Jun. 8th, 2006 02:42 pm
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Guys. I just took my last exam for the year. I'm done with Trinity FOREVER, and I NEVER have to come back. Good riddance to a shitty year.

My flight back to NYC is tomorrow evening, and then I get back to Chicago on Tuesday.

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So. After three days and one night of taking pictures, I present: Dublin, or at least the parts of it I like to take pictures of. I didn't stray much from the city centre for these, because, frankly, I LIVE in city centre, and that's where I tend to wander.

assload of pictures behind cut. dial-up beware. )
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Oh, the weather in Dublin has been absolutely GLORIOUS for the past few days. It finally feels like spring. And I took myself out shopping today to reward myself for surviving the year (minus one last exam next week). You have to understand, I almost NEVER go shopping just for the sake of shopping. Like maybe once a year. So. And that was glorious, too, and now I have two shirts and a lovely summery skirt and shot glasses for the apartment and a book to read on the flight home. Spending money on myself for purely frivolous reasons! I feel positively DECADENT, even though it only came to about 30euro, all told. Also, just knowing that I'm going to be going home in exactly one week automatically lifts my mood. Home! I've packed up my posters and the one box I'm shipping, it makes it all seem so blissfully real.

And now supposedly I'm meeting some classmates for a "study group" the student pub. To revise for that last exam. Right.

Spring! I'll post some Dublin pics later. I keep meaning to go out at night and take some pics of Temple Bar at the height of its drunkenness, but that hasn't happened yet. We'll see.
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It's Passover, guys, and for quite literally the first time in my life, I have no Seder to go to. O_O This is...BEYOND tragic. For reasons I've never even figured out myself, Passover is my favorite holiday, and I HAVE NO SEDER. *flails balefully*

I know that technically, the college Ministry provides services for people of all religions, and if I went and asked, they could probably find the only Jews in all Ireland and set me up with their Seder. But then again, a Seder with neither friends nor family would probably be worse than no Seder at all.

Ah, well. I'll just have to have a virtual Seder with my LJ. *brings out the virtual Manishevitz and virtual matzoh ball soup* Party starts at sundown, guys!
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I totally just wrote half the essay in under three hours. And that time includes at least an hour of mucking about the internet and playing computer games. If I keep up this pace, I may actually get a reasonable amount of sleep tonight.

Granted, that was the easier half, because of the two plays I'm analyzing, that's the one that most neatly fits my thesis. So the other half probably won't proceed quite so easily. But still. *pumps fist*

Right, time for a dinner break.
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It's St. Patrick's Day. I'm living in Dublin. Quite near City Centre, in fact. Do you know what happens in Dublin on St. Patrick's Day?

Let's just say, I've been outside, and now I fully intend to hide in my room for the rest of the evening. SO MANY DRUNK IRISH PEOPLE WTF.
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Jan. 19th, 2006 02:53 pm
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I must say, I approve of Irish winters so far. It just doesn't get cold here the way it does in Chicago or even New York. Sure, the sun doesn't come out much, but the chill in the air is pleasant rather than bone-numbing and miserable. And it's postively balmy right now -- don't need much more than a sweater. I'm a fan.
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6:45am, and essay #1 is complete. I clocked in at 3,741 words -- a bit over the recommended word count, but actually, for this course, I can get out of taking the final examination if my combined essay word count for the two terms is 7000-8000 words, so that's all right then. It just means I don't have to write quite as much for the essay next term.

Well, I can get in three hours of sleep before class. Which I wouldn't mind, really, except that tomorrow night -- er, tonight, rather -- is gonna be ANOTHER all-nighter, and two in a row is death for me. Ah, well. I'll hit the sheets Friday afternoon at 5 and sleep through Saturday.

Stupid Irish winters. If I'm going to be up until nearly seven o'clock, I'd damn well like to see the sun rise. Hmph. It still looks like the middle of the night outside, which is cruelly deceptive.


