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I am unemployed. Yay!

Not really yay. Yay to be out of a job that was slowly sapping away my will to live, I guess? Except for the parts of it that weren't, because it was one of the best work environments I've ever had, even though I was pretty thoroughly disillusioned with the work itself.

I'd been there for more than two years, had a great rapport with my boss and coworkers, was given great performance reviews every year. And just before Christmas, my boss and I sat down for a "goals-setting" meeting, and since he has always presented himself as my mentor, I spoke honestly about how the US election made me reevaluate my priorities and I wanted to find a way to transition back into nonprofits or at least work that made me feel like I was making more of a tangible difference in the world, and that I wasn't leaving but I was looking, and would keep him fully apprised every step of the way because I trusted him and believed in him etc etc etc, and a week later he came back and told me that for the good of the company's bottom line, my last day would be March 10th (so that I could hire and train my successor).

So that happened. On the plus side, I now know for sure that this company's values DEFINITELY do not align with my own, and I'm glad to be rid of them. The month I spent training my replacement (who, for the record, is a straight boy right out of college with no experience, which makes me feel super shitty about my life for the past two years if I was that easily replaceable by an infant male) was just...not good. So being out of there is definitely a net plus for my mental health.

Unemployment, obviously, less so. I'm too experienced at this point for admin assistant-level positions, but I haven't seen much to apply for at my actual level. I've been on hold for a job I REALLY want for over a month now -- made it through interviews etc, she even contacted my references and passed my application on to the CEO, and now I'm in a holding pattern of nothingness because they're "undergoing some restructuring" and I just saw the same job posted earlier this week with a slightly different title attached to it, so...yeah. And I've been applying for anything reasonable I can find, but it's a lot fewer and further between than I'd like. At the same time, having just left employment that left me feeling utterly drained and unhappy, I'm not exactly willing to jump at a job that looks even worse.

Look, you've all been there (or are currently there too), I don't need to belabor the point. It just sucks. I've spent my first week of joblessness mostly playing Civ to avoid the real world. I will probably continue to do that for a bit. It's also the first real vacation I've had in years, so, trying to focus on the positive here. I've finally caught up on my sleep. That's nice.

But hey, if anyone in NYC could use a kickass ex-stage manager who wants to do arts/education/nonprofit programs administration, by all means shoot me a link.


Feb. 2nd, 2015 08:24 pm
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Festivids is live! Which is awesome, because vids! Lots of them! In rare fandoms! I got a super hilarious The Emperor's New Groove vid, Rama Llama Llama, which fills me with glee.

I particularly love Festivids and Yuletide because I generally forget what I've requested by the time they go live, so I am always, always surprised by the gifts I receive. :D

And as per, if you manage to correctly guess which vid is mine, I will totally make you a thing. I only made one vid this year, and for once in my goddamn life, the music is neither Vienna Teng nor Tom McRae. So. Good luck figuring me out. (My recipient hasn't commented yet, which makes me anxious, but they're probably just busy right now. Or something. Or they HATE IT. >_<)

In RL news, apparently the side effect of working a 9-5 job is that I'm just fucking tired all the time. It's not that work is exhausting -- I've had far worse -- but I'm just NOT a morning person, and I never will be. It doesn't matter how many hours of sleep I get; if I have to wake up before 10am, I will be sleepy and out of it all day, and last week I was pretty much crashing into bed by 8pm every evening. Not to go right to sleep, mind -- mostly just reading in bed for a couple of hours first -- but I'm too tired to be able to focus on anything else. And that's really stupid and also annoying, because there's absolutely no reason I can't get a few good hours of writing/vidding in after work except that I'm just SLEEPY ALL THE GODDAMN TIME.

Seriously, I'm getting about 8 hrs of sleep every night, which is totally normal and healthy for me. So why am I always tired? Grump grump grump.
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So...haven't been posting much RL stuff lately. Or at all. work stuff, or, unemployment, yay! )

In the interest of staying positive, though, I put together a Kaylee (from Firefly) costume for Halloween, which I was quite pleased with! Shiny, cap'n! )
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Haven't had time to check DW/LJ since Wednesday. Have given up on Tumblr entirely at the moment. Starting to seriously worry about how I will manage to deal with all my holiday exchange fics/vids just based on sheer lack of time, although I realize that the festival I'm stage managing closes tonight so I'll at least have weekends back. Despise this temp job quite a lot. I've actually developed a twitch in my eye that's lasted for three solid days now, and jesus christ it's annoying. Bah feh etc.

