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Okay, The Martian. So that was awesome. But most importantly, A+++ nerd self-awareness. spoilers only for one-line jokes and casting )
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Ok, so I've basically been on an extended fandom hiatus lately. Haven't written or vidded anything in months (though I occasionally poke at a couple of WIPs), am reading fic primarily from my old fandoms rather than anything current (Star Trek reboot and Merlin have both been prominently featured in my reading list lately), only check DW/LJ once a week and Tumblr even less frequently. Between work, Gay Geeks, and navigating a new relationship, my real life has been...busy. (Yes, the girlfriend thing is official, and she's even spent a weekend with my parents now. So there's that. Getting serious happens a lot quicker when you've already been friends for a couple of years, apparently.)

Still not sure when I'm gonna get back in the swing of things. (I'd really thought that the Man From UNCLE movie would kick me back into gear, because it hit a lot of my fannish buttons in truly delightful ways, but apparently not.) But hey, with the fall comes the beginning of the TV season, so, y'know, maybe it's time. Doctor Who is not doing it for me much, still, though I <3 Missy. However, I just watched the season premieres of both Sleepy Hollow and Agents of SHIELD, and I am SO INTO THEM.

Sleepy Hollow - very minor spoilers )

SHIELD - again, spoilers )

So that's where I'm at. I do miss writing, but I feel like I drain all my creative energies at work, and there's just nothing left when I get home. It's frustrating, because work is not the kind of creative that leaves me feeling fulfilled in any way, but...there it goes. While I was struggling a bit last fall, too, I don't think it's a coincidence that I started this job in January and haven't posted a single fic since. I just need to find a new balance, I guess.
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By which I mean Yuletide, by which I mean it opened a lot sooner than I was expecting! I got a fukking awesome gift fic: What the Fuk Is That?, a bit of excellent bantery team!fic for Tanya Huff's "Valor" series.

Which, okay, let's pair this with a book rec: everyone in fandom needs to read the Valor books (also called "Confederation" series) like YESTERDAY, because it is everything you have ever wanted and I weep daily that there is no real fandom for it. Sci-fi/space opera adventure war stories starring a totally kickass female Staff Sergeant in the Marines; well-thought-out alien species and worldbuilding, featuring our closest allies, the aliens that will eat just about anything in sight and the aliens that will screw just about anything that moves; a total absence of anything resembling predetermined gender roles or heteronormativity; canonical gay (and completely badass) alien couple (of the species that eats everything, not the one that fucks everyone); compelling overarching mystery plot that develops as the series progresses; and just all-around excellent storytelling. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

And then read this fic, too.
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Crowdsourcing time! I'm starting to poke at a multifandom vid, and I need some suggestions beyond my own usual scope of source material. Specifically, I'm looking at the women in refrigerators trope. More specifically, I'm looking for sci-fi/fantasy/comic book movies and TV shows that feature main characters' girlfriends/wives who are 1) killed off and then 2) appear to them later in dreams/visions/hallucinations.

Example: Jean Grey's death in X3 and then reappearance in Logan's dreams in The Wolverine.

I will also accept girlfriends who are believed to be dead and are later revealed to still be alive. (i.e. Bucky Barnes, except, y'know, the female equivalent.)

Any suggestions? :D?
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I am just copying and pasting my Yuletide letter from last year. Let's be real, my tastes are fairly consistent.


Basically, you are awesome. Because there is nothing about the fandoms requested that I don't love. More importantly, there are no characters in any of these fandoms that I don't love with an all-consuming passion, because seriously, THEY ARE ALL AMAZING AND BRILLIANT AND SPARKLY. I don't care, I love them all.

So here are some quick and dirty things that I like and don't like in fics in general:

LIKES: witty banter, wacky hijinks, random shenanigans, everyone being a BAMF in their own particular way, long plotty fics, quick incisive character studies, romance, friendship, TEAMS, ensemble casts, happy (or realistic but generally hopeful) endings, boys being boys, girls kicking butt and taking names, first time fic of any rating.

DISLIKES: torture porn, excessive angst, excessive schmoop, mpreg, hardcore kink, kid!fic, character bashing of any kind, humiliation, death!fic.

