Apr. 18th, 2013 01:35 am
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Completely random: I am trying to find a Jolly Roger T-shirt by Friday morning. Your standard skull&crossbones, yarrr me mateys sort of design, no text, just the damn pirate flag on a stupid T-shirt. I found one I really liked online and ordered it two weeks ago...and near as I can tell, it hasn't even shipped yet. So now I'm almost out of time. I live in New York City, you'd think I could find a fucking T-shirt, but no luck yet. Does anyone know where I might look in NYC to find this? Like tomorrow morning? I'm gonna hit up the T-shirt shops around St Marks Place and pray.

Seriously, I bought the damn thing online two weeks in advance, I thought I was good. I mean, maybe it'll turn up tomorrow, but though I received order confirmation promptly, I haven't even gotten anything like "it shipped and here's your tracking number". Fucking hell.

(It's...totally not for anything important, really, except I've got a show opening on Friday night that involves a pirate and I'm making a tradition out of wearing something to our opening night parties that pays homage to the show, and I really really really want to show up in a Jolly Roger T-shirt, okay? I work at a kids' theater, they'll get a kick out of it, I'm trying to be the cool stage manager here.)
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First things first: my new!roommate made me and our other!roommate Easter baskets filled with chocolatey goodness. Reason #178649 why new!roommate is a bajillion times better than the psychotic ex!roommate.

Anyway. I need technological assistance on a prank. My parents have installed this TV in their living room that spends much of its time cunningly disguised as a granite countertop, until you click the remote and it slowly and majestically emerges. My parents are VERY proud of their stealth!TV. It's a crucial part of the apartment tour for new guests. And I badly need to somehow rig it up so that the Imperial March plays as the TV rises. Seriously, I spent a good chunk of time (okay, like five minutes) today examining the mechanism and the construction of the thing, and I definitely am willing to sacrifice my computer speakers for this purpose. But I don't know WHAT to play the music itself on (to connect to the speakers), and, crucially, HOW to rig it to play only when the TV does its emerging thing.

Right now, I can think of two possibilities -- either I Rube Goldberg the shit out of it so that the physical motion of the TV trips a switch somehow, or I do...something to figure out the radio frequency of the remote that controls the TV rise/fall and have that somehow trigger the audio. But I don't actually know how to DO either of those things. Are there any technology geeks out there who can advise me on this crucially important matter?

I don't think you understand how determined I am to make this happen. It would be the most glorious prank EVER. My parents would lose their shit. But HOW?

vidding &c

Jan. 22nd, 2013 01:45 pm
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Today is my full day off this week, thank god. I opened a show over the weekend, which is great because it means TECH IS OVER, THANK CHRIST. I celebrated after the shows yesterday by taking myself out to the movies. Saw Zero Dark Thirty, which was quite good and very tense. Although I become completely distracted by the unexpected Captain Jack Harkness cameo, which made me giggle inappropriately. Seriously, that first scene with the CIA director, I kept thinking, man, that extra looks an awful lot like John Barrowman, but he was one of a group of faceless Suits around a conference table, and the camera never actually panned in on him, so I thought I must've been imagining it. Then, like half an hour later, there's another scene with the CIA director, and this time he actually had a couple of lines, and I nearly jumped up in my seat shouting I knew I recognized that jawline! GOOD TIMES. I was not expecting Barrowman in that movie!

I do have a lot of fandom stuff I need to be doing this week. Which is good! I like fandom stuff. Though I'm working on a vid that's giving me a huge headache right now for reasons completely unrelated to the vid itself -- the only source I could find for it is in a format that takes my laptop freaking forever to convert into something usable, so not only do I need to clip it all, every individual clip takes a good 2-10min to convert before I can load it into my vidding program. Which, ugh, I have really outgrown iMovie at this point. But while I HAVE Final Cut Express, I got a new laptop last summer and then, y'know, moved four times in five months, and I cannot fucking find the original CD-ROM with the necessary registration info, so I have this great vidding program installed that I can't fucking access. I'm like 95% sure the stuff I need is in one of the six boxes of books-and-assorted-miscellany that I didn't have room for in my current apartment, so are in storage upstage at my parents' house, but as they go upstate only on weekends and I WORK on weekends, I haven't been able to get up there to sort through the six boxes of books-and-assorted-miscellany to find the damn CD-ROM. And I'm still only beginning to learn how to USE Final Cut, so it's not like that will solve all my problems, but it is frustrating to have a program that I can't even open to play with.