But on Thurs night I went over to a friend's and we watched "Kinky Boots" and "Attack the Block", both of which were awesome and I know I'm the last person to have seen them but whatever, and there was an unanticipated Nick Frost theme going on there so that was amusing. And then last night I went to see Thor 2 and I don't have any deep thinky thoughts at the moment but I will say that spoilers )


Jan. 9th, 2013 10:40 pm
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Minor trigger warning: failing at life, and also bleeding a lot.

Yesterday I bought a new pair of jeans to replace my ripped-and-dying ones, and while my pants size has not changed, the process made me feel flabby. Okay, thought I. I shall resume running in the mornings. My job allows me to sleep reasonably late on weekdays, I can woman up and set my alarm half an hour earlier and go for a damn run.

It's not like I'm totally out of shape. I got back into running at the end of the summer and made it a regular habit during that one tragic month of unemployment in September, and I've gone running a few times since moving into my new place. Enough that I have a running route and know how long it takes me and have a whole routine built around it, and stuff. It's just that when it finally got cold around the holidays, I kinda stopped. But today was practically balmy, for winter-in-NYC standards, and though I was not happy to be awake, I put on my shorts and sweatshirt and was off. And it was good! I will never be able to say I ENJOY running, exactly, but there is a certain amount of satisfaction it brings me, plus the endorphins are pretty rad. I ran for about a mile and a half in one direction, then went up a block and turned around to head for home.

I'm assuming it had something to do with still feeling more than half-asleep, but man, I hit an unexpected uneven patch of sidewalk and WIPED THE FUCK OUT. I have never done that before in my life! Okay, lie, I have totally wiped out like that on rollerblades before, and I am quite talented at tripping over things or falling down stairs (shut up, it happens), but I always just kind of bounce right back up again, because when you grow up klutzy you basically have to either master the art of the pratfall or die very young. So I bounced back up and kept going? Except then I realized that I'd kinda whacked my fucking FACE on the pavement when I fell, and something under my lip was kinda dripping blood? And all of the skin on my knee was kinda not there and likewise dripping blood? Also my hands and knuckles were kinda fucked up? And I was still more than a mile out from home and obviously had no cash or anything on me because I'd only planned on running?

So my brain mostly just latched onto the thought that I'd only allotted so much time for running before I had to shower and dress and eat breakfast and go to work, and somehow, I could not handle the prospect of being late for work. So I...started running again. BECAUSE THAT IS LOGICAL. I mean, I knew I couldn't clean myself up until I got home, so the faster I got home, the faster I could STOP BLEEDING. Obviously. So now I'm back at a steady jog, except I'm using the sleeve of my sweatshirt to staunch the somewhat worrying cut under my lip while my hands and knee just kind of drip freely. Amazingly, not a single person I passed on the street even looked at me funny. That's New York for you, I guess. I did stop in a deli at one point and asked for a wad of napkins. That dude DID look at me funny, and he didn't offer to help or anything, but he did give me the napkins, so that helped a bit with the biohazard that was my knee at that point, and also spared my sweatshirt further indignities. And then I just started running again, and kept going until I got home. And fortunately my landlord was loading stuff into his car, so I begged a tube of Neosporin off him (I have band-aids, but no antibiotic stuff). And then I cleaned up and that's pretty much the point at which the adrenaline wore off any EVERYTHING STARTED TO HURT. And also I started getting concerned that the cut under my lip might need stitches? I think it's fine, it finally stopped bleeding a while later, it's not a big cut but it's pretty deep.

I made it to work almost on time! Though I did have to skip breakfast. Which, given the blood loss, not necessarily my smartest move, but a few hours later I snuck out to grab a sandwich, so whatever.

So now I have a big bandage over my bruised and slightly swollen knee, and walking is...interesting, plus two band-aids over my knuckles and one on my palm, assorted less bloody abrasions, and an ugly cut under my lip. And tomorrow morning I have to do one of the Bible readings at my grandmother's memorial service. FUN TIMES.

Moral of this story: exercise is evil, and clearly I should've just slept in.
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Still alive! Got sucked back into the vortex of tech for another week there, it's always a bit strange reemerging. Have been trying to respond to comment backlog, with only moderate success. Also catching up on Tumblr is terrifying, still.

