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I am just copying and pasting my Yuletide letter from last year. Let's be real, my tastes are fairly consistent.


Basically, you are awesome. Because there is nothing about the fandoms requested that I don't love. More importantly, there are no characters in any of these fandoms that I don't love with an all-consuming passion, because seriously, THEY ARE ALL AMAZING AND BRILLIANT AND SPARKLY. I don't care, I love them all.

So here are some quick and dirty things that I like and don't like in fics in general:

LIKES: witty banter, wacky hijinks, random shenanigans, everyone being a BAMF in their own particular way, long plotty fics, quick incisive character studies, romance, friendship, TEAMS, ensemble casts, happy (or realistic but generally hopeful) endings, boys being boys, girls kicking butt and taking names, first time fic of any rating.

DISLIKES: torture porn, excessive angst, excessive schmoop, mpreg, hardcore kink, kid!fic, character bashing of any kind, humiliation, death!fic.

But really, my dear author, I'm pretty easy. As long as you avoid the "dislikes" list, write whatever suits you and the fandom and the story you want to tell, and I will LOVE it. Sure, I'm a fan of happy-ish endings, but if you want to break my heart instead? Go right ahead and shatter it into a million pieces, it's all good. The "likes" list are by no means mandatory in any way, write what you want, I have complete faith in you.

I have nothing fandom-specific or request-specific to add that wasn't on my sign-up forms, but for posterity, my Yuletide requests are below:

Band of Brothers
Richard Winters, Lewis Nixon
Yeah, I ship it. (The characters in the miniseries, not the real dudes.) Prefer at least moderately optimistic ending, despite the setting, but really, anything with these two would be fantastic. During or post-war both good, and gen is totally fine if you're not feeling the romance. What-if AUs are also cool, though I'd prefer no total AUs for this one (i.e. coffeeshop AU, high school AU, what have you) -- the in-universe setting is what makes these characters so fascinating to me. (Also, feel free to include as many of the other guys as you want -- I love everybody in this bar.)

Code Name Verity - Elizabeth Wein
Maddie Brodatt, Julie Beaufort-Stuart, Jamie Beaufort-Stuart
I ship Maddie/Julie and Maddie/Jamie equally and will accept any fic with either or both pairings, or gen about all three of them being awesome. Given the canon, I accept that you may choose to break my heart with this fic, but if you do, please give me some kernel of hope to hold on to at the end. I genuinely adore all three of these characters.

Red Doors (2005)
Julie Wong, Mia Scarlett
ADORABLE, REALISTIC WOC LESBIANS. Go forth and celebrate the awesomeness. Also feel free to include any of the other characters from the film -- Julie's relationships with her sisters and parents are super important.

Life (TV)
Charlie Crews, Dani Reese
Years later, I still ship it like FedEx. This show never had a chance to finish their story properly. What happened after the finale?

Valor series - Tanya Huff
I will accept anything and everything involving this series. Ship whoever you want, don't ship anyone at all, give me the wacky team hijinks I yearn for tragically. Honestly, I didn't want to select any characters because I wanted to maximize matching potential. I will accept fic about ANYONE. I just want more in this universe. Bonus points if we actually meet a H'san.

The Sting (1973)
Henry Gondorff, Johnny Hooker
Another heist! Or anything post-movie. Slash preferred, but I'm also rather fond of Billie, so if you want to include her, that's cool too.
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