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Hello! Look, there is a journal here. It contains much random blather, most of which is not friendslocked. I have no particular friending policy. Lurk, comment, whatever. It's all good. :D

It's possible you're just stopping by for the fanfic and vids. In which case, might I direct you to a masterlist? Also: I give blanket permission to podfic, remix, translate, or otherwise do anything creative based upon any of my works. Just please drop me a note letting me know so that I can point and squee. what you see is what you get )

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Level Up
edited by kaydee falls
fandom: Sleepy Hollow
characters: Abbie (+Ichabod, Jenny, Katrina, Corbin)
music: "Level Up", by Vienna Teng
summary: You have been waiting long enough. An Abbie vid.
download: Mediafire (.mov, 56 MB)
disclaimer: not mine, no profit, don't sue.
warnings: violence, horror, a couple of rapid cuts.
notes: Created as part of the Aims Vid Album, a collaborative vidding project based around Vienna Teng's new album, with thanks to [personal profile] silly_cleo for organizing!

Level Up - Sleepy Hollow fanvid from kaydee falls on Vimeo.

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