But really, my dear author, I'm pretty easy. As long as you avoid the "dislikes" list, write whatever suits you and the fandom and the story you want to tell, and I will LOVE it. Sure, I'm a fan of happy-ish endings, but if you want to break my heart instead? Go right ahead and shatter it into a million pieces, it's all good. The "likes" list are by no means mandatory in any way, write what you want, I have complete faith in you.

I have nothing fandom-specific or request-specific to add that wasn't on my sign-up forms, but for posterity, my Yuletide requests are below: Fandoms: Band of Brothers, Code Name Verity, Red Doors, Life (TV), Valor series - Tanya Huff, The Sting )
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NEW MEME. Because my brain is fried, and it's that kind of evening. Yoinked from [livejournal.com profile] tardis_stowaway:

Choose fifteen characters. Then put your playlist on shuffle. Your first song with lyrics is your first character, and so on. For each song, choose lyrics that resonate with the corresponding character.

For the record, I have a LOT of Broadway shows in iTunes, so there will likely be a lot of really difficult to manage lyric-to-character matches.

1. Charles Xavier (X-Men)
2. Martha Jones (Doctor Who)
3. Abbie Mills (Sleepy Hollow)
4. Joan Watson (Elementary)
5. Spike (Buffy)
6. Zoe Washburne (Firefly)
7. CJ Cregg (West Wing)
8. Pepper Potts (MCU)
9. Charles Gunn (Angel)
10. Dana Scully (X-Files)
11. Zuko (A:tLA)
12. Tyrion Lannister (Game of Thrones)
13. Alanna of Trebond (Tortall)
14. Don Scripps (History Boys)
15. Remus Lupin (Harry Potter)

let's do this )
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Today I went to the beach and got MASSIVELY SUNBURNED because spray-on sunblock apparently isn't worth crap. Life lessons, people. Whatever, it was totally worth it, it's been years since I last swam in the ocean.

Also I went to Seattle and then I came back to NYC and I failed to post about it, but I did meet up with [personal profile] fiercynn which was SUPER GREAT because I missed her lots and lots. And also I met up with [livejournal.com profile] sandmantv and we got fancy ice cream and browsed around Capitol Hill, which was also awesome. I like Seattle! It is a good city. I totally lucked out and was there for basically the only week of the year in which it was sunny and warm and pleasant for the entire week. No rain! Not even a little bit! In Seattle! It was magical.

And then I came back and promptly booked two different stage management gigs -- a funky avant-garde cabaret in September and a super exciting festival of one-person shows in October/November -- which makes me feel much better about myself as a working person, and I've been having a lot of fun in rehearsals for the Buffy musical performance in which I am Tara and get to orgasm onstage, which makes me feel better about my life in general. Both of which I needed, because otherwise my life is INSANITY because one of my roommates is moving out at the end of August and the other is moving out likely at the end of September, which means it's been wacky fun craigslist time 'round about these parts. UGH. I did find a roomie I like for the end of this month, and we're working out the obnoxious lease issues. I absolutely refuse to move again, that's for damn sure. This is the sixth (I think) place I've lived in the past fifteen months, and I like it and I want to stay here, dammit. Although this is the worst possible time for me to try to get on a lease, because hello, technically unemployed. Rental management companies really don't understand the concept of "freelancer" as a job description.

In terms of fandom, I have accomplished approximately NOTHING for my [community profile] eleventyfest assignment which is due in ten days. I sort of thought I had maybe the beginnings of an idea, at least, but I'm getting nowhere with it. Fuck.

ALSO I finally read all of the Beka Cooper trilogy in the past two weeks (see: Tamora Pierce, Tortall universe), finished it last night, and now I have all these overwhelming Tortall feels and no real fandom to speak of. THERE IS ONLY ONE BEKA/FARMER FIC ON AO3. THIS IS NOT HELPING ME DEAL WITH MY FEELS. (You don't understand, I have loved the Tortall universe since I was ten years old, and in particular George Cooper was the first and best fictional character I have ever fallen in love with and Alanna/George my original childhood OTP, and the epilogue of this book gave me stupid amounts of feels and I have NO ONE TO TALK TO ABOUT THIS.)

