Feb. 2nd, 2015


Feb. 2nd, 2015 08:24 pm
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Festivids is live! Which is awesome, because vids! Lots of them! In rare fandoms! I got a super hilarious The Emperor's New Groove vid, Rama Llama Llama, which fills me with glee.

I particularly love Festivids and Yuletide because I generally forget what I've requested by the time they go live, so I am always, always surprised by the gifts I receive. :D

And as per, if you manage to correctly guess which vid is mine, I will totally make you a thing. I only made one vid this year, and for once in my goddamn life, the music is neither Vienna Teng nor Tom McRae. So. Good luck figuring me out. (My recipient hasn't commented yet, which makes me anxious, but they're probably just busy right now. Or something. Or they HATE IT. >_<)

In RL news, apparently the side effect of working a 9-5 job is that I'm just fucking tired all the time. It's not that work is exhausting -- I've had far worse -- but I'm just NOT a morning person, and I never will be. It doesn't matter how many hours of sleep I get; if I have to wake up before 10am, I will be sleepy and out of it all day, and last week I was pretty much crashing into bed by 8pm every evening. Not to go right to sleep, mind -- mostly just reading in bed for a couple of hours first -- but I'm too tired to be able to focus on anything else. And that's really stupid and also annoying, because there's absolutely no reason I can't get a few good hours of writing/vidding in after work except that I'm just SLEEPY ALL THE GODDAMN TIME.

Seriously, I'm getting about 8 hrs of sleep every night, which is totally normal and healthy for me. So why am I always tired? Grump grump grump.


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