Jan. 27th, 2015 03:38 pm
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It totally snowed in NYC! Just not, y'know, anywhere near as much as it was supposed to. But I've been working from home all day, so I'm good. Except that I've run out of work to do, sort of? I mean, the phone has been quiet, as have the various e-mail inboxes I monitor, and my boss is still stuck at the home office in North Carolina, so he hasn't really been giving me anything to work on. I'm still not fully trained, but there's no one here to train me right now, y'know? So I'm just...holding down the fort and fretting because I'm sure there's something I SHOULD be doing, but I don't know what that something is.

Working from home is nice, though. Pajama pants all the way. And I'm much less stressed now than I was last week, mainly because all the stressful things have been taken off my plate entirely and given to people whose job they actually are. So that's good.

Um, also my Gay Geeks group, which puts on a live performance of the Buffy musical episode every summer, is branching out and doing Rocky Horror this spring. And I seem to have been cast as Janet? IDK, I was not expecting that. So...that's happening soon. Wacky fun.

I'm gonna give my Festivid one last good edit as soon as I "clock out" today, and then that'll be good to go. And then maybe I can tackle the Steve/Bucky fic of doom. Who knows! I'm sure as hell not leaving the apartment today. It may not have been much of a storm, but everything is slush, and I am not a fan.


Jan. 23rd, 2015 03:56 pm
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I'm currently in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, stage managing a solo show for one performance. Which means that basically I've been bumming around the beach and various bars/restaurants with my actor for the past 24 hours. Tech only took two and half hours yesterday, and the show itself tonight will only be an hour, so then we will go back out and continue drinking on the beach. This is exactly the sort of working vacation I desperately needed. I spent the day walking along the beach in the sun and 80F weather, guys. In NYC it's supposed to snow tonight.

Particularly needed this because there was a MAJOR disaster at New Job that hit last Friday, which meant that I was working from home for much of the weekend, and this past week was pretty stressful and hellish. I seriously considered just quitting somewhere around Tuesday night. This side trip has given me space to breathe, a chance to sleep, and some perspective, thankfully, so I shan't do anything rash (like quit the job I've only had for three weeks).

(The New Job disaster was a massive fuck-up on the part of a guy at the home office, and neither I nor my boss nor any of my immediate coworkers were in any way responsible for it, so it's not like I was in trouble in any way, shape, or form. It's just that the NY office has to clean up his fucking mess, and boy, is it a huge fucking mess. Like, of the he-has-definitely-been-fired variety. It's been a nightmare being on damage control, and that's going to continue over the next few weeks. But I do realize that this is an extraordinary situation, and not actually indicative of what working at New Job is normally like. Still. It's been dispiriting, to say the least, when I'm still so new in the position.)

Haven't had any brainspace left for fandom lately. Dunno if I'm gonna be able to muster the energy to continue my Sleepy Hollow recaps -- it's hard to drum up the enthusiasm anyway, given how shitty the show has become. I haven't even watched the latest episode yet. I do hope this brief Florida interlude will settle me enough that I can jump back into other fandoms when I get back to NYC tomorrow, at least.


Dec. 22nd, 2014 06:00 pm
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Got the job. \o/

Producing Associate, although the job itself is an interesting mishmosh of different things. But after all that stage management, I'm now assisting a producer instead. It's a different side of the industry for me, that's for sure. (Think of it as the people who raise the money to make a show happen, rather than the people who spend the money on the production end of things.) At the very least, it should be an interesting experience, and I got very excellent fun vibes from my boss and the office culture in general. And...regular office hours! Evenings and weekends (mostly) free! A fifteen-minute commute! (OH MY GOD you don't even know how awesomely short that is by NYC standards.) The downside of course being that I now have to wake up in the mornings again, which is...not my favorite thing ever, to put it mildly. Sigh. But actually being able to count on being free most weekends and evenings is amazing.

(Plus I could still technically pick up stage management gigs on the side, if I crave no free time ever. And let's be real, here, that's gonna happen.)