So...yes. That's what I've been up to, anyway, I guess. My pasty white legs are a rich lobster red and they hurt. A lot.
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I completely forgot I hadn't posted anything about Yuletide! I received an AWESOME fic, Hear That Call, which is League of Their Own fic that made me super, super happy, and which I will surely reread a whole bunch. I only watched that movie for the first time sometime in September, and I don't know why it took me so long -- WWII ladies kicking ass and playing baseball, all of these things are right up my alley! And this fic is Dottie/Jimmy, which I sort of guiltily shipped during the film but the author made it work, with hints of Mae/Doris in the background (my primary OTP, ugh I love them so), and, yeah. You should read it!

Still a little time left before reveals, but for the first time, my own recipient has not responded to the fic at all, and that does sour it a bit for me. :/ I mean, I've received gift fics for Yuletide and other challenges in the past that haven't been great (NOT THIS YEAR, OBVS, SEE ABOVE), but I always, always find something nice to say to the author and thank them for writing, because this is a thing that they made for me, and that's a wonderful gift regardless. So now I'm really worried that the fic I wrote is really, truly bad, and I feel guilty about having written something crappy for someone else, and at the same time I'm slightly annoyed because the prompt was interesting but not an easy one for me to write, and I really tried to give the recipient what she'd wanted, and it's a fandom and character that I do love quite a lot, and just ugh. I'm probably being petty, and it's really not a big deal at all, but it is kind of a letdown.

But the fic I received really was amazing, so I shall console myself by rereading it a bunch because it makes me happy.
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Secret Mutant is live! If you like XMFC fic, you should totally check it out. It's...mostly Charles/Erik, but there are a handful of other pairings & gen fics strewn about in there, too.

I wrote two fics. They are POLAR OPPOSITES in popularity at the moment, and I expect that won't change. There is pretty much zero anonymity involved in my pinch-hit; the other is less obvious (and has almost no hits on AO3 at the moment, which does not surprise me). If you manage to guess both, I'll...write you a thing? Seriously, no points for guessing the pinch-hit alone, it's that obvious.

I received an XMFC/Bond fusion fic, which is also not even a little bit anonymous, but I'll not reveal the author early. ;) She has excellent taste in fusions; I've been mainlining Skyfall fic over the past few weeks, so that was very well-timed.

Aaand...I really need to get cracking on Yuletide, fuck. Instead, have a Yuletide meme! i've been participating since the very first year, godDAMN )
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So I've been vidding more or less nonstop (barring breaks to eat and sleep) since early yesterday evening, which feels MARVELOUS. Vidding is the first fannish activity I drop completely when RL gets insane, because it requires a certain amount of uninterrupted time at home (with my external hard drive) that can be very difficult to come by. But once I get going, man, it sure is a buzz. So is writing, when I get into the right headspace, but that's rarer -- something about vidding is just naturally soothing to me. The repetitiveness of it, maybe, of rehashing a song beat by beat over and over again while placing clips. It's a different sort of creativity than writing -- writing is hard to push, for me, and if I struggle too hard to force words out it becomes impossible to write anything at all. Vidding requires less mental energy. Dunno why.

So I've got a complete draft of my Festivid, and more than half of a Doctor Who vid that been sitting in the back of my brain for months and months and months. So that's fun! But the Festivid badly needs a beta, and I'm not sure if my usual go-tos are familiar with the source. Fortunately, I have more than a month before it's due to find someone.

Of course, this means I have NOT spent my day off working on my Secret Mutant fic, which is due in less than a week. Oops. Fortunately I have tomorrow off as well (it's like an actual weekend! Except not at the end of the week!) so, that. Remind me that I'm not allowed to do any more vidding until this fic is done. And then Yuletide, fuck, I don't even have an idea for that one yet. But this has been a recurring theme for my Yuletides, and I always manage to pull it off somehow...
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So the Show From Hell closed a week ago, thank fuck, and then last week was kinda insane at my real! and now only! job, but this week is Thanksgiving, so while I have some office work to take care of, and then I'm heading up to the usual Big Family Shindig, I can...sort of relax? Ish? Point being, I can actually start thinking about my round of seasonal fandom challenges that I need to actually create at some point.

