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Fic/Vid Masterlist

Hello! Look, there is a journal here. It contains much random blather, most of which is not friendslocked. I have no particular friending policy. Lurk, comment, whatever. It's all good. :D

It's possible you're just stopping by for the fanfic and vids. In which case, might I direct you to a masterlist? Also: I give blanket permission to podfic, remix, translate, or otherwise do anything creative based upon any of my works. Just please drop me a note letting me know so that I can point and squee. what you see is what you get )

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OH HEY ALSO. [community profile] white_lotus Lunar New Year Exchange reveals are up! And once again, I made the only vid in the exchange this year. I am super predictable.

Title: Galileo
By: [personal profile] kaydeefalls
Recipient: [personal profile] kouredios
Music: "Galileo", Indigo Girls
Rating: PG
Characters: Korra, Aang
Summary: How long 'til my soul gets it right? A reincarnation vid.
Notes: Thanks to [personal profile] such_heights for looking it over!

Download: Mediafire (.mov, 56 MB)

Password: whitelotus

I'm not gonna lie, I have planned to make a Korra vid to this song since the existence of the series was announced. Not a single episode of LoK existed, and I already knew I would vid this song about Korra and Aang and the Avatar line and how fucking pressuring and confusing being the Avatar is, and how they both suffer and learn from past lives' mistakes. And then the series actually aired, and the song continued to obviously be completely about Korra. Ugh, the lyrics are just too perfect to pass up -- "then you had to bring up reincarnation over a couple of beers the other night / and now I'm serving time for mistakes made by another in another lifetime", or "but then again it feels like some sort of inspiration to let the next life off the hook / but she'll say look what I had to overcome from my last life, I think I'll write a book."

So, I'm super glad that [personal profile] kouredios requested a Korra introspection/aangst vid, because it was exactly the excuse I needed to actually make this thing. :D

As I was clipping, I noticed all kinds of AWESOME parallels between the Gaang and Korra's Team Avatar that I badly wanted to include, but it started getting too bloated and disjointed, so for this particular story, I stuck with Korra and Aang. Someday I will find the right vid to tell the story of the parallels between Zuko and Asami, for damn sure, and also all the rest of them. (I feel like Asami's true inheritance is from Sokka and Suki's line of nonbender genius, but goddamn, she and Zuko have an awful lot in common. Another time.)

lyrics )
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So! [community profile] white_lotus Lunar New Year Exchange creators have been revealed. I made a vid. (Apparently the only vid in the exchange this year, which is weird -- I remember there being quite a few last year. Huh.)

Title: isobel
By: [personal profile] kaydeefalls
Recipient: [personal profile] terajk
Music: "Isobel", Björk
Rating: PG
Characters: Azula, Toph
Summary: to raise wonderful hell, like me, like me.
Notes: terajk requested "Azula and Toph together in any capacity." Hell yeah!

Download - Mediafire (.mov, 83 MB)
Streaming - isobel at [community profile] white_lotus

This wasn't the prompt I matched on for [personal profile] terajk, but after spending a fair amount of time and frustration bashing my head against a wall of fail while I tried to write a post-war Mai & Ty Lee & Gaang fic, I went back and looked at the other two prompts, and, well. I have a lot of trouble finding the characters' voices in fic, but it's very easy for me to connect with the show on a visual level, and there are just so many fascinating parallels to explore between Toph and Azula. I knew I wanted to use this song from the start, though I flicked through a couple of other Björk songs at first just to be sure; her voice and music is just so eerie and childlike and beautifully strange, which I think suits Azula in particular very well. I do think this vid wound up skewing a bit too far toward Azula over Toph, but still, it was fun to make. And now I do kinda want to read fic about the two of them interacting postwar.

In other news, one more week on this show, and then another break for about a month. And I'm slowly but surely chipping away at the next chapter of Queen's Gambit. (HI ARIADNE HI.) I can't believe I let myself go more than two months between updates, ugh, this is why I should never be allowed to post WIPs. BUT IT'S COMING I SWEAR. Even if I still kinda want to just skip this chapter and go straight to the job instead, argh.
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White Lotus Lunar New Year Exchange reveals are up! If you haven't already, there's a ton of awesome Avatar: the Last Airbender fanworks up there. <3

And I made a vid. [livejournal.com profile] musesfool requested the song specifically -- which meant I HAD to do it, seeing as it was 1. Vienna Teng (we're all aware of my love of vidding to Vienna Teng, right?), and 2. I had already started a vid to this very song. Not for this fandom, though -- it was going to be a River Tam vid -- but I've got to say, the lyrics were too eerily appropriate for A:tLA to pass up.

edited by kaydee falls
fandom: Avatar: the Last Airbender
characters: Aang, Zuko, ensemble
music: "Watershed" by Vienna Teng
summary: I've done this many times before you.
watch: embed below the cut, or at Dreamwidth
download: mediafire (.mov, 64 MB)
disclaimer: not mine, no profit, don't sue.
notes: Created for victoria p. in the White_Lotus exchange. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] such_heights for the beta!

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