This show has been both less difficult and more stressful than the last, which is weird and hard to explain, but we opened last night and I think it's come together well. So that's okay. Yesterday was my first day back at day job from my "vacation" in tech, and within two hours, I got into an actual shouting match with my boss. O_O This is...not normal for me, to say the least. It was both deeply frustrating and incredibly embarrassing, and I'm still really pissed. My boss is not a good manager, and another member of our team has gotten into it with him on multiple occasions, but normally I'm the sort of person to swallow back my anger and keep my head down -- I hate confrontation -- but this time, I just...snapped. Since then he's been alternating between making occasional passive-aggressive digs at me or just ignoring me outright, like the mature professional adult he is. UGH, sorry, I'm just so frustrated right now. But it's only for a few more weeks, as I've been constantly reminding myself.

Need to get back into some kind of fannish mindset, for both WIPs and Reversebang. But this show only runs for another week, and then I have only the day job for a month of counting down to getting the fuck out of here, so that should be good writing time. Hopefully. I wish I were the sort of writer who can just pick up a fic and write whenever I have a spare ten minutes, but unless the ideas are just burning out of me, I don't function like that. I need a solid chunk of time to destress and get into the right headspace, and then I can write for hours at a stretch without a break, but that's not a luxury I've had over the past few weeks. I miss it.
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Reread Hunger Games Monday night and Catching Fire last night, trying to hold off on giving Mockingjay another go immediately because there are totally other things I'd like to be doing with my limited and quickly-disappearing free time but seriously, who do I think I'm kidding. And now vid bunnies are biting for the first time in months, which is a pity, because there is no Hunger Games source yet and the ideas I have really need to wait for the rest of the movies to be made anyway. But theoretically, somewhere in the future, it's entirely possible I will do another Vienna Teng vid series for Hunger Games, because her songs, they are speaking to my fandom brain again. "Hope On Fire", definitely -- lyrics far too eerily appropriate, ugh, my heart. (Gotta leave, gotta bleed / You've gotta stop lying still / 'cause this is no kind of life. CHRIST.) I want some Catching Fire footage for that one, though, for obvious reasons. And I'll have to wait through all of Mockingjay for "Gravity", which very much wants to be an endgame Katniss/Peeta vid (So don't turn away now / I am turning in revolution / These are the scars that silence carved on me). But, y'know. That. HELP ME I AM HAVING FEELINGS, CANNOT COPE.

Zero fic drive for this fandom, though. I might trawl AO3 for any decent Katniss/Peeta fics, but I don't have high hopes, and I have no interest in writing anything except possibly that X-Men fusion bunny where District 13 is run by Charles Xavier, who's been keeping it hidden from the Capitol for years and years and yeah, no way do I have any intention of writing this, I have a whole 'nother fusion 'verse to finish.

Anyway. Went home early from work today because I felt like shit -- I've been sick for about a week now, and it's starting to really piss me off. Not seriously ill, just a bad cold or minor flu or whatever, but it's lingering on way longer than it has any right to, probably because I haven't had a single day off to actually rest (and won't get one until the last weekend of April). I'm just exhausted. But there's nothing I can do about that. Next show loads in Friday.

Okay, going to try to keep writing X-Men fic now. (I have managed to write a complete scene today. This is...not really progress.)


Jan. 15th, 2012 01:07 pm
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Well, this roommate search is proceeding MUCH better than the last one. Posted ad on Craigslist Friday evening, got 15 responses by yesterday morning, showed five people the place yesterday and have three more coming today and tomorrow. I have no idea how I'm going to pick a roommate -- everyone seems very nice, though they're all quite different from one another. No red flags, but no one I've been like YES LIVE WITH ME PLEASE. So, yeah. I feel weirdly guilty knowing that I'm going to turn most of them down, even though of course that's how this process works. But I remember feeling rushed and slightly bullied offering the place to current!roomie (though I liked another girl slightly better), and that clearly didn't work out, so I'm more inclined to listen to my gut instincts this round. We'll see.

I caved and requested an extension on my [community profile] white_lotus exchange, thank goodness. This weekend has been insane enough as is. And the fic I'd originally been writing for it really, really wasn't working for me, so I scrapped it entirely and am now working on something completely different. Which I like so far, but doubt I could finish by tomorrow. So yay extension! I'll definitely have more time this week to complete it.