Secret Mutant -- I have an idea, and last night I made an outline and started writing. Hilariously, though I matched on three different pairing requests, the one I'm writing is the gen request. So yeah, no one will actually read this fic, but what the hell, the prompt really grabbed me so I'm going for it. I'm...not entirely sure how thrilled my recipient will be, because all of her other prompts were INCREDIBLY FLUFFY and even this one had a fluffy edge and, um, I don't really do fluff. Especially not in XMFC. But I do write fic with reasonably optimistic endings, at least, so hopefully that will suffice. (My original idea for this prompt was WAY BLEAKER than the new idea I settled on last night. So that's progress, right?)

Yuletide -- I committed my personal cardinal sin of Yuletide this year, and offered a fandom I'd already written for Yuletide before (because I didn't have enough fandoms that I actually wanted to write, and got desperate). So of course, of COURSE, that's the one I matched on. I mean, on the plus side, I'm already very familiar with the fandom, and though I offered "any" on characters, she specified...the character I always write about anyway. So it won't be hard to get back into that headspace at all. On the minus side, I kinda feel like I've already said all I have to say about this character, so coming up with something new and interesting to write fic about will be...challenging. Urg. I'm tabling that one until Secret Mutant is written (or until a random plotbunny strikes, whichever comes first).

Festivids -- of course I landed a recipient who put NO DETAILS WHATSOEVER in the requests and hasn't written a letter. So she has a list of six fandoms, and the only one I'm familiar with is the one we matched on. So that's all I've got. A source. Granted, it's a source I'm quite excited about vidding, but I have NO IDEA what she wants AT ALL. So this is a total shot in the dark. I spent an hour or so today trawling YouTube for an arrangement of the song I thought I'd use that felt right to me, but no luck -- all the versions I found (it's an old jazz standard) were either WAY too slow, or so hopped up and jazzy that it no longer suited the source. I can HEAR in my head how I'd like an arrangement of the song to go for this vid, but I can't find it in real life anywhere, so that idea's borked. But while searching through my iTunes for something else to use instead, I found...something else to use instead, that I can already see the vid so ver vividly in my head and it kinda makes me want to cry. So that's what I'm going for. It's a song I've seen (very good) vids for in a couple of different fandoms already, which makes me hesitant to use it, but I do think I'm going to be twisting it into something much darker and angstier than it seems on the surface, so hopefully interesting idea will trump overused song?

Other fandom -- I've been keeping up with Downton Abbey (which BROKE MY HEART) and Elementary, which I've been really really enjoying because I'm a total sucker for Holmes and Watson in any incarnation. Creatively, I'm still keeping Queen's Gambit shelved until inspiration returns (and probably until seasonal challenges are done with); I've got a Doctor Who vid bunny that's eating me alive but don't want to devote the time to it until I've GOT the time to focus on it, and a half-written post-series Ponds fic that I've been working on in fits and starts. But again, whenever I've got an actual deadline coming up, I feel guilty focusing on anything else creative until that's sorted.

I really missed fandom while my RL exploded, guys. I'm trying to come back now. And I've pretty much accepted that I'm just never going to have the headspace/energy to deal with responding to any comments that have gotten backlogged over the past few months. I HATE leaving comments unreplied-to. It makes me feel like such a shithead. But I've got to just...let that go right now.

I'm glad to be living in NYC again, I'm reaching out to my RL friends here again, I'm finally able to really dive into my job at the Kids' Theater Co. and I'm quite enjoying it despite the stress. So it's not been all bad, and I think it's getting better. I just need to find my life-fandom balance again.
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Stolen from [livejournal.com profile] penknife, this one looks like fun:

The Six Degrees Of Separation Meme:

Give me no less than two and no more than four characters from any of my fandoms, and I will write you up to six ficlets connecting them to each other somehow. (e.g.: 'Six Degrees Of Separation From Dean Winchester To Chloe Sullivan', 'Six Ways Susan Ivanova Doesn't Know She Knows John Matheson', or 'From Dana Scully To John Winchester In Six Steps Or Less'.) Obvious or not, your choice. Crossovers or not, your choice.