Jan. 12th, 2006 02:42 am
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My hatred of essays knows no bounds. Not that this is exactly newsworthy seeing as I complain about it every time I have to write one of the dratted things, but still. Two 3000-word essays due Friday by 5pm. And classes to attend somewhere in there, and being first week, I feel that skipping would be unwise. The next 38 hours are going to be HELL, seeing as I spent most of yesterday trying to recover from jet lag and getting no work done and therefore still have about 5000 of those 6000 words left to write.

I need someone to invent a concentration hat, so that I could actually focus on these damned essays without having my mind wander all over the place. Seriously, if I could just really focus and not think about anything else, I could probably get these done in a third the time. I'm a quick writer. I just get...bored.
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So. I'm back in Dublin. My luggage, however, is not. The airline claimed they knew where it was, and would call me by 2pm at the latest. This has not happened. I can't get the phone number they gave me to work, no matter what international code shit I put in front of it. The lost bag website tells me they haven't even LOCATED my bag yet.

Almost all the clothes I OWN are in that bag. I don't have a very big wardrobe. Without it, I have here pajamas and a few t-shirts. And the clothes I wore on the flight over, of course. No underwear, no socks, no trousers. ALL MY FUCKING CLOTHES. And, y'know, my kit of toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, etc, which I usually keep in my carry-on but decided to put in my main bag at the last minute to make my carry-on lighter and less bulky. So. Can't change clothes, can't shower. And it's not like I'm just a vacationer here. This is where I'm living for the next five months. I didn't just put a week's worth of clothing in there, I had EVERYTHING.

If I have to fucking replace my entire goddamn wardrobe, I will hurt someone. I'm already practically crying (the whole uber-jet lag / no sleep on plane isn't exactly helping my stress levels and coping ability here). I just. I can't lose this bag. They HAVE to find it. I don't have many clothes, but I love what little I own, and to lose ALL of it would just

See, I so should never have left the States again.

ETA: After a long and harrowing process that revealed EVEN MORE of the stupid, stupid Irish bureaucracy than I'd already encountered, we seem to have located my bag. Some silly bint took my bag home with her from the airport by mistake. This is why I always peek into my bags before I leave the airport, just to make sure I have my own stuff and no one else's. I'm also somewhat shifty of this lady now, because she must be blind or stupid, because I SAW all of the lonely bags left behind from our flight, and although one or two had roughly the same coloring as my bag, none of them really looked anything like it. I assume one of those bags must be hers; ergo, she is blind and/or stupid to have taken mine. BAH.

But at least I should be getting my bag back, which is the important thing here.


Dec. 7th, 2005 11:48 pm
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Essay word count: 1000/3000, slowly slogging away.

It's like NaNoWriMo, except with fewer words and a very real deadline. I suppose I could heighten the suspense by adding in the other essay I need to write before winter break to the total count, which puts me at 1000/6000 total. Urg.


Dec. 7th, 2005 03:28 am
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After two long nights of staring blankly at the Word document that claims to be my final essay, a progress report!: 554 / 3000 words written.

Oh, man, it's gonna be a long week.
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The heat in my room does not go on. This is not a happy thing. I mean, obviously my room is warmer than, say, outside, but that doesn't make it warm. And it's bloody freezing outside. Here I was, very grateful to be bypassing a Chicago winter for the more temperate climes of Ireland, and apparently the Irish are expecting the coldest winter in several decades. Thanks, Ireland, for making me feel right at home. *shivers*

In other news, I know this is heretical (as several of the other American students here have told me), but I'm quite glad to have missed Thanksgiving. It's my least favorite holiday. My family stresses me out, and I don't particularly like any of the traditional Thanksgiving foods -- turkey and mashed potatoes are very eh, and I detest cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie. So while I wouldn't have minded the two days off from classes, it's nice to be in a country that doesn't celebrate a holiday based around a rather bullshit and racist historical occurrence that was the First Thanksgiving we learned about in grade school, second only in trumped-up WTFness to Columbus Day (oh, don't get me started). But anyway. I know that a lot of people in the US genuinely love Thanksgiving, so for those of you who did celebrate it, I hope it was suitably splendiferous.

