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[personal profile] endeni asks: Favorite Who characters?

All of them, except the Doctor.

No, ok, for real, though, I have a thing with Doctor Who where I love just about everybody unreservedly and asking me to play favorites makes me cry a little. Like, I think Clara has suffered from some really mediocre and inconsistent writing in her tenure as companion, but if you insult her as a character I will rain vengeance down upon you like fires of a thousand suns. (Or, well, not, because I'm not a very confrontational person, but I will seethe quietly and think slightly less of you as a person.) And this goes for ALL THE COMPANIONS. All of them! Except Adam, he's a douche, that's why he got kicked off the TARDIS after an episode and a half, nobody likes Adam.

I can only speak intelligently about New Who, because I've only seen a handful of Old Who episodes (and pledge undying devotion to Ace, butch pyromaniac of my heart), but how on earth am I expected to pick a favorite out of this batch of companions? Rose, my first Companion (and I think your first Companion says as much about you as your first Doctor), with her trust and her optimism and her ability to find the good in anyone and her smile that outshone every star in the galaxy. Jack, the eternal contradiction, the man so wholly comfortable and confident in who he was and what he wanted, yet always trying and failing to outrun his past. Mickey, so much more than a tin dog, finding reserves of strength and bravery within himself that he might never have known he possessed otherwise, including the courage to choose his own path away from everything and everyone he'd ever known. Martha, the true healer, who never needed the Doctor half as much as he needed her, who stitched a whole broken world back together with the strength of her words, who knew when it was time to say no thank you and walk away. Donna, bold and brash and funny and with such cripplingly low self-esteem, who never apologized for who she was but finally learned to be proud of herself, too. Amy, geeky and gorgeous and brave, who truly shared the Doctor's fascination with the unknown and sense of adventure, whose loyalty to the family she created was stronger than even she knew. Rory, the boy who waited, the boy who would do anything and everything for love. And River and Clara and Danny and SARAH JANE SMITH GODDAMN, I can't even.

I enjoy the Doctor as a character a great deal, but I only really care about him through the eyes of his Companions. Nine was my first and probably will always be my secret favorite, but honestly, I don't watch the show for him. It's all about the wonderful marvelous people who choose to travel with him.

beta beta

Nov. 21st, 2014 05:06 pm
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All right, screw it. It's begging for betas time!

First, a vid -- anyone up to date on Doctor Who willing to do a quick beta on a 3-min Danny Pink vid? I chugged this thing out in one marathon vidding session last night, and I'm gonna go back and do a round of tweaks on it now, but another set of eyes would be extremely welcome.

And second -- Steve/Bucky fic. I feel weird asking for this before the fic itself is complete, but I've been struggling with this fucker for months now, and having someone else willing to read through it and talk to me about it would be all kinds of helpful. Right now it's at about 25k words, but I'm finally in the home stretch, so I'm guessing I've only got about 5k more to write. And I am DETERMINED to finish this thing before Yuletide. It's driving me nuts. (It's also a sequel to somebody hears you. (you know that.), but you don't need to read that first -- it picks up where that fic left off, from Steve's POV, and is much more heavily focused on the Steve/Bucky relationship.)

I am always more than happy to beta your own work in exchange. Or I can write/vid you a thing, maybe. IDK.

doctor who

Nov. 8th, 2014 10:54 pm
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No deep thoughts, just needed to say - spoilers, sweetie )
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Happy holidays to all, whatever you may celebrate! Although it's weird how freaking early Chanukah was this year. Anyway, I managed to complete my Yuletide fic by the skin of my teeth, so that happened, and now I've bounced straight into Festivids crunch time. some vidding blather and frustration )

So, back to Yuletide! I got two gifts -- At Day's End, a Provost's Dog fic about Beka post-series, which is very sweet and lovely, and a little treatlet, The Roommate, a little Elementary Joan/Bell + Sherlock ficlet that made me very, very happy, and also I wish there were more of it.

I only wrote one fic, but despite the last-minute rush job, I'm rather pleased with how it turned out, and it was a fandom I'd been yearning to write in for YEARS, so that was fun to revisit. There are more than 2500 works in the main collection this year, so of course I doubt anyone will figure this out, but if by some fluke you manage to guess which fic I wrote, I will totally write or vid you ANYTHING YOU WANT. Clues: 1. It is a TV fandom, that I have 2. definitely talked about on this journal before, though not recently, and have introduced at least one or two of you to personally, and 3. is a slash fic for one of my favorite ever OTPs.