Fandoms I will definitely play in: X-Men movieverse, Doctor Who etc, Avengers movieverse, Buffy/Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse, Harry Potter, X-Files, West Wing, Sports Night, Inception, History Boys, Sherlock. But really, I'm game for just about anything I've ever written/vidded/mentioned, and would totally be willing to try fandoms I only know through fannish osmosis. :D
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HELLO. So my life has been a bit crazy for the past couple of weeks, and will continue to be crazy for the next week and a half. Basically, three shows in rep, and each goes into tech one after another. Last week was Xanadu tech, this week is the children's show, next week is Kiss of the Spider Woman (♥ ♥ ♥). And then my life becomes very easy for the rest of the summer. But right now? Okay, so I spent four hours this morning in tech, then I just finished up a Skype interview for a possible next job, now I'm going to go into five hours of Kiss rehearsal, then we have a Xanadu performance tonight. Three weeks straight of working 10-14+ hour days with one day off per week. I may be losing my mind a little bit. Oh, theatre.

For those of you who've heard about the massive Colorado wildfires, I'm lucky enough to live in like the only county in the state that's NOT on fire at the moment. We've even had rain for the past few days. VERY LUCKY. To those of you who are far too close to the fires for comfort, please be safe. ♥

I spent my day off this week going to the movies. Saw Snow White and the Huntsman, finally. I liked it a lot! It wasn't a GREAT movie, but it hit all my fairy tale storytelling kinks, so I am content. And then I went home and wrote 3000 words of Snow White/Huntsman fic instead of finishing my X-Men Reversebang. *facepalm* Fuckses. But the Snow White fic just needs a scene or two to be done, and as soon as I have a minute to myself, I intend to finish it, dammit. Because obviously I prioritize fandoms no one cares about over a fic in my primary actual fandom that has an actual deadline. WRITER FAIL.

Righto, off to rehearsal.
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Bit of random meta, mostly because I feel like rambling about stuff I love to take my mind off stuff that stresses me out.

So, again, on a bit of a Buffyverse kick at the moment, and I was thinking about trying to come up with a list of my top ten episodes or something, which made me think about what I'd consider my top episodes of any show I love, which made me think about what episodes define my favorite shows. And I realized that for me, at least, what makes me fannish about a show -- as opposed to "oh, yeah, that one's fun" -- tends to boil down to two specific types of episodes: the Hook, and the Game Changer. I need to encounter both of these episodes to want to dive into a fandom.

You all know what I mean. First, there's the Hook: that episode that really sells you on the show. Its placement can vary, but usually -- if you're watching the series in order, anyway -- it probably needs to fall somewhere in the first season, or you'll give up watching. (Alternately, it's that random episode you stumble across somewhere in the middle of the run of the show that drags you in without your actually knowing anything else about the show at all but holy jebus that was awesome, where can I find more?) It's the episode where a new show finds its footing, starts to figure out what it's really going to be about. It's the character moment that just NAILS it, or the plotline that really speaks to you personally, or just a really friggin' cool shot that makes your breath catch and you think, hey, this is nifty. And you never forget that moment.

Then there's the Game Changer. Episodic television is generally formulaic by nature, and I'm not saying that in a bad way. It has to be. That's what keeps its viewers coming back, week after week after week. We know what to expect, we know the characters, we know the types of story we're going to be told, and we're familiar enough with it to know we'll probably enjoy it. Totally cool. And most decently successful shows ride that wave all the way through the end. But the really good ones, the ones that develop obsessive crazy awesome fans, are the ones that test their own limits, push the edges of the formula, blow it all wide open -- if only for a story arc or two. The Game Changer is that episode. The one that dramatically raises or outright changes the stakes for the characters, the one whose repercussions ripple throughout the rest of the series, the one from which you can never go back. Sometimes it comes right in the first season. Sometimes it takes years before it happens. But oh, man, do we ever sit up and take notice when it does.

