have room to spare to bring in a decently sized bookcase, once I find one. MY BOOKS. I HAVE MISSED THEM SO. THEY WILL RETURN TO ME SOONISH.

Parting gift from the roommate from hell: a long note reminding me to take all of my stuff and everything I had in the fridge/pantry, and CLEAN MY ROOM -- except then she actually hid all the cleaning implements. She must have tucked them away in her bedroom somewhere -- vacuum, broom, dustpan, etc, all missing. Like, I have to clean, but I have to bring all my own cleaning supplies to do it? FUCK THAT NOISE. The room was clean, anyway, but man, that really pissed me off. OH WELL, GONE NOW.

There was also like a major gala fundraising event at work this weekend, which went well, and I actually wore a dress to it. (I never wear dresses. Really never. And rarely much makeup.) After our last rehearsal with the kids, while they were waiting for their performance time (I work at a children's theater; our ensemble member are all kids aged 8-18), I ran to the bathroom to quickly change into the only dress I own and my ROCKIN' knee-high boots, and slap on a bunch of makeup, and when I came back into the room with the kids a group of the teenaged boys spontaneously broke out into applause. It was kind of hilarious. I love most of our kids a lot. (A few of them are absolute shits, of course, but mostly, they're pretty awesome.)

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So...I'm moving out in two weeks. \o/ \o/ \o/ Found a room in a lovely, chill, friendly apartment up in Washington Heights. The bedroom's significantly bigger than my current one, the apartment is eclectic in my sort of way, it's a little shabby and lived-in, but definitely clean without being sterile, thank fucking god. And one of the roommates has a completely adorable and hypoallergenic puppy! I've never lived with a dog before, so I was a bit wary when I saw the craigslist ad, but the puppy kinda won me over instantly. And he's not MY puppy, so it's not like I'm gonna have to walk him or anything, and I can always close my bedroom door.

It figured that when I'm on a tight deadline for moving, I can only find shit for weeks and wind up settling for the least-bad situation, but when I'm allowing myself as much time as I need and am only willing to move if I find the right place, I find it in a matter of days. Go figure. But seriously, the instant I walked into this place and met the roommates, it felt right. Which has happened to me before -- my apartment of almost 3 years in Arlington, I knew right away, and it was awesome; and the second round of roommate search at the end of my stay there, after seeing seven potential roommies who all seemed more or less okay, the eighth girl walked in and I knew immediately that she was the right one. Both of those gut feelings were totally accurate. Here's hoping the trend continues.

Now I just need to figure out how to tell the current roommate that this is my two weeks' notice. UGH I just don't want to have to deal with her at all. If she gets really pissy, I fully intend to pack a suitcase and live on my parents' couch again for the next two weeks, and just come back with a van for my stuff at the end of the month. Not that I honestly think it'll come to that, but I am prepared.
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After the overwhelming responses to my post about the roommate, it's finally become clear to me that this is kind of a toxic living situation, and I need to get out. So I'm officially apartment hunting again, UGH. Sent out a handful of craigslist inquiries today, am already seeing a place on Monday. On the plus side, I can afford to be patient and picky this time around -- I have no move-in deadline, and no pressure to sign on to anything unless I really think it'll be a good fit.

On the minus side, I FEEL LIKE SUCH AN ASSHOLE. Even though my roommate's impossible, I don't want to just leave her in the lurch, and I know she had been looking for a longer-term roommate when she chose me to move in. So moving out again after a grand total of five months (if any of these inquiries pan out) seems like such a dick move to pull. But I really can't stand feeling like an unwanted houseguest in what's supposed to be my own home.

Also, how the hell do I tell her I'm planning on leaving? I don't intend to tell her until I've found a new place; I will be sure to give her at least two weeks' notice, but that's still...not very much. On the other hand, I don't want to give her LOTS of notice and then still have to live with her added resentment for all that remaining time. But I hate confrontation with every fiber of my being, and I honestly don't know how to broach the subject with her. ("Hey, I'm moving out because you're completely batshit and I'm really uncomfortable living with you.") I also dread having to tell the landlord, who I DO genuinely like and think is a good person and a great landlord, but who's been friends with the roommate for years. UGH. Everything about this situation just sucks.

Anyway, if anyone knows anyone in NYC who's looking for a new roommate...


Dec. 11th, 2012 08:23 pm
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Shit, I totally lost track of fandoms there -- The Hobbit comes out this week! And...I have no particularly fannish friends in NYC to see it with yet. Which is weird, because this being my hometown, I actually do have sufficient friends here -- but while many of them are geeky, none of them are first-midnight-showing-of-The-Hobbit geeky, as far as I know. So, um. Any New Yorkers out there want to meet up for a midnight showing? Or some other time opening weekend, it's cool, I don't need to do the midnight thing for this one. I am very friendly and good for geeking out at midnight showings with -- fannish friends from DC and Chicago can attest to this. :D? :D?
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Yup, I guess it's official. I managed to avoid the place for nine years, but I'm moving back to NYC. WEIRD. But I've accepted a gig stage managing for a little theater in Brooklyn (Company! ♥ ♥ ♥), so now I guess it's a done deal. Except I still need a day job of some kind that actually pays the rent, and also, y'know, a place to live that is not my parents' couch. (Also, holy fucking shit car insurance is WAY more expensive in NY state than in Virginia. That was a bit of a low blow, universe.)

SO. Internets, once again I turn to you in supplication. Does anyone know anyone who's looking for a roommate in New York City? Girls, guys, genderqueer, makes no difference to me. Any borough is fine as long as it's in easy walking distance to the subway. Financial limitations of my profession means I need something under $850/mo, preferably more like $700/mo if humanly possible. I've responded to a number of craigslist ads and gotten ZERO response back from anyone, which is bizarre and annoying -- maybe that's a New York thing, because when I went through this process in DC, I always at least got a response (even if it was just a "sorry, room's no longer available" e-mail). But yes. I'm clean, responsible, and very easygoing to live with. And I always pay bills on time, rent and otherwise. Looking to move in by Oct 1, earlier is also good (I start rehearsals Sept 15, so I'll definitely be ready to move by then), later possible for the right place. Also, and this is a huge dealbreaker, I am allergic to cats, and judging by craigslist, like 85% of New Yorkers seem to own a cat. Alas. But, yeah. Anyone know anyone?


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