Am completely, miserably stuck on the next chapter of Queen's Gambit. I've got scraps written, but no complete scenes. I have such a clear idea of where I'm going later in the fic, but not how to get there, and it's deeply frustrating. And with all the holiday exchanges, I haven't even been thinking about that 'verse for about a month now, and getting back into that headspace is harder than I'd expected. Ugh. I'm really excited about what's going to happen a chapter or two down the line, but connecting the dots in between is just...not working. And I don't know why. Can't I just skip straight to the job itself? Why do I have to write all the crucial set-up crap in between? Bah. (Part of it is that there are certain POV characters that come way more easily to me than others, but no, Logan and Emma are actually doing important things and I actually do need to write about them. It's just a constant struggle for me to slip into their voices. Why can't Alex narrate everything? And then there's the side issue of certain characters knowing more than I want the audience to know just yet, so I've either got to avoid their POV or be very, very careful about what they give away.)

And current!roomie is either never home or has shut herself in her room, which is frustrating because I actually do need to talk to her about what her plans for moving out tomorrow are. And get her share of last month's utilities, which she still hasn't paid me back for. And also she needs to come out of there before someone stops by to look at her room today. Argh.
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I'm very thankful that my physiology has never been wired for panic attacks, because I'm operating on stratospheric levels of stress this week. I have never felt so unprepared for a show to open. Part of this is my own problem, because this show is much larger and more complex than any I've previously worked on, but it's also massively disorganized on both the production management and directorial ends, which leaves me running around trying to clean up everyone else's messes with no time left over to deal with my own fucking job. For example, it's impossible for me to spend the hour I'd given myself to set up backstage space for props when I come in to find the entire theater covered in sawdust from scenic work, and have to spend the next ninety minutes frantically cleaning up the space before actors arrive. Whining about how that really isn't my job accomplishes nothing; it needs to get done, and if I'm the only one there, then I'm the one who's doing it. This is just one small example of the many over the past week. Or, hell, over the entirety of this fucking rehearsal process. And let me tell you, there are few things worse for a production than a director who is incapable of time management. We've been rehearsing for two months from first rehearsal to opening night. That's quite a long time by most production standards. It's completely fucking unacceptable how slow and indecisive this director has been about every last moment and detail; he's incapable of giving a single note or direction without spending at least five minutes talking about it, which is creative death for actors and a gross waste of time. (There are times for long discussions in rehearsal. It's called tablework. NOT WHEN YOU'RE BLOCKING THE SHOW.)

Tonight is final dress. I have never run a single sound cue. The booth is a floor up from the theater and can only be accessed by a slow-moving elevator, and there is no God Mic for me to address the cast/house or any real way for the cast to communicate with me once the show starts. We have many complex projection cues that have been placed and rehearsed, but never with the dowser (which is being installed today, maybe?) or with the actual fucking program that we're supposed to be running them out of. The director yanked my ASM to use as projections op from the day he joined rehearsals, which means I've been doing 75% of his job in addition to my own because, again, if I don't do it, it won't get done. The production manager is incompetent (as previously mentioned) and now that she's actually around, likes to ask me lots of questions about minutiae that I do not have the fucking time to deal with and she should have the fucking initiative to deal with on her own. And I'm not even going to start addressing any of the issues I have had with some of the actors.

And, yes, I'm well aware that like 90% of my stress is a direct result of my having to do several other people's jobs in addition to my own, and that I should delegate responsibility. But since delegating just results in the work not getting done, I'm kind of at a loss for options right now.

And my day job has not exactly been a walk in the park lately either, mostly because my boss is a good person but a terrible manager, and the rest of our team is on the verge of open revolt. But that's another story entirely.

To end on a different note, two things that are keeping me from running into traffic today: James McAvoy's face and Joss Whedon's secret adaptation of my favorite Shakespeare play with a ridiculously awesome Whedonverse cast. (I have ALL THE FEELINGS about Much Ado About Nothing. ALL THE FEELINGS. ♥)
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Calling in sick to work today: probably the best thing I've done in weeks. For the record, I AM actually sick. It's just that I usually feel so guilty about letting other people down that even when I am sick (which fortunately isn't very often at all), I still force myself into work. But last night I felt like such crap that I couldn't sleep much, and this morning it was worse, so I bit the bullet and called in sick and then slept all fucking day. Which, productivity!fail, but oh god, I feel so much better now. Also the DayQuil has kicked in.

So basically, I am my laptop. Sometimes I just need to be shut down and allowed to reboot.

I have nothing to say about the delicious situation that hasn't been said better and in more detail elsewhere, but as someone who rarely uses her own delicious account but DOES often rely on other fannish delicious lists for recs/meta/etc, I am PISSED OFF. Bleargh.