Mostly it just means that I'm no longer unemployed, thank fuck. The salary may be low, but it's still a good chunk more than I was getting from unemployment. And now all that job-hunting stress can go away.
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I am strangely unstressed about Yuletide, despite the fact that the deadline is in less than twenty hours and my fic is not yet complete. Maybe it's because I had a good writing session last night, and I know I don't have much further to go, and anyway the whole thing is gonna be very short (which for me means less than 3000 words). So...yeah, I'll finish that tonight. It'll probably go unbetaed, but for this particular fic, that doesn't bother me. (I've rarely had much luck with Yuletide betas, anyway.) Incidentally, though -- is there no IRC chat this year? Or has it just moved to a site I don't know about?

Had a good second interview for the "interesting" job today. It still pays too little, and the work would either be really interesting or really stressful, but I got a REALLY good vibe re: office culture, which is pretty important to me after the toxic nature of the kids theater. They're going to bring me into the office Monday to shadow the current person in the position and see if it feels like a good fit, which is kinda weird but also kind of awesome in terms of making a smart choice about the job. (I'm not sure if any other candidates are doing this as well, or if I'm their top choice.) So...that. I'm more optimistic than I was expecting, at least. And while the starting pay is low, it's still within my budget, and there's definitely opportunity for growth (and bonuses). Plus they're very flexible/reasonable about the possibility of me picking up stage management gigs on the side, which would not be the case with the other job I interviewed for (due to potential conflict of interest).

Plus I just got offered a show in April for a theater group I've worked with before and loved, and they actually pay okay, so if I can juggle the schedules, that would be nice.

In other news -- December posting meme!

[personal profile] ranalore asked: What makes for a good viddable song?

I am firmly of the opinion that ANY song is viddable...with the right vidder. So there are certain sorts of songs that I do well with, and some that I wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole. But that doesn't mean those songs wouldn't make awesome vids! Just that I'm not the right person to make them. BUT ANYWAY. I'm generally drawn to lyrics/lyricality first and foremost; I prefer songs that really tell a story, either through the lyrics or through the music. I don't like highly repetitive songs, which is why I very rarely vid pop songs, unless I can twist them into meta commentary -- i.e. Die Young taken literally for a Buffy vid. I love Vienna Teng and Tom McRae (maybe a little too much), because the lyrics are sharp and smart, the music is often surprising, and the choruses tend to shift musically with each repetition. But really, it's mainly that a song needs to click in my head as belonging to a certain fandom/character/idea. Often it's a single lyric that sells me -- for Human, which had been in the back of my head for a while as a potential sci-fi/fantasy vid, the lines "And so long to devotion / you taught me everything I know / wave goodbye, wish me well / you've gotta let me go" were SO OBVIOUSLY about the Raven/Charles relationship that I basically just hopped around impatiently until good DoFP source became available and I could vid it. More rarely, I have a strong idea for a vid and then basically shop around for a song that matches; for example, I knew I wanted to make a creepy Wishverse (Buffy) vid, but it took some searching before I latched onto the theme from Rosemary's Baby as the right music.

I have been making an effort to vary my music selection for vidding lately, because while I COULD easily vid every single Vienna Teng and Tom McRae song, that doesn't mean I SHOULD. But my personal musical tastes are fairly limited, in terms of what I actually listen to on a regular basis, so it's kind of an ongoing process finding new material to work with. I'm not really a music fan -- by which I mean, I LIKE music, obviously, but I'm not fannish about it, and I don't seek out new artists or care at all about bands or ever attend concerts. So maybe it's kind of weird that I get so obsessive about vidding. I dunno.
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After months of applying for job after job with no response whatsoever, I just had two separate phone interviews today. Yay? I mean, on one hand, OH THANK GOD people are actually considering hiring me. But these were both jobs I applied for out of desperation, rather than because I really wanted them, and they both pay...not very well. One sounds like a more interesting position/office environment, but pays even less and the schedule sounds like it could get super insane super quickly; the other at least offers great benefits and a stable work schedule, but the work itself is fairly dull. Look, I could make either of them work, but there is a part of me that wants to hold out for something I actually WANT to do. (Or that pays well enough -- and "well enough" for me is still a pretty low number -- to be worth not being quite what I'd like.) I've already been scheduled to interview with the big boss for the "interesting" one; the other will get back to me by the end of the week. If I make it to the next step, I'm actually inclined toward the "boring" one, on the basis that if I'm not doing what I want anyway, I'd rather be bored than super stressed all the time. I've been super stressed all the time; it's called stage management. That job's worth the stress. These are...not.