And rounding out the holiday season, of course, we had the Doctor Who Christmas Special. I had...mixed feelings. spoilers, sweetie )
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So for the past week, I have been sick, menstruating, and in tech/performances. Any one of these would be stressful enough. All three at once just seems like a big FUCK YOU from the universe. Oh, well, I've survived the week, and the show is closed -- just a quickie three-night cabaret, would have been a lot more fun if I hadn't had the damn flu the whole time. (I think it's the flu. It could also be a cold that's manifesting weirdly for me. Or possibly the plague.) So now I can rest up a bit, and hopefully NOT BE SICK ANYMORE UGH.

But anyway! I made a thing a few weeks ago, and now that [community profile] eleventyfest reveals are up, I can post it properly.

All Maps Welcome (1711 words) by kaydeefalls
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Doctor Who (2005)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Clara Oswin Oswald, Eleventh Doctor
Additional Tags: POV Female Character, Companions, Friendship, complete and utter lack of jealousy
Summary: She knows she's not the only person to ever have traveled with the Doctor. It's a comforting thought.

I had a devil of a time getting into Clara's voice for this, and I wrote it all super last minute, but for all that, I kind of like it anyway. My recipient never responded to it, as far as I know, but from the master list, it looks like they dropped out of the fest, so possibly fandom is just not a thing that's happening for them at the moment, and I definitely understand that. I miss being able to write a lot. I know it comes and goes for me, and I'm not stressing out about it, but writer's block is sad and frustrating all the same.

On the other hand, I'm almost finished with a vid for an almost completely dead fandom, so that will be a thing! A thing that nobody but me will ever watch, to be specific. But I'm enjoying myself anyway. Hopefully I'll finish that up next week, now that this cabaret's done with and I maybe have some time to myself again. (It's a Buffy vid. A high school Buffy vid. Because that's just how my brain works, apparently, and also I've been doing a rewatch lately. I also really want to make a vidlet focused solely on "The Wish", but I can't quite find the right music for it yet. And also WTF that fandom is virtually nonexistent at this point, why am I getting all the vid bunnies now.)
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So, I just saw Arthur Darvill on Broadway as the lead in Once from six rows from the front of the orchestra.

I may be having some OMG RORY feelings tonight.

This has been a good couple of weeks for me and theatre and Doctor Who actors, oddly enough -- last week I saw the all-black RSC production of Julius Caesar at BAM with, among others, Paterson Joseph as Brutus and Adjoa Andoh (Martha's mum) as Portia. Who were both really fucking amazing, though the guy playing Antony (Ray Fearon) completely stole the show with his brilliant interpretation of the "Friends, Romans, Countrymen" speech.

Anyway. So Arthur Darvill is apparently a really talented musician as well as a lovely actor, and I basically spent the whole show like ♥_♥ and the rest of the cast was quite talented as well and I'm more than a little bit in love right now.

Seriously, incidental enjoyment of Who actors aside, seeing these two wildly different but equally good productions in the past week and a half has very much driven home that to me, the theatre is a sacred space. There is nothing in the world that transfixes me quite like live theatre. It's not -- Broadway, or being fond of a television actor on a stage. It's just that the experience of sitting in an audience with living people twenty or fifty feet away from you creating a whole other world on a stage -- it's unlike any other feeling in the world. I feel more fully alive when I'm in a theatre than...god, any other time. It's why, for all the stress and hassle and shitty hours and worse pay of stage management, I honestly can't imagine ever doing anything else, because the theatre is everything to me. (Also, seriously, being alone in a dark, empty theater with only a ghost light for company makes me feel more at peace than pretty much anything else. I'm a stage manager, I'm often the first person in and the last person out of a theater, so it's not an unusual situation for me. But god, it's glorious. Theatre is an empty space just brimming with potential.)