On the other hand, last year I spent Thanksgiving with the boyfriend's family, and I rather enjoyed that. Other people's family tensions and oddities are amusing to observe, whereas my own family just makes me want to scream. So it goes.

Damn, I wish the Rent movie was out in Ireland. I'll have to wait for winter break to see it.
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Why is it that whenever the spirit of schoolwork actually moves me to, say, start one of these essays, the library is closed? Oh, right, because I do all my best work (no, seriously, though) late at night, and the library closes at 10pm. So even though at 10pm I consider there to be at least two or three solid hours of school-related productivity ahead, I can't do anything. Because to start my research, I need access to library books. And the library here closes. At 10pm. You know, back home, the university library is open 'til midnight. I'm just sayin'. Those are VALUABLE hours.

Also, this library isn't open on weekends, a.k.a. my only solid chunks of free time. HOW IS THIS A GOOD IDEA? I mean, during the week, there are classes and extracurriculars and things. Weekends are work times. Given my ridiculously hectic schedule for the next two weeks, weekends seem to be my ONLY available work times. Well, and late nights.

Clearly, the library WANTS me to fail all my classes.

on school.

Nov. 16th, 2005 10:47 pm
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As the term progresses, I am increasingly thankful that my grades for this year don't count towards my GPA. When the Study Abroad people first told us that, I was all WTF I AM GOOD STUDENT ALL MY GRADES SHOULD COUNT. But over here, I'm really coming to realize how different the British/Irish method of study is from the American, and I'm already quite nervous about failing my final exams. I'm not the sort of person who really stresses out about schoolwork -- bitch about it, sure, but not really worry, because I know I'm reasonably intelligent and I know my shit and I can write good essays and such. But here, I've actually been having nightmares about final exams, which, y'know, is ever so slightly premature as they are in MAY. Because I don't know how to prepare for this sort of exam. I don't even know where to begin. And I feel like I must be miles and miles behind all the Irish students in terms of classwork, because we have no assignments aside from reading, and with some notable exceptions (i.e. we will be discussing play X so read it before coming to class), the reading, while relevant, really doesn't seem necessary. I mean, the prof sits there and lectures us on the topic of the week, and we take notes and are rarely called on to speak or discuss much. So the readings just sort of seem like...background info, and I wind up not doing them because the important info is covered in the lecture. And coming from the UofC, where discussion is the primary element of nearly all my classes, trying to learn in a purely lecture-based environment is...really quite difficult for me, actually. And then we're graded on one essay per term plus the final exam, and that's IT. Also alien to me. The essays, of course, are a bit longer than the ones I'm used to writing (although I have, on occasion, written longer), and heavily rely on doing a shitload of research outside of class. Which, pathetic as this may sound, I'm not at all used to. I'm used to having the required texts for the course, and reading them all cover to cover, and writing about them. Here, it's all "well, this is the play for the week and here is a bibliography of fifty books that are relevant to the course that might be interesting to look over." This boggles me. I don't know what to do with this information. Read all fifty books per course? That can't possibly be what they expect of us. Or is it? I don't know. The other Visiting Students in my classes are just as baffled as I am. Well, I guess we'll all go down together.

I'm just. I don't know. My grades are probably going to be lower this year than ever before in my life, and I don't really know what to do about it. Everyone has a system of learning that works best for them, and this is just definitely not mine.

Ah, fuck it. I'm not going into academia, anyway. I'm not even planning on going to grad school, which makes me quite the black sheep at my home university. To be honest, I'm only in college because I know I need the degree to get anywhere in my life. I'm sick of schooling. I'd much rather be out in the real world, learning by experience instead of out of books. But that, my parents/teachers/friends say, would be a waste of my intelligence, so here I am.

and such.