With my luck, of course, neither of them will make me an offer, and all this will be moot.

In the meantime, I have been totally failing to make any progress on Yuletide. I guess my brain needs that familiar strain of last minute panic to jolt into action. Actually, this is the sort of fic that I'd probably write better drunk. Maybe I should crack open some vodka tonight and have a go.

Oh, right, December meme!

[personal profile] misbegotten asks: Favorite Sleepy Hollow episode and why?

TOUGH QUESTION mostly because all the season 1 episodes have kind of blurred together into one long arc in my brain. Due to my recaps this season, alas, no such distance is possible, and they definitely are not my favorites. Although "Mama" was a very strong episode, and I loved the focus on the Mills sister and their mother, so that was good. But I didn't LOVE it the way I did some of the cracktastic S1 episodes. So...probably the S1 two-part finale, because it blew my mind in all kinds of awesome ways (and I didn't know yet how badly they'd drop the ball), and there was plenty of Jenny kicking ass and shippy Abbie/Ichabod goodness and Katrina very briefly seemed like she might get an interesting character arc. And I feel like that's where Zombie George Washington was namedropped, which will always own my heart (along with, of course, the S2 classic "Franklinstein's Monster"). So, yes, that.
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So...haven't been posting much RL stuff lately. Or at all. work stuff, or, unemployment, yay! )

In the interest of staying positive, though, I put together a Kaylee (from Firefly) costume for Halloween, which I was quite pleased with! Shiny, cap'n! )
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All right, I have succeeded in remastering all three of my Winter Soldier vids with higher quality footage. Huzzah! If anyone's interested --

The Hymn of Acxiom:
someone is gathering every crumb you drop, these (mindless decisions and) moments you long forgot. A Bucky vid.

How Far We've Come:
Waking up at the start of the end of the world: Steve, not sure what he's still fighting for.

We Will Dance:
If we can be without fear, without shame, then we can dance. A Natasha vid.

And so having spent my entire day re-vidding, of course now I'm neck deep into yet another Steve-centric vid instead of working on any of the three fic WIPs I'd planned to make progress on. Um. And my time of unemployment is apparently gonna be a lot shorter than I'd expected -- with my final show of the season having closed last week, I'd pretty much planned for August to be a dead month again. But a friend is going on sabbatical from her incredibly dull office job, and she set me up to meet with her boss yesterday, so apparently I'll be taking over said incredibly dull office job for about six weeks, starting two weeks from now. Which, y'know, yay income! But at the same time -- ugh, I do not want this job at all. At least it's only for six weeks. I can do anything for six weeks, and yeah, the income will of course be good. I'd just kind of looked forward to a bit more of a vacation after how stressful the last show was. Alas.


Jun. 29th, 2014 12:03 am
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Yeah, so apparently when I locked up the theater office earlier tonight, the latch didn't completely click in the door or something, because an hour later something nudged it open again and the motion-detector alarm went off.


It doesn't matter how many things I take care of without her even noticing, or how I've improved my game by like 150% in the past two weeks, because the one time a fucking door doesn't shut all the way, it's back to everything I do being wrong.
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So one of my temp agencies FINALLY landed me a temp job -- it only took them like two months -- and it should last for the rest of November, right up until I got back to the Kids' Theater. Data entry, boring, but pays, so whatever. But UGH I forgot how much I hate working normal office jobs. I hate the 9-5 schedule, I hate commuting during rush hour, I hate having to dress nicely for work (at least at Big Gay NPO, I could wear jeans) and wear shoes that hurt my feet, I hate corporate culture. I'm working actually on Wall Street for the next three weeks, guys. Bah. But, y'know, income, and at least my desk is right in front of a window. And it's only for three weeks. I can handle anything for three weeks.

This does mean my time for fannish activity has shrunk drastically, of course, which makes me side-eye all my holiday exchange assignments super hard. I'm prioritizing by deadline as much as possible. I'm not even gonna THINK about Festivids until around Christmas, seriously (although I do know what song/fandom I'm vidding already). I need to do some serious revision on the Sleepy Hollow fic and then tackle Secret Mutant, and pray that somewhere in the back of my brain a Yuletide idea will germinate somehow. Although all I really want to do is finish Queen's fucking Gambit already, christ.

