Dec. 30th, 2014

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I've been...absurdly social over the past week, and it's draining the hell out of me. I really badly need a day of down time that's just for me. Which...maybe I will get on Friday, sort of, which is the best I can hope for. I mean, social is good! I like having friends and doing stuff! I've just very much Hit My Limit, and then tomorrow is of course New Year's Eve, and then high school friends tend to gather on the 1st, so I have at least two more days of this stuff. It doesn't help that I've had a very irritating cold since Christmas, which drains what little remains of my energy, and I'm starting to stress out about starting the new job next week. (They've sent me a TON of orientation docs/videos, which is awesome and helpful, but also...stressful.) I haven't gotten any writing or vidding done all week, which frustrates me to no end. I've never been this slow getting my Festivid together, and I had really really really REALLY wanted to finish the goddamn fucking Steve/Bucky fic before 2015. DAMMIT. (I mean, I had really wanted to finish it by, like, October. But that clearly didn't happen.) I'm gonna delay doing my usual end-of-year fannish meme until the fucker is done and posted, because without it, my fic productivity for the year is SHIT. That's 30k words that damn well counts toward my 2014 total. And I don't have much more to write. It just got interrupted by Secret Mutant and Yuletide. FEH.

I did finish a draft of not-my-Festivid last week, which will hopefully be ready to post this weekend, so that's...something.

And obviously I'm bumping the remainder of the December meme over to January, but I'm hardly the only one behind on those. :)

Right. I will write a scene tonight. I WILL write a scene tonight. For fuck's sake.


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