Which is unrelated to the fact that every fucking clip I make takes, on average, five minutes to convert. Do you know how many clips I assemble in the process of making a vid? If I'm clipping a 2-hour movie, and I know specifically what I'm looking for, that's maybe 100 clips. If it's a TV show, and I know the general outline of the vid I'm making but don't know the show well enough to storyboard it blind...christ. For, say, One Mississippi, I had the benefit of knowing Doctor Who pretty much backwards and forwards (partly from having vidded it so many times already), so I could seek out the sort of clips I needed with a high degree of precision, and know that, oh, for this lyric I need this particular moment from episode X, so I'd take a few different clips from that scene and edit it out in iMovie. The folder I created for that vid holds 121 .mov files, for roughly a four-minute vid. Let's say that the vid I'm currently making only winds up needing 200 clips itself -- which is probably about right, since I'm much less familiar with the source (I've only watched it through once before) and don't have quite a strong concept in mind for the vid as a whole. Setting aside the time it takes me to rewatch everything and find the clips themselves, this added conversion time -- let's call it an even five minutes per clip, though it varies depending on the lengths of the clips themselves -- means that that's close to seventeen hours of time wasted JUST CONVERTING .MOV FILES. This is incredibly frustrating to me, because I can't actually do the vidding itself until the clips are converted and then uploaded into iMovie. And I can't continue clipping while one file is still converted, so I'm basically caught in the holding pattern from hell.

At least I can work on a fic beta while videos convert in the background. That's something.
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After spending an hour and a half futzing around, I have come to the conclusion that I am completely stupid when it comes to Tumblr. Everything about what that site is and how it functions is completely counterintuitive to the way my brain processes information. UGH. I like the pretty pictures! I just can't figure out how to do anything with the site except follow people. Which is cool. I've had an empty tumblr for months now for the sole purpose of following other people. And I honestly have no idea what I would post there myself, but I feel like I'm missing some crucial element of fandom interaction, and it saddens me. Anyway, I'm kaydeefalls on tumblr. There is nothing there. Possibly I will start clicking the reblog button when I see pretty pictures I particularly like, and pretend I'm somehow contributing to fandom. :/ (I can't even make my own pretty pictures anymore. My father insisted I install Lion on my laptop, which then rendered invalid my entire Adobe Creative Suite, and I can't afford to drop $700 on Photoshop right now. I am SO ANGRY about this, guys, you don't even know. I used Photoshop way more than I give even the smallest shit about any of the features in the OS upgrade.)

I'm also just deeply frustrated with life in general right now, so this may just be an offshoot of that. And it's been one of those mornings where the phone is ringing off the hook and people keep trying to make awkward small talk with me and I just want to be left alone for five fucking minutes. Um. Sorry about that.

ANYWAY. 2011 Year in Review Meme! Which I typed up like two weeks ago and then never posted. Whatever, I'm slow with these things. And mainly I had to wait for the [ profile] secret_mutant reveals, because those totally add to my 2011 word count total.

2011 by the numbers )

fanworks )

year in review meme )

WIP snippets for 2012 )


Nov. 18th, 2011 03:59 pm
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So my parents were in town last night, and they stayed at my place. This morning, after I'd left for work, my mother used my laptop to google my office location so that they could meet me for lunch. I had 20+ different tabs open, mostly fics I'd seen linked someplace and wanted to read but hadn't had time for yet, accumulated over several weeks(/months?). My mother knows about my fanfic habits, I really don't care what she sees open. She did the google search, then wanted to get back to whatever I'd had open to start with so as not to have interrupted anything. To find the tab I'd had open? She systematically went through and closed every. single. tab. Then couldn't figure out which page I'd been looking at anyway, so she closed Firefox entirely. And Safari, which had a set of work-related tabs open. And Word, with my performance report.