There are plenty of other episode archetypes, if I really wanted to sit around and come up with a few more catchy and overly simplistic labels for them. But the Hook and the Game Changer are the two episodes in any given show that will always, always, always turn up in any "best of" episode list I could ever think up. Any given TV show could have any number of Game Changers, depending on how you classify them; there are certainly degrees. For example, in Buffy, I'd consider "Passion" the first huge Game Changer -- we're shown the full extent of Angelus's evil for the first time, and our first major recurring character is killed, brutally, onscreen. But you could also argue that the "Surprise"/"Innocence" two-parter is the Game Changer, for giving us Angelus in the first place, or "School Hard", where Spike casually and deliberately kills the Anointed One, subverting all the expectations set by the first season's arc; or to a lesser extent, go back to "Prophecy Girl", where Buffy actually confronts the fact that she is going to die, which changes her personal stakes for the rest of the series (though I think that's more a logical continuation of the first season's overall story arc than a change, exactly). So, yeah, to a certain extent, the Game Changer is subjective; the Hook even more so, because that's very personal to each individual fan. But you've got to have both to really become fannish about a show. This is why I gave up on Supernatural -- I'm sure there are plenty of Game Changers over its run (and could probably list a few by sheer fannish osmosis), but I never got my Hook episode, so while I've certainly been entertained by the episodes I've watched, I never could get into it properly. My big frustration with Merlin is that while I certainly got my Hook (for me, "The Beginning of the End" -- Merlin's darker side and the Mordred reveal, oh my stars and garters), there has never been a proper Game Changer, and it started pissing me off so much it drained all my enjoyment out of the show. (While certainly there were episodes that had major repercussions, the basic status quo of Merlin's secret and Arthur and Merlin's twisted sort of friendship have never, ever changed, so even as other circumstances changed drastically, I feel like the show itself remained utterly static.)

So now I'm going to ramble on a bit about my favorite TV shows. You've been warned.

Buffyverse )

X-Files )

Avatar )

Whoniverse )

Sorkinverse )

Stopping there because it's late and I'm sleepy, but I could do this for a bunch of other shows. (And ETA, realized I really had to add Avatar in here.) What are your Hooks & Game Changers for your big fannish loves? Is there another type of episode that you need to get involved in a fandom, or is it all about the characters and the individual episodes don't matter at all, or something else entirely? I like reading people's meta about these sorts of things. :)
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Saw "Tinker Tailor" today. ♥_♥ I'm fond of the book, and the movie does an EXCELLENT job condensing the plot and keeping it moving. brief spoilers )

They definitely need to film more of the Smiley series with this cast. I definitely need to read more of the Smiley series first, though.

And because clearly the universe is pleased to give me Benedict Cumberbatch today, Sherlock series 2 clips. I AM SO EXCITE.

...and speaking of Gary Oldman and Tom Hardy, new Dark Knight Rises trailer. My fandoms, they have so many overlaps.
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'Tis the season, clearly. By which I mean, Yuletide is upon us!

(I have been participating in Yuetide every single year since it started. I feel so old school.)

SO. Dear Yulebat,

Basically, you are awesome. Because there is nothing about the fandoms I requested that I don't love. (Except the Dating Plan. If this is the fandom we matched on, you know of what I speak. But anyway.) More importantly, there are no characters in any of these fandoms that I don't love with an all-consuming passion, because seriously, THEY ARE ALL AMAZING AND BRILLIANT AND SPARKLY. Yes, even the dumb ones. I don't care, I love them all.

So here are some quick and dirty things that I like and don't like in fics in general:

LIKES: witty banter, wacky hijinks, random shenanigans, everyone being a BAMF in their own particular way, long plotty fics, quick incisive character studies, romance, friendship, TEAMS, gen, ensemble casts, happy (or realistic but generally hopeful) endings, boys being boys, girls kicking butt and taking names, first time fic of any rating.

DISLIKES: torture porn, excessive angst, excessive schmoop, mpreg, hardcore kink, kid!fic, character bashing of any kind, humiliation, death!fic.

But really, my dear Yulebat, I'm pretty easy. As long as you avoid the "dislikes" list, write whatever suits you and the fandom and the story you want to tell, and I will LOVE it. Sure, I'm a fan of happy-ish endings, but if you want to break my heart instead? Go right ahead and shatter it into a million pieces, it's all good. The "likes" list are by no means mandatory in any way, write what you want, I have complete faith in you. Why? Because you love the same fandom I do, because we matched on it, and that means you have preemptively won Yuletide. :D

I have nothing fandom-specific to add that wasn't on my sign-up form, but for posterity, here it is: Sports Night, Mairelon the Magician, The Sting )
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Temperatures in the DC area may reach 100F this afternoon. UGH UGH UGH. Seriously. Today has been canceled due to possibility of heatstroke. >_< And it's supposed to be just as bad tomorrow. I cannot handle this shit.