I would really like my writer's block to go away now. Need to get started on next chapter of XMFC/Inception sequel and also produce like 5k words of Who fic by Saturday night if I don't want to default on [community profile] ladiesbigbang. Dammit.

Now off to the shops for more DayQuil and orange juice and chicken soup, because I can't afford to let my body do the reboot thing again this week.
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I quit caffeine about four and a half months ago. This has largely been a good decision, I think. I feel more alert, I'm sleeping better, I'm even slowly losing weight. But man, this is one of those weeks when I DEEPLY regret it. My show of great awesomeness finally closed Sunday, and yesterday afternoon I went into tech for a show I'm light designing. It's a small community theater, way less stressful than the large professional theater I usually work for; and I'm just lights, not stage management, so again with the lower stress. But I'm still running frantically up and down ladders every afternoon and then teching at night, and between this and my day job, I leave my apartment at 7:30am every morning and don't get home until close to 11pm at night. So not very stressed, but TIRED. And uncaffeinated. The only thing that's keeping me from cheating is the vivid memory of two straight weeks of withdrawal headaches when I originally quit. (I am not exaggerating. If I'd ever doubted that caffeine was a legitimate drug, that disabused me of the notion right quick.)

But man, I would like a Coke Zero right now.

Also, the XMFC/Inception fusion has passed 45k words. WHAT THE HELL. It's now officially the second-longest fic I've ever written. It needs another good 20k to slide into first place (currently held by my last TARDIS Big Bang), and I don't think it'll get there, but I have been completely unable to guesstimate this fucker so far and really, all bets are off. I know how much more plot is left, but word count, pfft, no clue. I'm mostly just boggling that I've written 45k words in a month, because seriously, what. And at some point I will actually get to the end and realize that now I have to find a beta and actually revise this thing, which, oh god.
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So it's my birthday today. And to celebrate, I am working 14 straight hours with one break for lunch and another "break" to walk from Big Gay NPO to the theater and then set up understudy rehearsal. And I estimate a 99.5% likelihood that no coworkers from either job will provide me with cake. :( I think after work on Monday I'll go see X-Men again and then bake MYSELF a damn cake, because birthdays without cake are kind of tragic. So it will be my own private three-days-late birthday celebration.

I had also totally intended to post a fic today, because comments on fics(/vids) are the best birthday (or anytime!) presents EVER. And then, y'know, the X-Men fandom unexpectedly reared back up again and ate my soul, so I failed to actually finish the Doctor Who fic I've been working on. Operation Birthday: FAIL on all counts, really. But I'm currently working on another X-Men kinkmeme fill, which hopefully I will finish this weekend. So that will be another belated birthday present to myself, I guess.

Really, given how crap I am at remembering other people's birthdays, it's only fair that I should fail at my own as well. Meh.
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I'm in a weird blank mood today. I just want to turn off and not interact with anyone. Of course, I have work all morning and rehearsal all afternoon and I'm supposed to go out with some friends tonight. The friends I can cancel on, though I'll feel bad about it because my fucked up theater-centric schedule means I never see them.

DC Pride is this weekend, and I'm worried I'm going to have to pull out of plans to go to the parade and events and things because I need to have the complete Big Bang draft sent out Sunday. I am really not feeling the fannish love right now. Using my free time for fic is one thing -- I wouldn't be doing it if I didn't love it! But having to cancel doing stuff I was really looking forward to, that's not so much fun. That starts feeling a lot like work. I know it's my own fault for not budgeting my time better earlier on, but there we have it. Ugh. I'd already been stalling and sticking on this fic for months before I decided to Big Bang it out -- it's just not coming smoothly at all, and that's intensely frustrating. I'm worried that I'll wind up with this huge 50k-word monstrosity that just isn't any good. Blah.

Again, weird mood. Nothing has gone wrong today, but nothing feels right.

Here, have a TV meme.

Day 06 - Favorite episode of your favorite TV show

Sticking with X-Files as the favorite show, this is easy. "Pusher". Oh, man. That was one of the episodes I had on tape, back in the day, and I rewatched it more times than I can count. The MSR UST is through the roof and the villain is genuinely chilling. Oh, Robert Patrick Modell, you creepy sadistic fuck. Cerulean blue is like a gentle breeze. Plus, timid little Holly kicking twelve kinds of shit out of Skinner is kind of hilarious. And it holds up well even now -- it's more psychological thriller with a sci-fi twist than monster-of-the-week. The stand-off at the end with Modell and Scully basically competing for control of Mulder is just damn good television. And Scully saves the day! Good times. I still love that one.