In the meantime, I will continue plowing through this meme.

14. If you won the lottery...

Seriously, though, it depends what kind of jackpot we're talking about here. Ten thousand dollars? Maybe make a couple of nice personal purchases and stash the rest in savings. A million dollars or more? Hire someone who knows about investments, etc, and take care of it that way, find my own one-bedroom apartment in the Village or something, and set up regular donations to a few good non-profit arts organizations. I'm lucky enough not to have any debt that needs paying off, and my only close family are my parents, who are comfortable on their own, so really, it would just give me much more freedom in terms of my career. I'd never stop working in theater, but I could take gigs depending on my interest without having to factor in the money involved. Or try to transition back into directing? I dunno. I never play the lotto, though, so it's not something I've given much thought to.

all the prompts )
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Well, this weekend was pretty much a wash. I pretty much spent the entire weekend rewatching West Wing for no apparent reason. No writing, a bit of packing and organizing but not much. Oops. Still, I kind of needed that.

Friday was my last day of work at the Big Gay NPO; I'd been there almost three years. I won't miss it much. Some of the people, maybe, but not the job itself. Being done is a huge load of stress off my back, you don't even know. Granted, now I have moving!stress and oh-god-what-am-I-doing-with-my-life!stress, but still. Totally worth it.

I have less than a week before I leave D.C. Huh. I've pretty much said all my goodbyes to people here; I've been more social in the past couple of weeks than in, like, the six months before that. Figures. But now I've got nothing left but packing. UGH I HATE PACKING. I'm taking it slow, just doing a few things every day. But yeah. This week's practically a vacation for me. Hopefully I won't squander it all away watching more West Wing, but I make no promises.

I did just do a major rewrite on a section of my Reversebang -- I'd been stuck on it for weeks, because I couldn't decide whether to keep the section as is or overhaul it to favor action over character moments, and I couldn't move forward because my decision would significantly affect the next several scenes. But the pacing just sucked, so I bit the bullet and rewrote it, axing out a LOT of Charles/Erik stuff in favor of Erik being an impulsive asshole. Which makes more sense for his character and improves the pacing and keeps the stakes a lot higher, granted, and that was why the section wasn't working before, but still. It's always hard for me to make massive cuts like that. Oh, well, hopefully now I can move forward. There's still a LOT of this fic left to write.
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Still alive! Got sucked back into the vortex of tech for another week there, it's always a bit strange reemerging. Have been trying to respond to comment backlog, with only moderate success. Also catching up on Tumblr is terrifying, still.

This show has been both less difficult and more stressful than the last, which is weird and hard to explain, but we opened last night and I think it's come together well. So that's okay. Yesterday was my first day back at day job from my "vacation" in tech, and within two hours, I got into an actual shouting match with my boss. O_O This is...not normal for me, to say the least. It was both deeply frustrating and incredibly embarrassing, and I'm still really pissed. My boss is not a good manager, and another member of our team has gotten into it with him on multiple occasions, but normally I'm the sort of person to swallow back my anger and keep my head down -- I hate confrontation -- but this time, I just...snapped. Since then he's been alternating between making occasional passive-aggressive digs at me or just ignoring me outright, like the mature professional adult he is. UGH, sorry, I'm just so frustrated right now. But it's only for a few more weeks, as I've been constantly reminding myself.