TV meme continues:

Day 13 - Favorite childhood show

Toss up between Fraggle Rock and Wishbone. I think probably Fraggle Rock stands the test of time better, if only for its freaking amazing intro sequence. But there's just nothing quite like dressing up a Jack Russell terrier in period costumes to reenact classic books. I recall his Cyrano de Bergerac with particular fondness. :D

keeping track of the rest of the meme )


Jun. 22nd, 2010 03:26 pm
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For some reason, I become a very productive writer when I'm on a long bus trip. And then I sit at the reception desk at work for eight hours doing nothing and don't write a single word. My brain, I don't even know.

Way behind on TV Meme:

Day 12 - An episode you've watched more than 5 times

Most episodes of Firefly, particularly "Out of Gas". MANY episodes of the X-Files, which I watched and rewatched compulsively for a few years, though I haven't in a while -- particularly the mytharc episodes in seasons 1-4. Most of Coupling, particularly "Her Best Friend's Bottom" and "Inferno". All of QAF UK. The BSG mini-series. Most of Band of Brothers, particularly "Points". The very last episode of MST3K. Oddly enough, probably not anything from Doctor Who or Torchwood, though if I have, it's "Empty Child"/"Doctor Dances" (Who), or "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" and "Fragments" (TW). I don't rewatch television as much these days unless I'm introducing a show to a friend, so. But yeah.
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Two things. First, the TV meme continues!

Day 03 - Your favorite new show (aired this TV season)

I have no graphics for this, because I don't know! I don't watch TV the way normal people do -- I used to, back in high school, but then college happened and I didn't have a TV and I completely fell out of the habit. I watch shows on DVD or downloaded, mostly, and then I'm using mainlining several seasons in a row. The fact that I'm actually watching Doctor Who more or less in realtime right now is super strange for me. So: new shows this season? No freaking clue. Now that the season is more or less over, I may check out a couple I've got backlogged. Back in the fall, I watched the first few episodes of FlashForward and really enjoyed it, but then my real life exploded and I never caught up. I still intend to watch the rest of that at some point and see if it stayed any good. Or [livejournal.com profile] tricksterquinn introduced me to the first two episodes of White Collar last weekend, which was cute, though I haven't yet fallen head over heels for it the way half my flist seems to have. Beyond those, all of the current shows I follow at all have been running for more than one season already. So -- yeah. Not so much for me, this day of the meme.

Second thing. [livejournal.com profile] tardis_bigbang extended its draft deadline a week, THANK GOD, though that mainly means I've been procrastinating all this week. *facepalm* This weekend has to be for writing, seriously. BUT ANYWAY. Quinn has been ridiculously helpful throughout this entire process, reading my bits and bobs as I finish them and cheerleading and letting me blather on about plot at her for literally hours in a row, augh. But once I have a complete draft, I really want another beta to look it over who doesn't already know all of the plot details and twists and things. So, yeah. Absurdly long Torchwood post-CoE eventually Jack/Ianto teamfic, anyone? (And by team, I'm talking freaking everyone still on Earth in the Whoniverse -- Gwen, Rhys, Andy, Lois, Martha, Mickey, random John Hart...)


Jun. 23rd, 2009 04:22 pm
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Oh, why not? Hit me up.

Name a fandom, and I'll give you the scoop on at least three of my unpopular opinions related to that fandom.
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So the pilot episode of "Life", starring Dick Winters Damian Lewis, ALSO has Bull Randleman Michael Cudlitz in it?


Also, I just finished watching Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, which I'd never seen before, which is another twelve kinds of gleefully awesome and made me want to rewatch Iron Man like nobody's business. But anyway.

"...okay, maybe I am a little bit attached to this car..."
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That was a decent mostly-holiday weekend (had to work Sunday night). Did a lot of writing, hung out with a lot of cool people, bought and wore a pretty dress, did a bit of stage management prep, didn't get much sleep. Kinda wish I'd gotten more sleep, but otherwise good.

Here, have a meme.

