Dec. 26th, 2013

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Happy holidays to all, whatever you may celebrate! Although it's weird how freaking early Chanukah was this year. Anyway, I managed to complete my Yuletide fic by the skin of my teeth, so that happened, and now I've bounced straight into Festivids crunch time. some vidding blather and frustration )

So, back to Yuletide! I got two gifts -- At Day's End, a Provost's Dog fic about Beka post-series, which is very sweet and lovely, and a little treatlet, The Roommate, a little Elementary Joan/Bell + Sherlock ficlet that made me very, very happy, and also I wish there were more of it.

I only wrote one fic, but despite the last-minute rush job, I'm rather pleased with how it turned out, and it was a fandom I'd been yearning to write in for YEARS, so that was fun to revisit. There are more than 2500 works in the main collection this year, so of course I doubt anyone will figure this out, but if by some fluke you manage to guess which fic I wrote, I will totally write or vid you ANYTHING YOU WANT. Clues: 1. It is a TV fandom, that I have 2. definitely talked about on this journal before, though not recently, and have introduced at least one or two of you to personally, and 3. is a slash fic for one of my favorite ever OTPs.

And rounding out the holiday season, of course, we had the Doctor Who Christmas Special. I had...mixed feelings. spoilers, sweetie )


kaydeefalls: blank with text: "white. a blank page or canvas. so many possibilities..." (Default)

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