I sometimes wonder if I'm...broken, or not built right, because it seems like I don't have feelings or form emotional connections in the way normal people do. I mean, not that I don't have feelings at all, obviously, I do, but not the way people around me seem to, and I'm mostly just lonely a lot. I genuinely like most people but don't particularly connect with very many of them. I've only been sort of in love maybe once or twice in my life; I can count the people I truly consider friends on one hand and I'm well aware that I need their friendship far more than they need mine because I'm a very distant and frequently absent sort of friend. When I look into my future, I don't see much of anything for my personal life -- I haven't had sex in years, I doubt I'll ever meet anyone I want to marry (or who wants to marry me), it's extremely unlikely I'll ever have kids. Barring accidents, I'm pretty much going to grow old and die alone, and I'm slowly resigning myself to that. But god, I fall hopelessly, selflessly in love every time I step into a theater. Productions like Once and Julius Caesar completely transport me. This is why I can get so angry about commercialism and Broadway -- empty trash moneymakers like Mamma Mia! or Legally Blonde: The Musical are actively profaning that sacred space for me. (Okay, I've probably never given my Broadway Rant here, but I have one, and many people who know me IRL have heard bits of it.) Good theatre, true storytelling, is just...magical.

...this post wound up being way less about seeing Rory on Broadway than it was supposed to be. Anyway. He was really, really good? And he can sing and play guitar. For real.

new who

Apr. 1st, 2013 12:17 am
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There was a new episode of Who! It was fun! I really like Clara! minor spoiler )

and one criticism )
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So I'm working on this Ponds vid. The song I'm using is on the long side, so I made a couple of edits to it right off the bat -- in particular, cutting a full verse out near the beginning. (It starts verse-verse-chorus; I reduced it to just verse-chorus). And I vid linearly, for the most part, so I've put in clips through the first chorus and into the verse after that. Except listening to the song, I realized that I've put too much emphasis on the earliest Pond episodes, and that might unbalance the vid as a whole. So either I can reedit what I've got right now, or push forward and see if it really does become a problem later on -- which it might not, or that might mean that I'll have to do a lot MORE reediting later.

Then it occurred to me that if I stuck the verse I'd cut back into the song, I'd have much more room to maneuver. Which, okay, less is more, and putting MORE music back in (when I'd quite liked the shortened version) feels very counterintuitive to me, but out of sheer curiosity, I saved a new draft of the vid and reinserted the verse. And then I watched that draft through what I had, without changing the placement of a single clip, though I knew I'd then have to reedit heavily since, y'know, I'd been vidding a completely different part of the song, and that video would play over the 2nd verse instead of the chorus, and so onward.


This creeps me out quite a lot. Like, even the different lyrics work! I mean, the song has a very steady, rhythmic beat, which explains why the rhythm of the clips still works, but I can't believe it still flows right thematically as well. Maybe I've got the 1am crazies or something? Seriously, I may just proceed with the vid from here, without changing a thing I've already got. (Well, I know I'll do som reedits later, because I always do, but you know what I mean.) But how the hell did THAT work out? And it really does buy me the space I'd wanted to go into more depth with the story, which is also of the good. Except...christ, now I'm worried again that the vid will be too damn long. (It's right around 5 minutes now -- I still cut a good 30-40 seconds off the original song later on in it. With the verse cut, though, it was more like 4:15, which feels like the longest any vid should be to me.)

Other vidders, any thoughts on vid length? I mean, 4:15 is plenty of time to tell a story -- I should probably go back to my original draft and edit that instead. I don't want to get hopelessly self-indulgent. But...Ponds! And there's a hell of a lot of character arc in early S5 -- more so, I think, than in S6, which is all over the freaking map -- so maybe it wouldn't feel unbalanced anyway. ARGH.

Fics-in-progress are way easier to discuss with people than vids. I have nobody I can SHOW this to right now, and it's much simpler to share a googledoc of a fic than the first minute and a half of a vid draft.
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Also I loved the latest Doctor Who episode to bitty bitty bits and spoilers for 7x02 )

Nov. 21st, 2011 04:26 pm
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If anyone hasn't seen them yet, new Doctor Who minisodes!

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Okay, so I fell a bit behind on Doctor Who, which meant I just sat down and finally watched 6x09-11 in one stretch. brief spoilers )
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I don't watch much TV while it's actually airing, but damn, am I ever loving Game of Thrones. It's been long enough since I read the books that while I recognize all the characters and plot points as they happen, I don't remember enough to know what they're changing or leaving out, which I think is for the best all around. And knowing certain characters' fates keeps me happy when they're busy being COMPLETELY DESPICABLE onscreen.