Every single fic I'd had open waiting for me? Gone. No idea where I'd found them in the first place. The one I was reading this morning I'd opened recently enough to show up in my recent history, but none of the others. Or the rec lists I was slowly working through and therefore had open tabs for. I only bookmark things I know I'm going to go back to multiple times; for short-term "oh I'll get to this later" fics, I just, y'know. Save a tab.


yikes, LJ

Jul. 27th, 2011 11:25 am
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Well, there's our explanation. I still wish LJ had been more communicative, but I can understand there might be legal reasons why they couldn't disclose that previously. And urg, that blows. I don't get why people would do shit like DDoS attacks -- seriously, what are they trying to achieve? Just pissing people off because they can and it's fun? (I also have never understood trolling for precisely this reason -- who the hell takes enjoyment out of causing other people pain/aggravation? How is that fun?)

So thanks, anonymous assholes. I just want my fandom hangout back please. (Yes, there's Dreamwidth and AO3, which are both awesome, but the bulk of my fannish activities are still on LJ.)
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You know, as irritating as the ongoing LJ technical kablooie is, it would bother me a lot less if somewhere -- ANYWHERE -- the LJ team would post a quick explanation of what's going on and when we might expect it to be fixed. Like on the LJ news or announcements comm, for example. Or at, which is incredibly vague and hasn't been updated in nearly 24 hours. Look, I get that sometimes things just go kablooie, and they aren't quickly or easily repaired. I don't even need a definitive ETA. But some kind of regular update saying look, this is the situation, we're not sure how long it will take, we've restored features XYZ but ABCDEF are unavailable until further notice -- I'm just saying, it would be appreciated. A page that I can refresh that will actually tell me when things are functional again. Which, hey, the status page might, but with the whole hasn't-been-updated-in-nearly-24-hours thing, I really have no reason to trust it right now. UGH.

In other technical difficulties, yesterday was my one evening off. (I work two jobs. I don't get full days off. On Mondays I only work a 6-hour day -- that's my "day off".) So I decided to treat myself to a movie, since I still haven't seen the last Harry Potter, or Captain America. I got off work, I headed out to the mall a mile-ish away from my apartment, checked the showtimes, killed time for about an hour before the movie -- and then learned that the A/C in the movie theater was broken. My fondness for Harry Potter is not such that I'm willing to sit in a muggy 95F theater for 2+ hours, sorry, NO. And that was my last "day off" for two weeks. ARGH.

So I went home and wrote 3k more words of the kinkmeme fill that I can't post because LJ is kablooie. And of course, this was the scene I have been looking forward to the whole time -- like, this was the first image that came into my head, around which the entire 35k-words-and-still-going-strong fic is based. And I can't fucking post it. In the scheme of life, the universe, and everything, this is a terribly petty thing to get hung up on, I know, but still. FRUSTRATED.
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Well, it's 2011. Guys, I still have to pause to remember it's not 2009, this is going to be hard for me. ANYWAY. Spent the New Year hanging out with [ profile] tricksterquinn and drinking champagne and forcing her to watch some A:tLA and making her listen to me blather for freaking hours about a fic I'm failing to write, so that was a pretty nifty way to start off a year. :D

Less nifty was waking up today and looking at the clock and discovering that it was 12:30 -- which, for the record, is the latest possible time I'm supposed to be at the theater where I work. This was not a good moment for me. I somehow showered, dressed, and made it to the theater in half an hour flat, which is pretty fucking impressive given that I live a 20-30 min drive away. The adrenaline is only now beginning to ebb. iPHONE USERS: there is a fucking glitch in your phone caused by the new year somehow, in which any of your existing alarms WILL NOT WORK. You need to delete your alarms and reset them anew. Don't just change the time, delete the damn thing and start over. Or your alarm will not go off and you will be late for work tomorrow morning. AREN'T YOU GLAD I HAVE TO WORK ON SUNDAYS AND CAN DISCOVER THIS FOR YOU.

This PSA brought to you by WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK.

And in other news, YULETIDE! I was responsible for one fic only:

So We'll Go No More A-Roving
Fandom: Arcadia - Tom Stoppard (this is my favorite play in the history of everything, seriously)
Characters: Hannah, Thomasina, Gus, Valentine, Chloe, Septimus
Written for [ profile] offsammich
If a line may become transmuted into a square, and then further metamorphose into a cube, surely a fourth dimension might yet be extrapolated, if one could only find the correct perspective from which to sketch it.

I know there was a lot of bitching leading up to Yuletide about how hard this fic was to write, but it all did come together awesomely at the last minute and I was lucky enough to find an incredibly amazing beta, lionpyh, who whacked it into shape. And damn, I love these characters and this play, and like Hannah, it was all just a matter of finding the right angle to make it all come together in my head. So, yay!