Need to get back into some kind of fannish mindset, for both WIPs and Reversebang. But this show only runs for another week, and then I have only the day job for a month of counting down to getting the fuck out of here, so that should be good writing time. Hopefully. I wish I were the sort of writer who can just pick up a fic and write whenever I have a spare ten minutes, but unless the ideas are just burning out of me, I don't function like that. I need a solid chunk of time to destress and get into the right headspace, and then I can write for hours at a stretch without a break, but that's not a luxury I've had over the past few weeks. I miss it.
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I'm back on another show now (started last Tuesday), which means I pretty much dropped off the face of the internets for the past week. It's been fun readjusting to running eight performances a week all over again, and this show's a bit more labor intensive than the last few. Less stressful, because I've taken over as ASM and am only running backstage rather than the entire production, but there's a whole lot of crap to run backstage on this one. Two-hour show, ninety solid minutes of preshow prep and about half an hour of postshow, and I'm on my feet doing shit for all but maybe half an hour or so of all that, scattered in small bits and bobs throughout. Which is totally fine and doable -- it's not like I'm working a 12-hour shift waiting tables or anything actually taxing -- but it's taking a little adjusting to. My last couple of shows at this theater were much lower key during the performances themselves -- I got through all of A:tLA on last winter's show, and wrote bucketloads of XMFC fic during the summer show. For this one, not so much with the down time. And I didn't check DW/LJ/Tumblr at ALL over the weekend, so spent most of my downtime at the day job today catching up. Still, it means my internet/writing time will be greatly curtailed for the next few weeks while this show's running. Such is life. Also, I'm tired, man, I'd forgotten how brutal getting home at 11:30pm every night and getting right back up again at 6:30am for the day job with only Monday nights off can be. But it's a good show, lovely cast and production team, so I'm not sorry. It's more that I wish this were my ONLY job.

Not feeling very optimistic on the getting-out-of-DC front at the moment. I applied for about ten different summer theater gigs, and have only gotten one interview out of the whole batch. But pretty much the only thing that gets me to work in the mornings is telling myself that it's only for a few more months. If that turns out to be a lie...I don't know. My morale at my day job is absolute shit these days. I want out very, very badly. And I'd vastly prefer to leave FOR another job rather than just leave for no reason but my own unhappiness. It's an easy job, decent paycheck, great benefits, good organization. It's just that I've been there for two and a half years and I'm so bored I could weep and I'm just flat out sick of answering fucking phones all day every day with no end in sight. Urg. Being unhappy all the time is exhausting, y'all.

Way behind on responding to comments and things. Also, totally forgot to pimp out [community profile] white_lotus, which everyone who loves Avatar: the Last Airbender should really be checking out because the Lunar New Year exchange is awesome. I got a very sweet Katara/Zuko fic, Waiting to Spark, which people should read because yay! And it handles Mai and Aang very respectfully, albeit offscreen, which is important to me. I realize that I happen to ship a pairing that's at the epicenter of a very ugly shipwar in the fandom, which saddens me because I just love all the characters so much, okay, why can't we all just ship whoever we want without having to bash other people's favorite characters/ships in the process? I do not understand fandom in this way. ANYWAY. This fic doesn't do that. And it's very IC for both Katara and Zuko a few years down the line, and it makes me very happy. The end. :) Not sure how obvious my own contribution to the exchange is, so feel free to guess once everything's been posted. As always, I'll make you a thing.

And...yeah. So that's stuff. We apologize for the stultifying dullness of this post.
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One of the two elevators in our lobby doesn't particularly want to go anywhere today. It took maybe five minutes between someone alerting me to the problem, me contacting building services and checking it out on my own, and me printing out and posting an "out of order sign". In those five minutes, I have already hear my name hollered across the lobby more times than I ever need to.

It's actually kind of funny how many of my coworkers seem to think I can fix the elevator myself. Clearly I am too competent at my job.
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At work, we (being the Operations team) had to break down a huge corporate event thing.

Coworker J: Where's the easy button?
Coworker S: Shit, I left it on my desk.