Incidentally, casting I approve of that I haven't seen anyone else mention: AIDEN GILLEN AS PETYR BAELISH, OMG. I don't know whether I'm more gleeful or disturbed watching Stuart Alan Jones portray that sneaky SOB Littlefinger, but either way, I'm enjoying him thoroughly. book spoiler )

And casting that made me giggle inappropriately: Thorne, the training master at the Wall, is played by the chief cannibal in Torchwood's "Countrycide" episode ("Because it makes me happy."). AND HE HAD A CREEPY LITTLE SPEECH ABOUT CANNIBALISM IN EP 4. Talk about typecasting!

Without being too spoilery, Tyrion's speech this episode was MADE OF WIN. Also, spoilers for both miniseries and books )

I'm...enjoying GoT more than this season's Doctor Who, actually. Apart from the Gaiman episode, and of course my undying love for Amy, Rory, and Eleven (and River, and Canton!), this series hasn't really been doing it for me so far. I dunno. I feel like it's lost some of the fairytale magic of S5, and I really dislike the framing arc of the season around spoiler for 6x01 ) I hate being negative about one of my favorite shows ever, and I do still love all the characters deeply. I just haven't been enjoying this series as a whole anywhere near as much as I have S1-5, though it's certainly still better than the endless last year of Ten's holiday specials. It just all feels at about the level of S5's "Hungry Earth"/"In Cold Blood", my least favorite episodes for their sheer boringness, as opposed to...well, everything else. But yeah. "The Doctor's Wife" is the only episode so far this year that truly made me gleeful. The others have all been brief sparks of awesome moments and great characters wrapped up in storylines that didn't hold my attention at all. And I'm not looking forward to the mid-series break, because if there's one thing Doctor Who consistently does well, it's pulling everything in the series together as it builds toward the end, and I don't want to wait another five months or whatever for the really good stuff.
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So Neil Gaiman wrote an episode of Doctor Who, and IT WAS THE GREATEST THING EVER.

I am so blissfully happy, I don't even have the words. Also, dear god, were Gaiman's fingerprints all over that thing or what? From the very first scene, that world and those characters were just so quintessentially Gaiman, they could have walked straight out of Neverwhere or Stardust. <3 <3 <3

And of course he ships Doctor/TARDIS OTP. OF COURSE.

oh teevee.

May. 1st, 2011 11:34 pm
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Bullet points about all the completely unrelated TV shows I've been watching lately:

-DOCTOR WHO: was strangely unimpressed by 6x01, but most of my love was restored with 6x02. I think I may have just been in the wrong mood for Who when I watched the first episode. Unspoilery: AMY/RORY OTP OF MY HEART, HOW ARE YOU SO CONSISTENTLY ADORABLE. Mildly spoilery: minor spoilers )

-GAME OF THRONES: I've really been enjoying this so far, haven't seen the newest episode yet. But it feels very true to the books to me, minor alterations (like character ages) aside. And quite well done. It probably helps that I haven't reread the books in several years, so while I remember characters and major plot points, I'm not making constant mental comparisons as I watch. Also, minor spoiler for ep 2, and the books )

-ANGEL: Halfway through S5. "Why We Fight" was a really, really good episode -- it kind of felt like a completely different show. Prior to that, Cordy's all-too-brief return made me realize just how much I missed old!Cordy (i.e. before the whole Higher Power nonsense and worse return with the horrible pregnancy plotline). Cordy used to be one of my favorites back on Buffy. I forgot that. I miss her lots. :( Spike, of course, has completely stolen the show, which is probably why I'm largely enjoying this season.

-Friends got me to watch the first four episodes of COMMUNITY. It really is as entertaining as promised. This is next on the list to mainline once I'm done with Angel.

Related to TV, I would still hugely appreciate a second pair of eyes on this Whedonverse vid. I generally don't beta my vids, and I'll probably just wind up posting it tomorrow as is, but on the off chance someone's willing...

And unrelated to TV, some asshole demolished the driver's side mirror on my parked car sometime last night. I am royally pissed off about this, and about having to pay for repairs to damage that happened while my car was parked and I wasn't even there. Argh.
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I'm having trouble getting through the Doctor Who Christmas special, because I'm pausing the damn thing like every two minutes so that I can flail around like a crazy person. ALL THE HEARTS EVER IN THE WORLD, OH MY GOD.