Aug. 15th, 2008 08:24 pm
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Okay, now I think I know why I've been so tired lately -- I've got some kind of head cold or mild case of the flu or something. Not enough to leave me for dead, but still, being sick is really unfun. Looks like this is going to be a DVD and going-to-bed-early sort of Friday night.

Also, working out when one is ill SUCKS. I'm kind of amazed I managed to drag my ass to the gym at all, actually.



Jun. 2nd, 2008 07:05 pm
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I slept really poorly last night for no apparent reason, and as a result have been tired and grumpy all day. It's 7pm and I'm crashing here, all I want is to collapse into bed and sleep for twelve hours straight.

But it's final dress of my plays tonight, so I have to go sit through two hours of theater I've already seen several times through already.

Ugh. I mean, woot, my plays. But my plays are only, y'know, twenty minutes out of these two hours, and I'm so tired I want to cry.
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So the financial unit ordered six massive pizzas for lunch today. Feeling sneaky, and lured by the seductive aroma of pizza-tasticness, I slipped into the conference room and went to snag a piece. But, alas! They all have toppings I dislike! Not a single plain pizza in the room. I really, really can't stand pepperoni or sausage, and the vegetarian pizzas were loaded with peppers. (There are a handful of pizza toppings I like or at least don't mind, but these are my three top dislikes on pizzas. I'm a picky eater in a couple of odd ways.) Normally, I'd just pick the stuff off and eat the rest, but this was the sort where the "toppings" are insinuated underneath the cheese layer, which means I'd basically have to completely deconstruct the piece of pizza in order to get rid of the parts I don't want.

Deciding it wasn't really worth the effort, I gave up and slunk away. Now I'm really craving pizza. Dammit.


Feb. 9th, 2008 06:46 pm
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Once again, it's FUCKING cold out, and will be in the single digits (Fahrenheit) tomorrow. Of course, I have to go out and house manage tomorrow, which involves shoving several heavy, large, and awkward parking signs a couple of blocks across the snow/ice, followed by a directors' meeting for the festival I'm working on in the spring, which is at a different theater well across town with no easy public transit connecting the two. Joy. At least tonight I can hibernate instead of going grocery shopping or to the bank or to my friend's show or any of the other things I thought I might accomplish. Oh, well.


Feb. 1st, 2008 09:12 am
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Schools get snow days. Why don't businesses?

We've got at least 4 or 5 inches of snow already, the streets are made of calf-deep slush, traffic is heinous, public transit is all screwed up, and it's still snowing with no signs of letting up anytime soon. Granted, it's no blizzard, and I've waded through far worse, but still, getting around the city is a real bitch today, and I can't even imagine how much worse it must be for people commuting in from the suburbs.

I am so not leaving the office for lunch today. The 7-11 in the lobby will have to suffice. I like snow, but slogging through this is a pain in the ass.


Jan. 19th, 2008 06:24 pm
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Current weather in Chicago: 4F with wind chill of -14F.


Also, today woke up with sore throat + neck pain. Bad sign. On the not-strep side of the argument, I pretty definitely have a cold on top of that, and the sore throat part seems to be responding to DayQuil, which strep most definitely does not. And the glands in my neck aren't swollen, as far as I can tell. So while I'm even more nervous now, this still falls more in the cold/flu range than strep throat again. I tried calling my health insurance provider just to give myself a safety net if I do need to see a doctor again, but apparently I can't reach a real live person on the weekend, so either way, I'm stuck waiting until Monday now. Fortunately, Monday is MLK day, so I have off from work already if I do need to argue with Aetna and then head back over to the ER. I never thought I'd be praying that I have the flu, but there you go.

Sorry about all the boring health blather. We'll return you to your regularly scheduled fandomness after these messages from our sponsors.
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Okay, f-list, lend me your medical knowledge. What are the chances of re-developing strep throat three days after finishing off the ten-day regimen of antibiotics?

I'm mostly operating on paranoia right now. The paranoia borne of a slightly tender lymph node in my neck and very vivid, very recent memories of a night in the ER without health insurance. Probably this will turn out to be nothing at all, but I'm ever so slightly edgy, and not usually prone to hypochondria. What are the odds, d'you think?

ETA: It should also be noted that until my health insurance card arrives by mail -- hopefully next week -- I am, still, operating without insurance, which means running to a doctor on the barest hint of a possibility will lose me a LOT of money if it turns out to be nothing.


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