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I bitch about this job a lot, but every now and then, something does go right. I just had a guy on the line who was pleasant, friendly, and chatty, with a very simple problem that I could easily solve (he needed help finding something on the company website), and once I'd helped him find the info he was looking for, he told me a was a credit to my job and I should go out and get a nice cold beer. There should be more callers like him, he totally made my afternoon.
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Well, looks like the temp agency has finally pulled through, because I've got another job to start shortly. They will never understand that I want to work part-time, not full-time, but it bothers me less this time around. Having three-hour instead of four-hour rehearsals and waaaay less transit time to get to the theater helps in that regard. It's a temp-to-perm position, which I'm less thrilled with as I have NO intention of taking a job like this as a permanent hire, but at least it's more likely to give me steady employment until a theater admin job turns up, and lord only knows how long that'll take. We'll see how miserable it is when I get there. If the people I work for are cool, it might not be so bad, but I don't have particularly high hopes. Still, paycheck. And the theoretical possibility of complete financial independence from my parents someday.
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So, that was quick, and I'm starting a temp position tomorrow morning. O_O The job sounds like bitchwork from hell, to a higher degree than even my old data entry job at the Center, but who the fuck cares, it's a paycheck. And if the people I'm working with are decent, then it won't kill me. Only thing that really worries me is that they demand 8 hours a day, not including lunch. So I suppose that means that if I take a lunch break, I'll have to work late to make up the time. Which is going to be very uncool come mid-November when I've got to get out of there at 5pm on the nose in order to get on the train and up to Evanston for rehearsals. But we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Paycheck. Just need to keep telling myself that. Paycheck. Also, temp job, which means that although this one in particular has no set end date, it's only temporary. Not like I'm chained to this company for the rest of my life. And if a theater job comes up, I can leave.
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Well, I've got an interview tomorrow, which is a good thing, although it's for a temp agency, so not exactly my dream job. But ANY job is looking fairly dreamy to me right now. Annoyingly, it's a "professional" interview, which means my usual theater interview clothing is mostly too informal. I hear bright colors are a no-no; is this true? Because there goes my favorite purple blouse. And apparently, I've lost weight since June, because the Brand New Wardrobe my parents bought for me as a graduation gift includes several long-sleeved blouses that are now too big for me. Well, they were always too LONG for me, but the overweight thing made that a necessary evil in order to make buttoning possible; now they're just all-around too large. So...not so good for an interview, I'm guessing. Do people wear vests these days? I might be able to pull this off if I buy a nice vest-type thing to wear over the too-large shirts. Or a blazer, except I look moronic in blazers. I hate clothes, have I mentioned? And don't even get me started on my utter loathing of most shoes.

Either way, what I definitely need to purchase is an ironing board and an iron, because I've been putting it off far too long. And since I possess no printer and now no roommate with a printer, I need to head over to Kinko's to print out two copies of my resume. And other such nonsense. Oy.


Sep. 29th, 2007 12:12 am
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Well, house managing today was hellish. Equipment problems with no known cause, utter bitchiness on the part of the rental group (who completely reamed out the new HM -- on his first day of training! -- for equipment problems he had no part in and made lots of threats about not paying for the space due to said problems), on the phone with our tech director for a long time trying to resolve said problems, long fucking night, didn't get out of there until 11:30pm. That's probably the single worst night I've ever had working at this theater.

Ah, well.

Still looking for a beta on the House fic. C'mon, it's all of 1800 words long, and silly. I just want to make sure there's nothing glaringly wrong with it before posting.

and life.

Sep. 6th, 2007 07:31 pm
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I made interview today. Yet again, one of those lovely commute for two hours, have twenty minute interview, and back for another two hours. Urg. But I really want the job, and the commute wouldn't be as heinous from my new apartment. They said I'm eminently qualified for the position and I interviewed very well, but, of course, there are four other people up for the one position so there are many considerations, etc, I'll know sometime next week. So, basically, it's a lottery. Well, we'll see.

And apparently the girl who's moving into my old room is coming by around 9:30am tomorrow, instead of at around noon like she originally told me, which is going to be inconvenient as my friend helping me move the rest of my stuff won't be here to pick me up until 12:30ish. So, that. On the plus side, I'll have to get up, which means I'll have time to travel through this neighborhood of great sketchiness to the post office where my BSG DVDs are have supposedly gotten stuck.

Also, there was Remus fic posted a couple of days ago. Y'know, just in case you missed it. ;) I am such a feedback whore, it's really kind of embarrassing.


Aug. 14th, 2007 03:59 pm
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Today needs to end, please. Woke up early, dressed up, sat on public transit for two hours and then sat in the hot sun and grossness for another thirty minutes until I have to accept that I've been stood up for my interview, then two more hours in transit to get to work, where I check my e-mail to find that I didn't get the internship I wanted so badly.

Plz to be not fucking with me anymore today, world. I'm tired.


May. 12th, 2007 02:57 pm
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Oh, the joys of waking up early on a Saturday morning to get all dolled up and sit on public transit for an hour and a half (so that's three solid hours round trip) for a twenty minute interview.