Name your 15 absolutely favorite couples (het/slash/canon/fanon) and ask people to see what trends they notice about your couples. Try to pick different fandoms. (Do not try to put them in any kind of order if this will cause your brain to implode and eat up hours of your life. - Ed)

Roughly in chronological order of personal fannishness:

1. Mulder/Scully (X-Files)
2. Merry/Pippin (LOTR)
3. Dominic/Elijah (Lotrips)
4. Remus/Sirius (HP)
5. Charles Xavier/Erik Lensherr (X-Men)
6. Dan Rydell/Casey McCall (Sports Night)
7. Wash/Zoe (Firefly)
8. Stuart/Vince (Queer As Folk UK)
9. House/Wilson (House)
10. Scripps/Posner (History Boys)
11. Kara Thrace/Lee Adama (BSG)
12. CJ Cregg/Danny Concannon (West Wing)
13. Doctor/Rose (Doctor Who)
14. Jack/Ianto (Torchwood)
15. Winters/Nixon (Band of Brothers)

Well, I sure as hell know what that says about me. All but three of those pairings (7, 12, 14) are best-friends-becoming-lovers. That's TWELVE out of fifteen pairings (and, frankly, you could argue that CJ/Danny develops along similar lines, though they're more sparring partners than "best friends"). This is a bulletproof kink for my OTPs, where that line between intense friendship and romantic love blurs. Likewise in my personal life, which is why I have so few romantic relationships, and why I despise the dating scene. Attraction, for me, comes from trust, which comes from friendship. And that's the sort of relationship I read (and write) over and over and over again.

Hmmm, let's see. About a third (including all of the het pairings) are explicitly canon -- and that number would skyrocket if I'd included any of my secondary OTPs on this list (Faramir/Eowyn! Jeremy/Natalie! Josh/Donna! Helo/Athena! Ron/Hermione!), but I was trying to keep it to one pairing per fandom. The rest, though not canon, are pretty fucking close, and probably only AREN'T canon because neither character is canonically gay; RPF aside, I think my only completely-out-of-the-blue pairing on that list is Scripps/Posner.

There is a lot of slash on that list, which probably surprises no one, but in all honesty, I don't consider myself to primarily be a slasher. Shipper, yes, but it's more that a lot of those fandoms are dominated by male characters, so it's just more likely for me to lean towards the slash. In fandoms with more dominant female characters (Firefly, West Wing, X-Files...), I tend towards het. And a lot of my secondary OTPs are het as well (see above special mentions).

There is no femslash on this list, which actually makes me kind of sad. I very rarely ship two women, though there are a number of pairings I'll gladly read (Kaylee/Inara! Kara/Kat! CJ/ANYONE EVER! Any combo of Rose/Martha/Donna!). I'm not sure whether this says more about myself or the really depressing representation of women in popular media. This may also change once I start actually watching Merlin, because the Gwen/Morgana looks pretty awesome from where I'm sitting.

I dunno. What do you think?
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It's Yuletide sign-up time! I am strangely unenthusiastic about Yuletide this year, possibly because I am so wildly obsessed with three ineligible fandoms right now (Doctor Who, Torchwood, West Wing) and don't have much fandom energy to spare for anything else. And I was ridiculously conservative with my offers -- I only offered to write three fandoms, the bare minimum. There are others I could technically write, but when I started to select them, I thought about exactly how I'd feel if that's what I was stuck with, and decided against. Not this year. Also, I have a thing about not signing up for fandoms I've written for Yuletides past. Like His Dark Materials. Almost, almost signed up to offer it -- but there's no way in hell I could ever possibly top last year's HDM fic (to date, still by far the most popular fic I've written in any fandom ever), and I'd only frustrate myself by trying.

But I'd be happy writing in the three fandoms I did offer, so that's fine. Including one fandom I've offered, like, every year, and I so badly want to finally be matched to it. Which means I'm sure it'll be one of the other two. Sigh.
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Okay, I realize I'm way behind on this, but cut me some slack, I was wandering through Italy when it originally went down.



May. 25th, 2008 06:19 pm
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So, I randomly saw Prince Caspian today. I originally set out to troll all the thrift shops in Chicago in search of a certain prop for my show, but discovered very quickly that, of course, all such shops are closed for the holiday weekend. Which is immensely frustrating because I need this prop by Tuesday, and this long empty holiday weekend was the only time I had to try to hunt it down. I'm not sure what I'm going to do now, since I have work all day Tuesday and can't go prop-hunting again until, y'know, NEXT weekend. Fuck. Anyway. Trudging away discouraged from a closed Salvation Army, I stumbled across a movie theater, and they had a Narnia showing starting literally right at that moment. I figured, this is clearly fate.

mild spoilers for Prince Caspian )


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