Also, I received two fun-tastic How I Met Your Mother Barney/Robin fics, and that was a spectacular Christmas present. :D These Things That I've Done by anr, and The New Adventures of Princess Leia and Han Solo by katayla. BOTH ARE AWESOME. <3 <3 <3

And that's a new year!
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Stupid power outages. This is the second one this evening - the first lasted from about 5:15 to 6:45, and was caused by NOTHING whatsoever and interrupted me in the middle of an episode of True Blood. And then the storm started, so here we are all of an hour after the power came back with... No power. And cut Sam Merlotte off midsentence, which is really just rude.

It's getting pretty dark. At least my roommate hoards candles. Bah.

Posted from my iPhone, since there's no power for my laptop's Internet. Hmph. It's a pretty damn impressive storm, I'll give it that. The thunder is making all the windows rattle and there's some fucking intense lightning going on. Times like this, I wish I had a balcony or porch or something to watch the storm. Especially since True Blood is apparently out of the question.
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One of my housemates moved out and took the internet with him.

FAIL, ex-housemate.

(Technically, he only took away his modem. There was another modem in the house, though, from whence internet is come, but something he unplugged or futzed with or something in the process seems to have made our modem not function. One of the IT guys at the theater has been futzing with it today, so hopefully it will be fixed soon. But still. FAIL.)


Nov. 1st, 2008 10:41 pm
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I really need to teach myself how to make fanvids. Because I have all these ideas in my head, and vidding's the sort of painstaking, neurotic project that suits my assorted neuroses nicely. I just...have no idea what sort of software I'd need, or how to get started. The matching clips to music I think I can do, the anal retentive futzing with timing so that every second matches up right, all that jazz, do I pull those clips from DVD to...whatever program I need? And match it up with the song?

Of course, it doesn't help that I can't exactly make Doctor Who vids without any source for the video clips. But I could at least practice with the Firefly vid I have in my head, or the old Frodo/Sam vid I plotted out way back when.

Maybe Google will help me. Or does anyone know of some brilliant fan-created guide to vidding somewhere? I'm sure at least a dozen must exist.

Also, did my final stint of canvassing for Obama today. THREE DAYS OMG.
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Um, LJ? Is it April Fool's or something and I didn't know? Because my icons are changing and I don't know why. I noticed that in one of my recent posts, my icon was some pic I'd never even seen before, and now going through my userpics, two of them have inexplicably changed from what they're supposed to be to...random other people's icons? I don't know. WHAT THE HELL, LJ, give me my icons back!

For example, the one I'm using in this post -- who the fuck is that? This is supposed to be my Jack Harkness icon! The hell?
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All of Italy is on strike today, apparently. By which I mean all trains, buses, boats, ferries, and what have you are not functioning. Getting from Monterosso to Florence is looking to be...interesting. I feel very "20 Hours In America"-ish, except, you know, in a foreign country.

Anyway, hi! Am in Italy, clearly. Is actually a great experience, except for the strike today. Will have many pictures to post when I return in two and a half weeks. For now, on to Florence! Eventually!

stupid el.

Jun. 10th, 2008 08:51 pm
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Brown Line was ALL FUCKED UP this afternoon, apparently due to an accident on the Red Line. Thank you, CTA, for your continuing fuckwittery. I gave up after ten minutes watching completely packed trains go by our completely packed platform and WALKED home instead. Which was probably wise -- I hear some people waited more than 45 minutes to get on a train. Yeurgh. Besides, it was nice out, I could use the exercise -- although it meant I didn't get up north until after my gym had already closed.

Er, [ profile] monkeycrackmary? Anyone know if she's all right?


Feb. 25th, 2008 09:27 pm
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Oh, West Wing DVD, you chose the EXACT WRONG place to decide you have a scratch and can no longer function, being at a very particular point in "He Shall, From Time To Time" where something very particular is revealed, and the second half of the episode is not available to me. And with the death of tv-links, I have nowhere to turn for the rest of this episode.



