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[personal profile] tassosss prompted: a story you want to write but haven't yet.

My Yuletide fic! Ahahahaoh god. Seriously, though, this doesn't tend to be a thing for me -- I'm usually just pretty into the couple of WIPs I have going at any particular moment. If I have an idea for a story, I generally just start writing it. (Granted, the writing part can be...very, very slow sometimes.) There are always abandoned WIPs I really wish I'd finished back when I still cared about them, but that's not exactly the same thing. So right now, I really do want to write my Yuletide fic, and the handful of remaining scenes in my Steve/Bucky fic, and also the continuation of the X-Men/Firefly fusion I started almost a year ago and still do intend to finish someday. Beyond that...um, I want to write a Sam Wilson-centric fic, but I don't have a firm enough idea of what that would be yet. I still very much want a Steve&Bucky Vietnam War AU, but still don't think I could actually do it justice, so it's highly unlikely I'll ever actually write that one.

However, there are ALWAYS a good handful of vid ideas percolating in the back of my head that I'm just waiting for the time to tackle. (That time being "after Yuletide and Festivids are done," specifically.) There's a new vidding project I'm contributing to (the fridged girlfriends vid I mentioned a couple of weeks ago) and a revolution vid I'm pondering sources for. Vidding is easier than writing for me at the moment, not sure why.
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