And I'm all of...twenty minutes in?

ETA: now with mild spoilers )
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I need to get my last-minute editing hat on, seriously. [livejournal.com profile] tardis_bigbang is due tomorrow. Which mean, you know, as long as it's still Sunday somewhere in the world, I'll be good. But today is already pretty much a wash, since I need to leave for the theater in an hour and then a friend is having a going-away party which will last until god knows when o'clock. So. Tomorrow. EDITING MUST HAPPEN.

I am so ready to just submit this sucker and have done with it, you have no idea.

Also, I am nearing the end of the TV meme!

Day 28 - First TV show obsession

Do we even need to talk about this anymore? The X-Files. Times a billionty. My life from age eleven to sixteen, right there.

Day 29 - Current TV show obsession

Doctor Who! Um, in case that wasn't obvious. I'd actually say the Whoniverse as a whole, but since Torchwood currently lives in the netherworld of we-know-more-will-come-someday-but-not-when-or-what-it'll-look-like...yeah. So I'll go with the parent program for now. Because it's well and thriving, and I fucking love this cast, and is it Christmas yet HOMG. After the endless year of emo!Ten random specials, this series has been a breath of fresh air, and pure joy has been instilled back in the series again.

The last day of the meme deserves its own post, I think.


Jun. 25th, 2010 09:53 pm
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To complement yesterday's picspam:

Day 15 - Favorite female character

THIS WAS EVEN HARDER TO NARROW DOWN THAN BOYS. Shows: BSG - Doctor Who - Firefly - HIMYM - Life - Merlin - QAF UK - Sports Night - Torchwood - True Blood - West Wing - X-Files.



Jun. 24th, 2010 10:25 pm
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What I planned to do this evening: finish the last remaining scenes in my Big Bang fic. (Seriously, there are, like, three scenes I still haven't properly written. And I have failed to finish them ALL WEEK.)

What I did instead: TV MEME!

This is not a big picspam, but I couldn't resist. Shows: Band of Brothers - BSG - Doctor Who - Dollhouse - Firefly - HIMYM - QAF UK - Sports Night - Torchwood - True Blood - West Wing - X-Files.

Day 14 - Favorite male character

Even narrowing it down to one per show -- and not including ALL of the shows I like -- THIS WAS HARD.



Jun. 19th, 2010 06:33 pm
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I am exactly three minutes into the new episode of Doctor Who. But I have to pause to say -- spoiler )

ETA: As unspoilery as possible --

Dear show,
You have successfully broken my heart.
Now you have one episode left to put it back together again.
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TV Meme:
Day 08 - A show everyone should watch

Look, I don't even need to explain this, do I?

doctor who

Because this season has been magical. Seriously, if for some reason you are on my f-list and don't watch Doctor Who, this series is actually a pretty good place to pick right up. New Doctor, new companion, new producers. It's a fairy tale with things that go ding when there's stuff.
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Oh, Doctor Who, how are you so awesome? *draws big sparkly hearts around that episode*

Seriously, excited though I am by the promo for next week (which I assume will be a two-parter -- it's finale time!), I am SUPER SAD that this season is coming to an end. Because it has basically been perfect the whole way through.

At least I know casting spoiler for future, I guess )

Didn't make it to Pride today. But making good progress on Big Bang. I'm much more optimistic about it now, even though getting the draft finished by tomorrow night will still be kind of hectic. But I no longer think the fic sucks, so that's good. Apparently sleeping for twelve hours straight really improves my perspective on life in general. (SLEEP. It does a body good.)

TV meme:
Day 07 - Least favorite episode of your favorite TV show

Still X-Files, so...I should pick something from seasons 8 or 9, which sucked, but I only ever watched any of those episodes once, so I can't remember which one in particular sucked the most. So instead I'll go with a more controversial one: I really can't stand "Jose Chung's From Outer Space". It's kind of a fan favorite, and I've rewatched it several times thinking, oh, this time I'll get what everyone else sees in it, but nope. Hate it. It's supposed to be quirky and funny, and I have a pretty quirky sense of humor, but it just irritates the everloving fuck out of me. I get what he's trying to do with the storytelling, and it's a narrative device I usually like, but I just don't enjoy it at all. I'm not a huge fan of any of Darrin Morgan's episodes, to be honest, but the others at least make me laugh. This one, not so much. Ugh.


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