Jan. 27th, 2008 05:34 pm
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So I need to do laundry today. So I go down to the laundry room, where I discover that two of the three laundry machines are out of order. Mind, this is less than a month after all of the machines were completely overhauled and out of order for DAYS to be fully fixed and replaced. And the one remaining machine is the crappy one that leaves your clothes clean but completely sodden and DRIPPING wet at the end, requiring two rounds in the dryer instead of one. And that one machine is also currently full of someone else's dripping wet clothes, and has been while I waited for nearly half an hour for them to come claim it. Normally I'd just unload it myself, but again, dripping wet and exceedingly unpleasant and, incidentally, this mystery person apparently has a cat because it's all covered with cat hair (not much a washing machine can do about that) and, being allergic, I don't want to touch that stuff. So I'm back up in my apartment now, having abandoned my two loads of laundry (which means rotating both through the crappy machine over two hours instead of one) on the shelf in the laundry room.

I am not in a good mood.

ETA: Okay, I got fed up and decided to start emptying the load in the washer. It was not only sodden and cat-haired, but streaked with -- sand? Something icky. I don't know if it was just that the clothes started out really gross, but I'm going to assume that washer is just as broken as the other two. Well, NOW what? Fuck.
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So, back in Chicago now. Was at parents' for almost exactly 24 hours -- I feel like I've spent more time in transit (train, airport, plane, airport, plane, car and then again in reverse) than at home. Which is probably an exaggeration, but whatever. Haven't gotten much sleep in the past two days. Thanksgiving was nice, only eleven of us this year (my dad's family is made of huge), although that still meant a full house, so I had to sleep on the couch. Just kind of reinforces how little either of my parents' places feel like "home" anymore. But it was good to hang out with my cousins and their girlfriends.

Also, first big family shindig since I started my diet-type thing, and it was interesting to realize how much my eating habits really are changing. I wasn't restraining myself at all, but I took way smaller portions than anyone else, and stopped eating when I wasn't hungry anymore, and didn't get seconds of anything. A year ago, I would've stuffed myself to bursting. It felt way more satisfying this way, oddly enough. Eh, whatever.

And one of my flights tonight had to make an emergency landing! Very exciting, in the I-wonder-if-I'm-going-to-die-today sort of way. It wasn't all that serious, really, but I've been flying since before I could walk and I'm fairly certain this is the first flight I've been on that had an actual honest-to-goodness emergency situation. The flaps malfunctioned, so there was no help reducing speed on landing, so the plane had to circle gradually lower and lower and eventually just hit the ground running, basically, and took a very, very long time to finally come to a stop. There were fire trucks waiting for us and everything, though fortunately they weren't needed. Not too scary, as emergencies go, but hey, still counts.

I've got work tomorrow, and I'm dead exhausted, so I'm probably gonna crash as soon as I finish catching up on the f-list. Happy belated turkey day!


Nov. 21st, 2007 12:22 pm
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I've got rehearsal tonight, so I'm flying home for Thanksgiving tomorrow morning.

It's supposed to snow here in Chicago tonight and tomorrow.

Sense of impending doom: rising.
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I can has internet again! Oh frabjous day. The AT&T guy didn't show up until after 4pm, which put a bit of a crimp in my style since I'd actually wanted to get out of the apartment today, and then he fiddled around for a bit and was all "well, the phone line's fine, and it's not your modem's fault, so damned if I know what it is, technicians will fiddle with the line coming in here and if you have nothing by tomorrow call us back." Which was somewhat disheartening, as even my stolen internet had conked out. So I watched more BSG DVDs instead. And then happened to glance over at my modem about five minutes ago and was all O HAI THERE GREEN LIGHT NEVER LEAVE ME AGAIN.

And so ended my internet drama. For now. However, I also got my first AT&T DSL bill today, and it is CRAZY expensive. But that includes all the set-up costs and the price of the modem itself and suchlike, so hopefully this shall not be a trend.

In fandom news, my Two Lines fic is currently stalled. I've got 2500 words already, but the damn thing kept ballooning on me, so that puts me only about a third of the way through it. And now I'm really worried that the whole thing will go to crazy introspective places, which, as I now recall, is why I like writing fics set either before or after the canon in question rather than right smack in the middle of it where we all already KNOW what's HAPPENING so the only thing left is the annoying thinky bits. I need to find a way around this problem, stat. Because Helo is far more entertaining when he's doing stuff than when he's brooding. I keep hoping that the more BSG I rewatch, the easier it will get, but no, instead I find myself pining for Boomer/Chief of yore, which is not so much with the helping me.

