Jan. 1st, 2014

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Happy New Year! I staggered home at around 5am, then spent today with high school friends. Mostly I'm just getting really stressed out about the show I'm stage managing and returning to rehearsals tomorrow and tech starting in a little over the week and all the props I need to create or procure by then. Yay?

In the meantime, Yuletide reveals!

in the religion of the insecure (5512 words) by kaydeefalls
Fandom: Queer as Folk (UK)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Relationships: Stuart Alan Jones/Vince Tyler
Characters: Vince Tyler, Stuart Alan Jones, Hazel Tyler, Nathan Maloney, Alexander Perry, Romey Sullivan, Lisa Levene
Additional Tags: Established Relationship, domestic anxiety, talking out your stupid feelings, other people's weddings
Summary: In which Vince is stalked by a wedding invitation, Manchester hasn't changed nearly enough, and Stuart knows what he wants, thank you very much.

You don't understand, I have been offering QAF UK for Yuletide for about seven or eight years running now, and never ONCE have I been matched for this fandom. I am so happy I finally got the chance to write it! My prompt from [livejournal.com profile] hildigunnur was: "Fourteen years later, Vince and Stuart find themselves in Manchester again. Nathan is getting married, Alfred has a girlfriend and Hazel just meddles in everything." I was initially stumped by this prompt, to be honest -- future!fic and domesticity are not my usual cup of tea -- but once I forced myself to just sit down and start writing whatever came into my head, I realized that the real issue was going to be what Nathan getting married meant for Vince, specifically. Vince has always been torn between his simultaneous desire for and abject terror of commitment; running off with Stuart at the end of the series allowed him to indulge his love/devotion to his best friend without any of the trappings of permanency and domesticity that make him feel so trapped. (I mean, it's more complicated than that, but still.) So once I got Vince's voice in my head, this all tumbled out in the space of like 36 hours. Also because I left it so last-minute, oops. Anyway. It was fun to finally write these two properly, and my recipient seemed to enjoy it, so that's all good.

There was one Sleepy Hollow treat I badly wanted to write based on a prompt that gave me ALL THE BUNNIES, but I never did have time for it. May wind up writing that fic anyway, eventually, although I maybe I should ask permission to use their prompt first, since the exchange is over? Not sure what the protocol is there.
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Much like 2012, I sucked at being fannish this year. For once, my primary pull away from fandom was actually being social and reasonably busy in my real life, as opposed to being swamped with working too many jobs and lonely and depressed. 2013 treated me better than any year has in a while, although there's still plenty of room for improvement, so while I didn't produce as much fic as I would have liked, I'm not particularly sorry about it. (I AM sorry for still not having finished Queen's Gambit, if only because having that damn thing hanging over my head constantly is really freaking aggravating now.) My word count for this year is about 10k lower than it was for 2012, but I did create more total fics and vids this year. The fics were just shorter overall. And I dunno what the equivalent for word count should be for vids -- length in minutes?

So while I wait for the new Sherlock episode (!!!) to download, here comes the usual yearly writing/vidding round-up. Also, at the end there's a scene from the next chapter of Queen's Gambit, as my promise that I really will finish it someday.

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