Which I was kind of confused by, actually, because the woman just sort of talked at me for a while, then asked if I had any questions, and then when I asked her if she had any questions for me (I mean, she's supposed to be deciding if she wants me for this position, and I've said practically nothing about myself the whole time), she just sort of glanced back down at my resume and cover letter and was all no, I think we're good. And said I should keep in touch with her by e-mail over the summer about my job situation and what hours I could theoretically work.

Did I just get offered this internship? I haven't the faintest idea. And I had applied for either a fall or full season internship -- which am I being offered, if either? Or did the whole keep-in-touch thing imply that she'll let me know later in the summer about whether or not she wants me? I am so confused right now.

And then while I was walking back to the El afterwards, this random guy on the street cheerfully informed me that if he'd known all the women in Chicago were so hot, he would've moved here ages ago, and that I had a beautiful smile and great complexion and "baby got back," and "you've really got it going."

I thanked him and kept walking.


Apr. 17th, 2007 05:27 pm
kaydeefalls: jen at the bridge, windswept (falling is like this)
I would like to have a life after graduation. A job, for example, would be nice. I would also like to be able to enjoy my last few weeks of college, without the impending doom of what-the-fuck-am-I-doing-after-graduation hanging over my head all the time.

I mean, I have faith in my ability to find A job, even if it's a crappy one at first. And I am enjoying my last quarter at the UofC -- although I'm contradictorily annoyed that I'm suddenly developing the ability to make new friends, because couldn't this have happened while I had more than one quarter left here? I'm just...tired all the time, like I was over the winter, except that then I had a good reason for it (waaaay too busy, what with directing the show and all), and now...I AM getting enough sleep, for a change. It's just being stressed about my future all the time that wears me down. And that's frustrating, because I don't know what to do about it.

Ah, well, that's enough emo for now.

oh, jobs.

Mar. 28th, 2007 10:07 pm
kaydeefalls: blank with text: "white. a blank page or canvas. so many possibilities..." (poor moritz)
Gah. I am such a terminal procrastinator. I simply cannot muster the willpower to write this cover letter. They're asking for something so obnoxiously specific that I really can't just adapt my standard letter of interest, and the thought of starting from scratch just...ugh.

I mean, I know I have to, and I will, but I really think I ought to read more of my favorite House and QAF fics again first. And eat cookies. The cookies are crucial. Obviously.

Also, the prescription uber-ibuprofin that I got back when I had strep and have lived on my desk ever since (because the next time I get a migraine, being able to find these bastards in a hurry will totally rock my world, hot damn they were pain-relieving) look like House's Vicodin, which means that when I'm in a snarky mood (which is, y'know, fairly often) I really want to carry them around with me and rattle the little prescription bottle lots and possibly toss a couple back whenever I see someone really annoying. Which is kinda silly, since I don't even take Tylenol all that often, but still.

Wow. I can ramble on about just about anything if it means avoiding thinking about this cover letter.


Mar. 23rd, 2007 11:57 pm
kaydeefalls: blank with text: "white. a blank page or canvas. so many possibilities..." (poor moritz)
Applying for jobs is much of the suck. The fact that I'm graduating in a few months doesn't scare me, but the thought of not having anything lined up for myself is fucking terrifying. Urg. At least I made it to the final interview stage for Teach For America, and it looks like I'll even have a letter of rec to give them. I need to not fuck this up, because oddly enough, I actually think I have a better chance getting that than any of the positions in my actual field of study that I'm applying for. Because TFA may be selective, but they don't have a limit on the number of applicants they'll take: they take as many people as they think are qualified. Whereas it doesn't matter how overqualified I am for a certain theater internship, 'cause if one other person is more charming in an interview, I'm not getting it. And while I try to be friendly and personable, I know I'm not the most charismatic of people, and in an industry like theater, that can really hurt me.

Also, I need to hang out with people. I thought I'd be seeing a couple of different friends over the weekend, but no plans have been formalized, so I think I'm out of luck there. And I unintentionally blew off another friend earlier today, because I was too busy stressing out to force myself out of my own apartment. Which is currently empty, except for the roommate I seem to be fighting with, although I do kinda wish he'd quit the month-long silent treatment he's been giving me for long enough to TELL me what on earth I did to him. Ugh. Just ugh.


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