And the YA fantasy is also stalled, in that fun I-am-going-somewhere-awesome-but-first-I-have-to-get-through-the-boring-bits sort of way, which is really not a good mindframe to be writing in. I need something exciting to happen this chapter. Like, now. I'm just not sure what.

So I wrote about 1000 words of Yuletide fic instead. Which is also looking to be unwieldy and obscenely plotty, but seriously, Two Lines is due a month earlier, I really do not want to be obsessing over Yuletide yet.

My muses, they are smoking the crack. Not the good kind, either.


Oct. 18th, 2007 04:32 pm
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And there's something wrong with my DSL modem, so I can not has internet until someone from AT&T comes to take a look on Monday.

Fuck you, AT&T. Fuck. you.

Back to relying upon other people's unsecured wireless networks. Huzzah.
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So since I've only ever owned VHS copies of the original Star Wars trilogy, I figured it was time to remedy the situation and buy the dratted DVDs. They were kind of expensive, so I bought them used through amazon, for a very reasonable price. Trust me to be too stupid to read the fine print. The DVDs are lovely, in excellent condition -- and full screen.


I'll just have to live with it, I guess. It's still the right movie, just really irritatingly cropped. Why does anyone even make DVDs full screen anymore? Jeez.
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This is kind of silly. So I own two digital cameras, neither particularly new or shiny. The older one had been getting on, so a couple of years ago when I won the newer one in a raffle (these things do occasionally happen, it seems) I gave the older one to Dave, who had none. He got his own newer and much better camera as a graduation gift, so he returned old!camera to me. I figured I'd probably never use it again, but hey, always nice to have a backup.

Now, I haven't used raffle!camera in a while, because I don't take pictures often, but it was a good little camera. One thing, though, is that it always seemed to eat through batteries far faster than it had any right to, which meant that half the times I thought of something to take a picture of, I'd be lacking in batteries that weren't already dead. So yesterday I went out and bought a nice full pack of batteries, so I could get in my photospam without interruption.

Even with NEW batteries, raffle!camera will now only turn on for about two seconds before dying.

And old!camera, which should have been retired long ago, still works, but apparently when Dave returned it he forgot to return the cable that connected it to my laptop to upload pictures, and raffle!camera, being of a newer model and different brand, has a cable that won't connect to the corresponding old!camera port.

So I have two digital cameras. One will connect to the laptop but won't take pictures, and the other will take pictures but won't connect to the laptop.

I hate technology sometimes.


Sep. 13th, 2007 07:54 pm
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Oh, Ikea, stop being such a little bitch. So yes, furniture was delivered to me today, a desk and a chair, which I have assembled and are lovely, really. Only problem being, there were supposed to be two bookcases in this order as well. Which have been paid for. Um? I called Ikea, but apparently the department I need to talk to has all gone home already, so I'll be calling back in the morning. In all honesty, since this is still a week before the original estimated delivery date, I don't really care if the bookcases shipped separately and will get here later. The desk/chair were the really important things. But it would be nice to know that the stuff I ordered is still going to get to me.

Speaking of which, seems to think I received my BSG DVDs, or at least their automated e-mail system does. Great. Now I've got to call them as well, because those dratted DVDs were returned straight back to amazon courtesy of the moronic US Postal Service before I even knew they were in my area. And I still kind of want them.

Moral: having things delivered SUCKS.


Sep. 11th, 2007 12:31 pm
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Oh, the unending drama of getting everything settled into a new place. Now my furniture is going to get here on Thursday, a week earlier than the original estimate (yay), but my internet isn't going to get here until NEXT Wednesday, a week LATER than the original estimate. Which I suppose means overall I win, since I yearn tragically for furniture but can continue stealing other people's internet for another week, but still. This interim internet is incredibly sporadic, and always seems to not work when I need it most. Ah, well, such is life.

My new rug is pretty.
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Hey, do any of you own an Emerson brand microwave? I recently bought one off craigslist for my apartment, and while it works fine, it didn't come with any sort of instruction manual. And certain features are not, apparently, even remotely self-evident. I can't for the life of me figure out how to adjust the power level, for example, and it's interfering with my microwave dinners.


Also, assembling these damn drawers I bought at Target is a bitch and a half, let me tell you. But my rug came today, so that's nice.


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