Nov. 1st, 2005 12:42 pm
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Attempt #2 at registering with Immigration Bureau and not-getting-deported: curses, foiled again! Well, possibly not. This part is probably my fault, for not realizing exactly how long a wait there would be to register. And after taking my ticket and sitting around for about an hour, realizing that there's very little chance in hell that my number would be called before my class at 2pm. (I got there at 11am.) So decided to cut my losses and leave, but kept my numbered ticket with me. Class ends at 3pm, so I'll go back to the bureau then. If my calculations are correct, my number won't be called until at LEAST 3pm anyway, so it's possible it'll all work out in the end. It doesn't help that there were only four desks open to register people, out of about ten in the room. Stupid understaffed immigration bureau.

If this fails, I'll go back tomorrow at 8am and PRAY, because tomorrow's my deadline for not getting deported. Ah, fuck.

In better news, I have been cast in a play. It is a Greek drama, which I would normally avoid but I am most desperate for something to do. Euripides' The Bacchae. I'm one of the Bacchae. I'm not sure how many of us nameless Bacchae there are, but from the director's description at auditions, even though we have no names or individual lines, we are onstage quite a lot doing many amusing and random things, so that should be fun. And, hey, if I'm serious about this theater business, it should be most educational for me to be in a Greek Chorus. Origins of modern theater, yo.
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My Lighting Design class is going to be all kinds of awesome. The prof is incredibly enthusiastic about lighting in an oddly low-key sort of way, and he's all about being blatantly honest and telling lots of stories and messing around with lights a lot instead of taking exams, and how our final assessment is to light a show and he hopes we all do terrible designs because then we'll be able to analyze them more interestingly and learn more from them and get higher marks. Gah. I signed up for this class because, as a director, I'm sick of feeling like an idiot when I talk to my lighting designer and I want to actually be able to talk intelligently about it. But this guy makes me want to BE an LD. So much coolness.

My other classes here so far have just been, well, classes. You know. Interesting enough, in their way, but nothing brilliant. So this is a huge improvement. Maybe I really will get something out of being here.
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Received e-mail from IS Services. Will attend training clinic tomorrow, if they let me in (they might not, due to it being a "postgrad" clinic, but for fuck's sake, what's the point of sending me the go-ahead e-mail AFTER all the undergrad clinics are over?), which means I SHOULD get internet in my dorm sometime tomorrow afternoon.

Theoretically. But the only thing I've really learned in Ireland so far is that they'd rather drown you in paperwork and bureaucracy than actually help you. And they take two-hour lunch breaks.


Oct. 10th, 2005 02:14 pm
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Urg. Further hatred of bureaucracies. So last week, I had to submit a form listing the classes I wanted to take, in order of preference. I did. Belatedly, I realized that no one ever told us how we'd find out which ones we were registered for. But I figured hey, I have the timetables, I'll just go to the first course on my list that meets this week and find out from the lecturer. Which would be a class in Playwriting, my second choice course, which meets today (Monday) at 2pm.

Now, the Drama department here? The building is extremely confusing if you've never been in it before. I wasn't even sure where the correct entrance was, so I waited around outside until I saw some other students go in. Okay. So there's a long, narrow corridor, with just one door at the end. Along the corridor are bulletin boards, which include such helpful information as, y'know, what classes each student is registered for. According to the date at the top of the list, they've been there since Friday. Well, that would've been nice to know.

I find my name on the list. I'm apparently registered for six courses -- six. For the full year. And only two this term. You know how many courses I'm required to take for the UofC to consider it a full courseload? TEN.

WHAT THE FUCK. And I listed every damn course that I found even remotely interesting on that preference sheet. Twelve courses in all. I got into SIX. If I couldn't get into any of the other six I listed...well, what's left? I'm probably going to be stuck in a course I have no interest in. There's a course in Avant Garde Theatre that sounded absolutely deadly in the course descriptions. I'll bet that's the one that still has openings.

Incidentally, I might add, our places in the courses are fairly randomly selected. It has nothing to do with merit or anything. It's not like I wrote a lousy essay or something; I just got the short end of the stick in a major way. And I know a lot of the other Visiting Students are taking classes in multiple departments, so taking only six in Drama is fine because they'll take the other four in literature, or something. I'm ONLY in the Drama Dept. I don't have that option.

The Drama Dept. office opens again at 2:30 (also, WTF is it with offices here and how they close for 2+ hours for lunch?). I need to get this sorted, fast. This is ridiculous.

ETA: Sorted, finally, although I'm not entirely happy with the results, but at least I've got the proper amount of courses now. And yes, I'm in the dratted Avant Garde course. Urg. Well, Know Thy Enemy, etc.
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Back in internet cafe. Out of sheer boredom. Okay, so I bought two plug adaptor things so that I could, say, plug in my laptop and clock and things. So. Trying to plug my clock in first, I realize that my clock plug is weird and doesn't fit into the adaptor. But aha! I say, I have a surge protector for my laptop which I never use! So I plug the clock into the surge protector and the surge protector into the adaptor and the adaptor into the wall. And then (because Ireland is weird), I turn on the electricity for that plug.

ZAP! says the electricity. HISS! says the smoke trickling out of the surge protector. OH MY SWEET FUCKING JESUS! says Kaydee, as she jumps the hell away from the electric outlet.


Okay, see, I thought the point of these adaptor thingys is that they MAKE IT OKAY to plug a foreign object into the strange high-voltage Irish outlets. SO WTF.

Later, I tentatively tried plugging my laptop into the wall, because according to the fine print, the thing what connects my Dell laptop into the wall is a sort of adaptor itself, and can supposedly handle ridiculously high voltages already. So, plug that into the adaptor just to get the correctly-shaped plug, and theoretically my laptop battery thing can handle the voltage. Move all possibly flammable objects away from outlet, just in case. And, cringing, I turned on the electricity.


By which I really mean NOTHING. The electricity does not go on. Neither does it function for any of the other outlets in my room. So. There are two possible conclusions to be drawn here: 1. My surge protector was faulty and went fizz just because. 2. I BURNT OUT ALL THE ELECTRICITY IN MY DORM ROOM EVER.

No tech support in the dorm yet. Heck, have yet to see signs that any responsible adult-type people have anything whatsoever to do with my dorm, as have only seen other international students here so far.

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So, I'm in Dublin. I couldn't sleep on the plane, so I've been awake for more hours than I care to contemplate. I'm wandering around the city in a sort of haze. And the dorms don't turn the internet on until Wednesday, when people who aren't new students officially start moving in, internet for three days. I'm at an internet cafe now, but I don't think I'll take the time and money to do this again. It's only a few days, right? Also. Every bloody office where I can sign in and pay fees and get information is closed on Sunday, of course of course. BAH.

I think Dublin's cool, but it's hard to tell. Tired. Also, have eaten virtually nothing in past 24 hours. Need to find quick & easy food of some sort. Well, since campus is right smack in the middle of the city, that shouldn't be hard. I passed a bajillion pubs and stuff just finding this internet cafe.

Whee, etc. More enthusiasm later, when have slept. Much hatred for jet lag.


Aug. 9th, 2005 01:30 pm
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I just found out that I got accepted into campus housing at Trinity. My first choice hall, oddly enough, since when I applied they claimed that hall was no longer available and I had to pick a different one. Well, neener, online application.

Holy shit. It's starting to sink in that I'm actually going to be living in Ireland for a year.

In more distressing (for me) news, my supervisor at work tells me that all internet access to employees will be restricted sometime soon, because some jerks were found visiting porn websites at work. Fuckses. How am I supposed to get through six long hours of mindless data entry without my internet distractions? *clings*

*exploits internet access while it lasts*


Jun. 8th, 2005 12:07 pm
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I have just finished my last final paper of the school year. Those were the last words that I will write for a class at the University of Chicago until the fall of 2006. The next class I take will be in Ireland.

Fuckin' yeah!
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I'm now officially spending next year at Trinity College, Dublin.



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